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The Coming Holocaust


This powerful e-book will inform you, shock you, amaze you and give you wonderful encouragement in these days.

These events are about to unfold on the world stage, the Middle East and in Israel. This is like a giant play, enough to put a thousand Shakespeare's to shame...except this is no play! In fact it's already starting to unfold.

This book is full of incredible revelation.

The book reveals many amazing repeating patterns and shows just why the coming holocaust is inevitable.

You will be involved, if only by opinion!

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G. Zunckel:

Dear Joel, A really huge thank you for your book! I have read through it – its real and gripping!! I have found myself re-reading chapter after chapter. I follow your belief and Holy Spirit inspired words. Wow what a wake-up call to the world and the church in general.

B. Currie:

Shalom Joel. Your book blew me away.   I loved the way you dovetailed everything. There is no reason for anyone to be offended by the book because it’s straight truth. As you kept on saying the Jews did nothing to deserve this favour of God and yet people despise them even though it’s not their choice. I am saying that they are God's people and we had better love them! I enjoyed the history and the meaning of words. Highly recommended was the way you supported your statements with Scripture.   A sterling work!

J. Pasma:

I have read your book and have learned a few things that I did not know before. This book should be read by every truly born-again saint of God, if for no other reason than to strengthen belief in Israel's right to their God-given land and God-given promises. Please keep on writing the Prophetic Scroll. After I read the "the interviews” section, I was shocked by comments from people who claimed to be believers, even more so by those who said they were pastors.


Joanne Smith (Ringwood, NJ, USA)   9/11/12

The Coming Holocaust is much like reading the book of Isaiah; it is a mind-boggling compilation of every book of the Bible purposefully pointing toward the Messianic age. That said, you can read this book and read your newspaper headlines almost side by side with the incomparable benefits of Mr. Joseph’s scholarly expository skill and his exhaustive investigation of the historical roots of just about any major player on the world stage.

Ever mindful of the title of this book, Mr. Joseph zooms in and out of the patterns and parallels throughout history that foreshadow the final battle for human souls that will result in a holocaust of unprecedented proportion and climax in a real-time Valley of Decision. He emphasizes that every single person alive is brought to reveal his/her decision if by nothing more than one’s opinion. As he explains,

“In this day, you must know and understand these things, otherwise you’re

in infinitely more danger than you can imagine. If you don’t understand what

is about to unfold, you’re in danger of being swept away in a tidal wave of

Satanic influence, opinion and intent. These very issues will lead a great

many people into hell.”

The most important changes I made after reading The Coming Holocaust are two unwavering decisions which I now can explain clearly. My first is to recognize that God’s roadmap to peace is not up to man nor can it be. It has always been up to God. It is the cross of Christ. And it is none other than this same Yeshua who will fully answer the cries of His Jewish people and similarly enable their recognition of Him. The true Messiah says “My peace I give to you; not as the world gives”. My other decision honors the eternal covenant with Israel as divine and not open to human revision. Again, here is the clearest explanation ever given to me:

“The very essence of all sin, is the doubting or denial of God’s word,

will and ways. God has made an eternal covenant with Israel. So what

does the modern world do? It says, ‘Has God said?’

This will be the very issue of separation and division between the

eternal purposes of the living God and the short-term doomed purposes of

Satan himself. You will go with one or the other, believe it or like it or not!”

(Joel Joseph, p5)

The best description I can give this body of work is that of a compass needle that will reliably point true North no matter who you are, where you stand, what clouds your visibility and above all how lost you‘ve become.


Nature Environment Wilderness and animals in prophecy

It covers much that is truly wonderful, some material that is frightening and much that is little or completely unknown in modern times.

This book will inform you, amaze you, shock you and give you great comfort.

In this book I’ve covered many exciting issues from stewardship of nature, to environment and health, to terrible man-made tragedies.

I’ve covered the interesting subject: “Do pets go to heaven?” and some indictments on hunters and Christian hunters in particular

I’ve covered the full circle of the perfect pre-Adamic creation, through the fall of man and curse on nature, to the liberation of nature and its complete return to perfection.

I’ve looked into “Glimpses of the future” and the terrible regret of the unsaved.

The book ends off with a collection of my own photographs and art works.

Be very sure of one thing; this book will move you!

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This ministry has a distinct kingdom vision, identifying with God’s call and plan for Israel and the church. My position is pre-trib! I was saved in 1976 while working as a war correspondent, journalist, photographer, artist and environmentalist. My calling is to share with you the great end-time dramas, to stand as a watchman and above all, to glorify my God.

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Next Edition, Lord willing: "The Prophetic Scroll PeacePlan"

   a prophetic news2 

  • Riots rage across major US cities as anti-Semitic incidents rise worldwide.
  • Military threats escalate along Israel’s borders.

a Important verses2

These will change on Sundays or as the Lord leads.

This verse, below was given to me by our Lord in December last year to give to you as the crowning verse for 2020. This was just before the corona-virus became a world pandemic:

The heading is, “Babylon humiliated.” End-time Babylon is the modern world system:

Isaiah 47:10-11 “You have trusted in your wickedness. You have said, ‘No one sees me.’ Your wisdom and your knowledge have warped you; You have said in your heart,  ‘I am, and there is no one besides me.’ Therefore evil shall come upon you and you shall not know from where it arises, and trouble shall fall upon you. You will not be able to put it off, and desolation shall come upon you suddenly.”


Romans 14:11 “For it is written, as I live says the Lord, every knee shall bow to me and every tongue shall confess to God.”

Psalm 86:9 “All nations who you have made, shall come and worship before you, O lord and glorify Your name.”

Psalm 72:11 “Yes, all kings shall fall down before Him, all nations shall serve Him.”

a Sabbath Report2Shabbat (Sabbath) begins on Fridays at 6pm and ends on Saturdays at 6pm. The purpose of this report is to help the church and Israel become reconciled in Messiah. 

31st July 2020

Shabbat Shalom to all!

Transforming light, life and power:

How do you know that you are solidly in the Lord’s kingdom, saved and growing in Him? What is you measure of salvation and victory?

It really is all about your transformation and it’s working from inside your heart to the outside. Do you have a growing love for holiness or do you still secretly love evil?

So much in the world is falling apart and creating a nightmare of stress and strain.

Growth in the Lord encompasses standing securely, in victory, in times of troubled waters.

A deathly, dark, demonic deception has descended upon the world, painting its beauty with an unholy ugliness.

The raging nights are thick with sick! Even the stars seem sterile and twinkle-less, hiding behind wafts of mysterious mist as we await the great twinkling-eye signal in the clouds.

This is actually the calm before the storm, the storm before the eternal calm. Yes the storm is calm compared to what’s coming and very soon. In fact comparatively, the world is now a teddy bears’ pick nick – a Mickey Mouse party.

Sounds of sirens reverberate, but are gutted and defunded. Their terror has been stolen from them by the terror of insurrection, revolt, mutiny and anarchy.

Romans 13:3 Rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil. Do you want to be unafraid of the authorities? Do what is good and you will have praise from them...But if you do evil, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain, for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practises evil.”

The cops are to be a terror to evildoers. If not the terrible reversal takes place and the evildoers become the terror to the cops and all civilised society!

The incidents of insurrection are growing, worldwide. The numbers are growing too. Historically, God acts when many people are affected and influenced by an evil work.

There is no safety in the numbers of rebels. There is only real safety in truth, holiness and righteousness.

Like our Lord in hell as a victor, before His resurrection, so we await our resurrection in a world turned to hell on earth.

Why is the champion of love, the God of all grace and mercy hated so much these days?

There is “another Jesus” who is not hated by the world. He has no cross and no Spirit! (2 Corinthians 11:4)

John 7:7 “The world hates Me because I testify that its works are evil.”

John 15:18 “If the world hates you, know that it hated Me before it hated you.”

Psalm 97:10-11 “You who love the Lord, hate evil! He preserves the soul of His saints; He delivers them out of the hand of the wicked. Light is sown for the righteous...”

The modern materialistically orientated church teaches you to “find your life in the world.” (Luke 17:33) They teach you to accept all the things that Satan offered our Lord, and he rejected.

But, there is great safety in and amongst the ministers of the gospel that are close to our Lord. Those who know Him well, and walk with Him are safe and secure. Their light shines in the dark.

As the world prepares for its new world ruler, soon to emerge, know that there are many that you cannot trust anymore. Politicians, billionaires, businessmen, medical men, media, scientific experts and many worldly religious leaders are all tools of the devil in these days.

The one thing you absolutely cannot do at all these days is trust the media. They are driven by a demon monkey on their backs.

The materialistic orientated churches and all the Spirit-less churches are mostly devoid of any end-time understanding. For that reason alone, you need to be careful of them. It’s also no coincidence that they avoid anything on Israel, and even come against God’s plans for Israel.

Love for the world of necessity means rejection of Israel! The reason is because Israel is God’s chosen “weapon” to destroy the world.” People may not know that, but spirits do!

God’s light must shine by His Spirit to offer real insight into all things related to Israel.

There are tragic effects of coming against Israel: You will be blinded to the truth, made deaf, have your heart hardened, receive a voice of confusion, and be distressed. You will have your neck under God’s knee and laughed at and scoffed at by God and be broken by Him. (There are verses for all of those things)

It’s no good just having a collection of verses in front of you. You need the light of God to receive His sight and insight, especially today. This is the way of godly metamorphosis.

Only the resurrection power of God through the work of the cross produces godly light and sight which is revelatory and transforming. There is a deceptive light as well, born in pride. Dark light is emitted from the absence of the cross and the Spirit of God.

butterfly cross3

Lucifer means “light bringer” but his light is dark light. Dark light blinds. “Be careful that the light in you is not darkness.” (Luke 11:35)

Job 18:5 “The light of the wicked indeed goes out, and the flame of his fire does not shine.”

John 9:4 “I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work.”

1 Corinthians 2:7 “We speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, the hidden wisdom which God ordained before the ages for our glory.”

Things today are headed for a climax. Can you see it?

The end of the new world order is a world built and formed by Satan and with the fruits of Satan: Killing, stealing, destroying and lying. The end of God’s new world – the Millennium is a world built on righteousness, peace, holiness and all things glorious.

If the world is going to simply recover from the pandemic, which many are hoping for and even some Christians are praying for, and the riots will just go away, and the locust plagues will just disappear, and everyone can get back to their normal life of murdering the unborn, homosexuality and other sin, then that would obviously mean that the rapture / tribulation start is a long way off.

That would mean that “All things are going to continue as they have done.” (2 Peter 3:4)

No, world, your day is done, your cake is cooked, your song is sung!

Jeremiah 50:23 “How the hammer of the whole earth (Babylon / end time world) has been cut apart and broken! How Babylon has become a desolation among the nations!”

You have nothing to lose by surrendering to our Lord now, and everything to gain – for all glorious eternity!

† Shalom...Joel.

Edition 279: September 30th, 2015

What now, what’s next?

Tzitzit STRING coe5py

What now, what’s next?


The sword of God is poised and the trumpet of God is sounding. The message is eternal judgment is coming. The call sounding now is to repent.

Of course repentance is an ongoing affair for the believer; even though we are forgiven at the new-birth. The call is for unbelievers to repent and come to our Lord in salvation. The call is for Jews to open their eyes and hearts to their soon coming Messiah – Yeshua. The call is for all believers to repent of all known and even unknown sin and to walk in holiness before our Lord shaking off all sins that have ensnared them

The trumpet call is good, clean, holy, pure, right and liberating.

The other side of the message is contained is in the sword. It is for all unbelievers and for “believers” who think they are but are not! It is for those who reject repentance.

People say that there is no limit to God’s grace.  They are wrong, there is a limit! You don’t mock God and get away with it forever. Besides, the grace, love and compassion of God has seen to it that His warnings go out there.

Just as in the days of Noah and Lot, God’s warnings went out and are going out again today. Just as in those days, there is a time limit on it all!

World – your days are numbered, your days are just about over. You still have some time to repent, but beware the sword is coming soon!

A season ends, a new one begins:

With each year we are getting closer and closer to heaven!

We are now at the end of the season of the Feasts of the Lord. The anticipated blood-moons and solar eclipse season is over. The Shemitah is over – or is it? Actually, it may not be, but we’ll deal with that further on.

Many things that were predicted came to pass, while the tribulation start and rapture did not. But there is still a powerful  message in all these things that you need to be aware of.

From the start of the blood moon tetrad we saw many events relating to Israel, the Palestinians and the surrounding nations begin to escalate. Many other things which I will look at here also came about.

We did see a stock market crash during the Shemitah. We had a 14% decline on the Dow Jones and a 40% decline in China. And what about Elul 29? That was on a Sunday when markets were closed, but we didn’t see a crash on the nearby days. But the markets are still in decline. We have already had the crash and it may turn out that Elul 29 just might be right in the middle of this continuing decline.

The reason why Rosh Hashanah is so important every time it comes around is simply because it is the next of the seven feasts to be fulfilled. The fulfilment will be the start of the tribulation / rapture. Of course, there is anticipation when it arrives.

Now we have to wait until the next one before anything substantial can happen.

The three remaining feasts of the Lord to be fulfilled must be fulfilled in chronological order as the first four were. Rosh Hashanah has now passed for this year, so we now look to the next Rosh Hashanah 2016 /2017 (Hebrew year 5777) on October 3rd and 4th 2016.

In previous editions I have pointed out the various signs that were around us. But if you recall, I also highlighted a problem under the heading, “The missing trigger.” (Edition 273) This is the big event that kicks off and starts the tribulation period, reveals the antichrist and would be where the pre-tribulation rapture occurs. This of course is the signing or “confirming” of a peace covenant between Israel, “the many” and the person who will be revealed as the antichrist in the act. (Daniel 9:27)

We have had no such thing on the table now for a long time. All the previous peace deals and accords would have to be re-negotiated if any of them was to take effect.

Now, as this new Jewish year, 5777 gets underway, there is great anticipation and bubbling excitement already. We are about to encounter dramatic times!

What about the blood-moon tetrad?

I have supported the blood-moon story cautiously simply because they were a sign amongst numerous other signs, but I always did voice a bit of concern about going overboard on them.

Were they a sign or not? They most certainly were! For me they were a warm-up sign of things to come between now and next year.

Many have pointed out that the blood-moon tetrad will not occur again for a long time.That may be so, but who says that the signs in the sun, moon and stars are limited to a tetrad of lunar and solar eclipses?

Let’s go back in time for the answer.

At the first coming of our Lord there was a sign in the sky. It was called the “Star of Bethlehem.” This was NOT an asteroid or comet. Asteroids move too fast to be followed and comets move too slowly to be followed and are far too far away to give direction.

The Star of Bethlehem was a supernatural creation and event. Whatever it was, it was nothing that we have in nature then or now.

Now let’s go over to the cross of Calvary. Again, we had another sign in the sky. It was the darkness that fell in the middle of the day. This was NOT an eclipse. Since when do eclipses last for nine hours as this event did?

This was nothing less than a supernatural event. It was caused by nothing known to man. At one time God made the sun stand still. This was also a supernatural event.

If we had these supernatural signs in the sky at the first coming of our Lord is it inconceivable that we have supernatural signs in the sky again at the second coming? Of course not. In fact, it’s probable because that’s how it happened at the first coming.

The purpose of the blood-moon failure to produce the events many were expecting has another excellent purpose. It gets rid of the riff-raff!

The entire purpose of these end-time warnings is to cause repentance. It has done so, except of course for the riff-raff sceptics and scoffers.

Let me warn you about all those who condemn the end-time messages and messengers. Beware of their intent and purpose which is to exalt themselves in their pride and remove from you expectation leading to repentance in preparation.

Interestingly the sceptics and scoffers are not watchmen. None of them have any message of urgency. None of them have any message of warning and direction in this regard. They are as boring as their messages.

What about the Shemitah and Jubilee?

Have they come and gone? What if one of the dates is wrong and out by one year? There are in fact a number of calendars out there and none of them agrees perfectly. But I have just come across a very interesting, very lengthy study on this.

The conclusion is that the Shemitah comes to an end this (Jewish year) and the Jubilee begins just after as we cross into the year 5777 in October next year.

I have studied and been aware of the different calendars for a long time, but I have never seen this particular study done by a friend of mine. As I went through it, I felt an excitement. Can this be true and possible? Of course it can, but we will see as we go forward won’t we?

The study is over 20 pages and I’ve read through it, but not studied out all the finer details myself yet, which I will do shortly and report on it for your benefit. But because of its importance at face value, I draw your attention to it now. – It’s exciting stuff!

Know the watchmen:

shofar hourglass 

The watchmen must know the Bible backwards. Every single prophetic utterance in the scriptures must be well known by him. Then of course, that’s pretty useless unless you know the living, active voice of the author, by and through the Spirit of God. No one outside of the baptism of the Spirit is a watchman to be trusted.

The watchmen must know how to weigh up and fit pieces of the great prophetic puzzle together. He must know world events and world news and what’s important and what’s not. He must be absolutely free of all manipulation and ulterior motives. He must be free from the enslavement of churchianity and its divisions and divisiveness.

He must not be a man-pleaser of any description. He must not seek favour. He must not be a novice, having been saved and in fellowship with our Lord for many years. He must know how to endure hardship without complaint. He must not ever have backslidden. He must not have ever been involved in the occult or Satan worship. He must have an insatiable passion for holiness.

He must be a total radical for our Lord, which will be evident in his unique lifestyle. He will be loved and hated by many.

The watchman will be a watchman always. In fact, he will be “trapped” by God in this incredible call. He will look for and see many things that others don’t. He will see and know many secret, unseen, hidden and supernatural things. He will be a strange fellow!

The watchman’s life will be surrendered and given totally to God and secondly to God’s people, but he will always see everything through the beautiful veil of God’s Spirit and His word.

He will be on a collision course with the world system and its god, Satan.

He will be filled with love and compassion, resentment and hostility. He will love and hate. He will have an indefinable authority and depth about him. He will be filled with wisdom on many things. He will never be able to be contained, boxed or controlled.

The true watchman is called of God.

Because a watchman watches and something does not come to pass, that does not make him a false prophet. A false prophet is one who speaks in the name of the Lord, prophesying things that he says “the Lord told me”, and it doesn’t come to pass. Or one who says. “The Lord spoke to me in a dream” and it doesn’t come to pass. These are false prophets and must be rejected, never to be listened to again.

False prophets are also those who bring false doctrines into the church. All doctrines outside of the “doctrine of Messiah” as revealed in Hebrews 6:1-2 are suspect.

Many of these false prophets are pure Jezebels and can be found all over YouTube! As always, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!

What we are to watch for?

What follows are the major Biblical signs still to come. There are others, but these are the big signs.

The very big, essential thing to watch for is Israel’s entrance and involvement in the Syrian conflict, Iran, Lebanon and Jordan.

These nations are in conflict or about to enter conflict, but none of them are in Bible prophecy until Israel is drawn in.

A big prophetic event that is coming soon, although it does not need to be fulfilled before the tribulation begins is the building of the Third Temple on the Temple Mount. If not before the tribulation, it would need to be built very soon afterwards because it is required by scripture at the mid-tribulation point.

Remember that there will be a new Millennium Temple – that’s not this Third Temple to be built in the tribulation period. Although this Third Temple is important prophetically, it is the one that will be forever polluted by the antichrist as he sets up his world rule from there.

At the Second Coming our Lord goes from the Mount of Olives, through the Golden Gate into the temple. Exactly what happens is not revealed in the Bible, but we do know that the new Millennium Temple will be in existence and operation very early in the Millennium.

This Third Temple will be very short-lived.

Watch for preparations for a world government. The Millennium itself will be a time of universal peace. This is why Satan has always tried to bring about a counterfeit world government of peace.

Watch for Jordan to become hostile to Israel. (Cities of Jordan are destroyed by Israel in the same war in which Damascus is destroyed in Isaiah 17.)

Watch for a new Intifada with the Palestinians.

Watch for a new great financial collapse to strike the world.

Watch for the Daniel 9:27 peace agreement to come about.

Watch for more and more Jews getting saved. In the process Israel will go through great upheavals.

Watch for the massive destabilisation of Europe.

Watch for supernatural signs and events.

The most amazing thing is that so many of these issues are already on the stage. You can see, feel and hear the rumble of them all warming up.

The current 70th session of the UN has so far produced some gems:

Obama argued for a global government. His comments: “Global integration is an agenda that transcends the narrowly defined interests of nation states.” On security Obama said, “I won’t hesitate to use force.” Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, he, he, he!

Jordan’s King said, “We reject threats to our holy places and threats to the  Arab character of Jerusalem.

Putin called for greater world support for the mass murderer and dictator Assad of Syria.

A rebuke to the sceptics and scoffers:

I’ve said this so many times in previous editions, but because it is so valid and such a life and death issue, here it comes again (and will many more times). Five times in the discourse on the Mount of Olives, our Lord warns against end-time deception. Of course, there are many other portions of scripture issuing the same warnings.

There is fast growing universal agreement amongst watchmen today on the messages of warning and a call to repentance. And the scoffers come along and interfere with this! They are on thin ice!

Let me warn you against the present day sceptics and scoffers. They think they are helping you, but they help you turn a deaf ear to the warnings of God. They can’t see it, but they are the devils workers trying to dull your spiritual senses and prepare you for the coming of the antichrist, the false prophet, Satan and hell...and they do it in the name of Jesus.

Remember that it's Satan who wants you spiritually uninformed, cold, unholy, unrepentant and blind.

Beware the great Catholic false teaching:

As revealed in his recent US trip, Francis condemned “exclusionism” in favour of socio / political / religious and economic “inclusion.” “This is the way to world peace”, he declared. The “universal brotherhood of man is the answer”. “You don’t need to believe in God to go to heaven” was his cry.

“The Quran is the same as the Bible”, he said. “The cross was a failure”. He said.

His satanic sidekick, the world’s media did a monumental job of elevating Francis and his message to godlike status, all to be hero worshipped.

The big central and very dangerous message was, “globalisation is the goal and way to world peace.”

World Peace can never fix the sin problem in the heart of man. If it could that would make a mockery of the cross of Calvary. The world’s attempt at peace as viewed in Babylon’s Babel was a classic example. God destroyed man’s attempt at world peace on that occasion and He will do it again.

World peace created by sinful man outside of the cross of Messiah requires a man-made system of gigantic force and control to keep the world under the dominion of this world order.

The Catholic way to world peace has now become the same as that of the Interfaith Movement. It  has a false, materialistic “Jesus” at the helm.

The Jesus presented by Francis is what the Bible calls “another Jesus.”

“Come to Jesus and he will give you toffee apples and candy floss and throw in a Coke.” “He will make you feel so good about yourself!”


The true message of the gospel is so very different! The true central message is, “Come to Yeshua and He will injure you and scar you. Your co-crucifixion will leave you bleeding and shattered and then He will kill you off. (Galatians 2:20)

The cross will destroy sin’s power in you even though the after effects may linger. You will be brought from the dead to life – a new life, a glorious life full of His life. Your new inner holiness and perfection will begin to work from the inside to the outside. You will be full of new resurrection power, the on-going power of the cross to lead you from great victory to untold glory. You will have eyes to see such wonderful things you never imagined you could.

You will see toffee apple and candy floss Jesus as a lie, fraud and counterfeit.

Signs of the times and things to come:

If you recall, in previous editions I spoke of and warned about the “missing trigger” to kick off the tribulation period and rapture now this year. I have also said numerous times that “we must let the signs speak.”

Yes, I did look with anticipation at some signs that were appearing now and supported the possibility of this year being it, but always with caution. I never did “set” a date.  I am not a date-setter, but a date-watcher and will continue to watch and pray with fervour, excitement and anticipation.

Let me tell you what none of the watchers are wrong about. No one is wrong about warnings and the call to repent.

My job and call is to watch for the signs of the times and season. My job is to watch and weigh up the evidence based on the Bible. Now let’s look forward again. The time is now even shorter and things are due to escalate dramatically.

As we get closer to the coming of the Lord, there will be more and more signs. Knowledge of His coming will become more evident and we must know them well.

Can you see it already?


Expect a dramatic escalation of the prophetic forerunners.

Israel your time has come – exciting, dramatic, tragic and victorious days are before you.

I give you my word that I will continue to watch and pray and to look for the signs of the very soon coming of our Lord. I will not be deterred by sceptics and scoffers. I will always be completely honest, with no intension to manipulate anyone with any views besides those of the Bible.

I will continue to attack the scoffers and those polluting the doctrines of Messiah.

May I invite you to join me and other watchmen on the final stretch of our exciting and dramatic race to the end? May I invite you to join us watching and praying and preparing ourselves for our Messiah, the King of all kings and Lord of lords, the God of the Jews?

a gods garden2

I took this picture in one of my favourite places - Etosha Game Reserve in Namibia.

If you would like to see more pictures of this incredible place, click HERE.


Shalom and grow in grace!


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•Edition488: End time humility.

•Edition487: End time pride.

•Edition486: Important trumpets!

•Edition485: The power of he resurrection.

•Edition484: Deadly doctrines developing

•Edition483: A preview of heaven.

•Edition482: Stop in your tracks!

•Edition481: Missing in action.

•Edition480: Great glory to come

•Edition479: Great end-time conflicts.

•Edition478: Great end-time errors.

•Edition477: Analysing the rapture (Part 4)

•Edition476: Analysing the rapture (Part 3)

•Edition475: Analysing the rapture (Part 2)

•Edition474: Analysing the rapture (Part1 of 4)

•Edition473: The rapture and replacement theology

•Edition472: Identifying end-time nations.

•Edition471: Two sides of the sword

•Edition470: End-time politics.

•Edition469: Israel - the sign

•Edition468: Israel under the bus

•Edition467: Truth and error today.

•Edition466: Prophecy in the feasts.

•Edition465: The Court of the ages.

•Edition464: A world de-wormed.

•Edition463: Golan Gaza and more

•Edition462: Deal of the ages.

•Edition461: Deal of the century.

•Edition460: Disorder out of chaos

•Edition459: The final conflict.

•Edition458: What's coming next?

•Edition457: Israel's friends and enemies.

•Edition456: Messages from heaven. Part 2

•Edition455: Messages from heaven

•Edition454: The importance of hell.

•Edition453: Treasures of prophecy for today (Part 2)

•Edition452: Treasures of prophecy for today

•Edition451: A fresh look at the rapture

•Edition450: We get ready the world gets ready.

•Edition449: Throwing off weights.

•Edition448: Failure and triumph of world peace.

•Edition447: Pre-trib only, works.

•Edition446: End time heresies.

Edition445: The world gets stoned.

Edition444: A rapture-ready heart.

Edition443: Wonders of the Millennium!

Edition442: Standing before our Lord

Edition441: How long O lord?

Edition440: Eternal worlds to come.

Edition439: Esther the magnificent 

Edition438: Psychological victory for today.

Edition437: Destroying God's institutions.

Edition436: Plagues for today.

Edition435: O Jerusalem, Jerusalem!

Edition434: Be perfect!

•Edition433: Israel's amazing repentance!

Edition432: Who will repent?

•Edition431: The Rapture and the Tribulation.

•Edition430: The media, you and Israel.

•Edition429: E=MC2 and more.

•Edition428: War or Peace - Nay or Yay?

•Edition427: Rising fences.

•Edition426: Cursing or blessing Israel.

•Edition425: The course of the nations.

•Edition424: Looking back from eternity.

•Edition423: Interpretation: Truth or Error

•Edition422: The uniqueness of prophecy

•Edition421: Peace, peace - destruction

•Edition420: War of the worlds.

•Edition419: Darkness turns to light.

•Edition418: Incredible temple miracles and timing.

•Edition417: Shut your mouth!

•Edition416: Watch your mouth!

•Edition415: Beloved Jewish brethren to be.

•Edition414: What is real Messianic faith?

•Edition413: Israel born in a day - twice.

•Edition412: The essence of foolishness.

•Edition411: End-time ailments of the soul.

•Edition410: Glorifying God.

•Edition409: Amazing changes coming to Israel.

•Edition408: Rapture, tribulaion and dates.

•Edition407: God's truth, Satan's truth.

•Edition406: Glorious maturity.

•Edition405: The demise of false prophets.

•Edition404: The leopard's spots

•Edition403: How to be a radical Christian.

•Edition402: The church under attack from within.

•Edition401: What will give Jews sight?

•Edition400: Four hundrd and more.

•Edition399: The end-time teacher.

•Edition398: How to be strong.

•Edition397: Great deceptions to come.

•Edition396: Eternal Beauty.

•Edition395: End Time Jerusalem.

•Edition394: I told you so!

•Edition393: Prophetic pitfalls and promises.

•Edition392: When should you leave a church?

•Edition391: Temple stones, amazing signs

•Edition390: Why rapture dates fail. 

•Edition389: Deadly disguised deities.

•Edition388: A new prophetic dawn.

•Edition387: Prophecy is "more sure."

•Edition386: Pharaoh of Nineveh.

•Edition385: The great revelation of you!

•Edition384: Awakening to the man-Child.

•Edition383: Letter to devastated Christians.

•Edition382: The great Jonah sign for today

•Edition381: War of worlds.

•Edition380: A great sign and signal.

•Edition379: A symphony of drama.

•Edition378: Revelation 12, the truth. 

•Edition377: Times of the signs.

•Edition376: The mystery of eternity.

•Edition375: The curse of Nibiru

•Edition374: Suddenly - the King

•Edition373: Will Israel break God's covenant?

•Edition372: God's psychology for today.

•Edition370: Mass media and the coming Holocaust.

•Edition369: Mysteries of the rapture.

•Edition368: The great awakening.

•Edition367: Hunger for God.

•Edition366: The effects of the rapture.

•Edition365: Jerusalem Day.

•Edition364: Safe from delusion

•Edition363: A message to all in authority.

•Edition362: The Great Return.

•Edition361: The spirit of revelation.

•Edition360: The spirit of antichrist.

•Edition359: Joseph:Rapture secrets.

•Edition358: The incredible journey.

•Edition357: The rapture and the left-behind.

•Edition356: All your political beliefs in the Bible. 

•Edition355: The Greatest Drama of All.

•Edition354: Earthly and heavenly inheritances.

•Edition353: Sky signs, earth signs, heart signs!

•Edition352: Mass-media, Mass-killers!

•Edition351: Rapture, Rams, Shofars and more.

•Edition350: How to be ready for what lies ahead.

•Edition349: The Strategic Grand Plan of the Ages.

•Edition348: The error of imminence

•Edition347: 7,70, 777 unfolding.

•Edition346: "Settlements" and "occupation." 

•Edition345: The three wars of WW111 

•Edition344: What if you are not left behind?

•Edition343: Anti-Semitic Christmas

•Edition342: Idols of the mass-media

•Edition341: Where is the world going?

•Edition340: Approaching darkness.

•Edition339: The Light of Life.

•Edition338: God's politics.

•Edition337: The amazing messages of the seven feasts and the seven churches.

•Edition336: False prophets of today.

•Edition335: Signs of the times, olives and doves!

•Edition334: Amazing prophetic insights.

•Edition333: World peace, man's way or God's way.

•Edition332: Lead (the metal) - Surprise!

•Edition331: Hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

•Edition330: Watch and pray: The Lord is coming!

•Edition329: Horror attack on Israel by the church.

•Edition328: The incredible message of the resurrections

•Edition327: The media and the end-times.

•Edition326: The modern betrayers.

•Edition325: The Miracle of the Rapture

•Edition324: The drama of the Temple

•Edition323: Terrorism, almost impossible to defeat, but its end in nigh.

•Edition322: The immense gravity and evil of replacement theology

•Edition321: The great backfire

•Edition320: Post tribulation rapture impossibilities

•Edition319: Truth under fire!

•Edition318: World war this year?

•Edition317: The future of Israel, the Jews, the Arabs and the Arab lands.

•Edition316: The Day of the Lord and more on the rapture.

•Edition315: The Lord is coming, tear your hearts.

•Edition314: Attacks on the rapture.

•Edition313: The marriage, the bride, the rapture.

•Edition312: The fulfilments of the fall feasts.

•Edition311: The logic of a pre-tribulation rapture.

•Edition310: How much longer?

•Edition309: The miracle of the Bible.

•Edition308: The drama of Passover.

•Edition307: The information highways.

•Edition306: Oceans of peace in a world of violence.

•Edition305: The danger of gullibility.

•Edition304:The Jewish Messiah or the Roman Christ.

•Edition303:Major thinking errors of today.

•Edition302:Anti-Semitism in the church

•Edition301:Fixing for a fight - Countdown to WW111

•Edition300:God's new world.

•Edition299:Why Europe is doomed.

•Edition298:Prophecy and the love of God.

•Edition297:Why the Prophetic Scroll will never be mainstream

•Edition296:Implications of the lifting veil.

•Edition295:Shocking Obadiah!

•Edition294:Why do the Jews not see their Messiah?

•Edition293:2016 - A great shaking!

•Edition292:Are you really saved?

•Edition291: The curse of Christmas.

•Edition290:Jeremiah's catastrophic indictment of America.

•Edition289:Dangerous or safe churches.

•Edition288:Transition - Fishermen to hunters!

•Edition287:Israel, the drama to end all dramas.

•Edition286:The spirit world.

•Edition285:Colliding worlds.

•Edition284:Eternity calls.

•Edition283:A message and warning to the nations.

•Edition282:Lies and truth of today.

•Edition281:Israel, its your time.

•Edition280:The tragedy of ignoring God's warnings.

•Edition279:What now, what's next?

•Edition278:Signs of your salvation.

•Edition277:Incredible dispensations.

•Edition276:Major proofs of a pre-tribulation rapture.

•Edition275:Who goes in the rapture and who stays.

•Edition273:Preparing for the rapture.

•Edition272:Do you see it, do you hear it?

•Edition271:Peace is coming on the wings of war.

•Edition270:Dealing with critics.

•Edition269:Not in my name.

•Edition268:Foolishness or wisdom for today. 

•Edition267:The fall of Obama.

•Edition266:Prophecy from above and below.

•Edition265:The refiners fire.

•Edition264:The deeper, exclusive life.

•Edition263:Which Christians for the tribulation.

•Edition262:What will we be rewarded for and not.

•Edition261:The Power of the resurrection.

•Edition260:Who can you trust?

•Edition259:Could the tribulation begin this year?

•Edition258:Characteristics of the tribulation.

•Edition257:Warnings. (fear of the Lord)

•Edition256:The standard for the church today.

•Edition255:The stormy shifting desert sands.

•Edition254:Pay back time for the world.

•Edition253:How to be safe in this day. (Passover / Easter edition)

•Edition252:What Israel must do (part two)

•Edition251:The walls of Jerusalem.

•Edition250:The prophetic future of Iran.

•Edition249:Knowing your real friends and enemies

•Edition248:Why the rise in worldwide anti-Semitism?

•Edition247:The year the greatest drama of all begins.

•Edition246:Startling facts about Israel's new enemies.

•Edition245:What if there are no dispensations?

•Edition244:What if the Bible is true?

•Edition243: What are the Israel signs now?

•Edition242: Where are we on the prophetic clock now?

•Edition241: The average nondescript, conformist Christian

•Edition240: False end-time doctrine.

•Edition239: The church's love affair with paganism.

•Edition238: What believers and unbelievers will be judged for.

•Edition237: Jerusalem the centre-stage

•Edition236: The rapture nears.

•Edition235: What is a Christian?

•Edition234: Pre-tribulation rapture expositions.

•Edition233: The days of Noah, Lot and Babylon.

•Edition232: The cry of the wild.

•Edition231: Will He find faith on earth when He comes?

•Edition230: Sin, judgement, peace.

•Edition229: The seven churches.

•Edition228: What the watchman sees.

•Edition227: Can you change the outcome of prophecy?

•Edition226: Putin's Russia and WW111

•Edition225: Rest in peace.

•Edition224: The arising Islamic antichrist.

•Edition223: God's enemy, the church.

•Edition222: Open your eyes and your heart.

•Edition221: What must Israel do?

•Edition220: What on earth is going on now?

•Edition219: All about judgement.

•Edition218: Images of Israel.

•Edition217: The tragic consequences of removing Bible prophecy.

•Edition216: I stand with God's word for Israel.

•Edition215: Post tribulation rapture probelms: Part two.

•Edition214: The priniciples of war.

•Edition213: Deadly messages from antiquity

•Edition212: The big differences between the true Church and the false.

•Edition211: Getting ready for eternity.

•Edition210: Post- tribulation rapture problems (Part one)

•Edition209: The new Anti-Semitic danger.

•Edition208: The normal and the abnormal

•Edition207: When will the tribulation period begin?

•Edition206: The new Holocaust. A-bomb edition!

•Edition205: The tragic church of the last days.

•Edition204: World War breakdown.

•Edition203: Living diamonds in the sky.

•Edition202: What does it mean to be ready?

•Edition201: The ministry of the watchman.

•Edition200: What you believe affects your eyesight

•Edition199: More rapture revelations.

•Edition198: World War Three arising.

•Edition197: The glory of the future universe.

•Edition196: The curse of the Judaisers.

•Edition195:  What on earth is the world saying? 

•Edition194: Identifying the nations of prophecy

•Edition193: Secrets of prophecy.

•Edition192: Opening the doors for Israel.

•Edition191:  False ministers, teachers, doctrines and prophets

•Edition190: The rapture demystified and clarified

•Edition189: The prophetic Scroll's vision and calling

•Edition188: The earth in danger

•Edition187: Coming judgements

•Edition186: The end is at hand!

•Edition185: The history and future of the church .

•Edition184: The grand end-time summary.

•Edition183: Signs and you.

•Edition182: Humanism, the curse of the last days.

•Edition181: What is coming upon Israel.

•Edition180: Worlds apart.

•Edition179: A dangerous corrupt world

•Edition178: What must still be fulfilled.

•Edition177: How to prepare for the days ahead

•Edition176: Great end-time enemies.

•Edition175: Rapture revelations.

•Edition174: The Peace talks bring the wrath of God.

•Edition173: How long O Lord?

•Edition172: Why the coming judgments?

•Edition171: The stones and the skies will cry out.

•Edition170: The prophetic future of the church.

•Edition169: The miracles of the cross.

•Edition168: Peace for today.

•Edition167: Timing, temples and the destruction of the US

•Edition166: Check Lists

•Edition165: The Media.

•Edition164: Turkey in prophecy.

•Edition163: Judgments.

•Edition162: A tale of two churches. Part 2

•Edition161: A tale of two churches. Part 1

•Edition160: Dates, times, seasons, syria and surroundings.

•Edition159: What's in a name?

•Edition158: The Restrainer.

•Edition157: Resurrection.

•Edition156: Getting yourself and others ready for Messiah.

•Edition155: War,peace,shock and awe.

•Edition154: The Living Stones.

•Edition153: The Rising fence.

•Edition152: Amazing types of end time events.

•Edition151: Intensifying deceptions

•Edition150: The right church.

•Edition149: Timing: What we can and can't know.

•Edition148: The fruits of truth.

•Edition147: Revisiting the rapture.

•Edition146: Amazing messages in colour and number.

•Edition145: The Media and you

•Edition144: Review of the Prophetic Scroll and what's ahead.

•Edition143: The religions of the last days.

•Edition142: Jordan and Egypt...the coming shock!

•Edition141: The demise of the peace treaties and the new big one.

•Edition140: What's next in prophecy?

•Edition139: The salvation of the Jews.

•Edition138: Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey in prophecy

•Edition137: Beware...another Christ arising.

•Edition136: Deep calls unto deep.

•Edition135: So you want to live for yourself?

•Edition134: The Feast of Trumpets.

•Edition133: The importance od Pentecost.

•Edition132: In the world but not of it.

•Edition131: The coming big triple economic catastrophe.

•Edition130: The coming holocaust.

•Edition129: Dispensations again.

•Edition128: Enemies of Bible prophecy.

•Edition127: Refuting the post-tribulation rapture position.

•Edition126: Kingdoms in conflict

•Edition125: The curse of ignoraance in this day.

•Edition124: A horrifying economic disaster is coming.

•Edition123: The roots of the church.

•Edition122: Maturing in Messiah.

•Edition121: The prophetic importance of the days of Noah and Lot.

•Edition120: The USA in prophecy. 

•Edition119: Are the days numbered for the church? 

•Edition118: Whom shall I send?

•Edition117: Why are great catastrophes coming?

•Edition116: Your journey to perfection reflected in the feasts.

•Edition115: Easter the sign of Satan, Passover the sign of God. 

•Edition114: The David and Goliath prophetic parallel. 

•Edition113: The Blueprint for the church. 

•Edition112: Walking in peace in perilous times.

•Edition111: (3 of 3) Overcoming the demonic. 

•Edition110: Overcoming the flesh (2 of 3)

•Edition109 Overcoming the world (1 of 3) 

•Edition108: The cursed Interfaith movement.

•Edition107: Who is a believer? 

•Edition106: How the church hinders the Jews from salvation.

•Edition105: Love or truth or both.

•Edition104: Turning curses into blessing. 

•Edition103: Right and wrong interpretation and the consequenses.

•Edition102: The world it's end and new beginning. 

•Edition101: The Lamb and Lion of God. 

•Edition100: The tragedy of a failed church. 

•Edition099: Iran and Syria in prophecy.

•Edition098: The sequence of events to come. 

•Edition097: The Lord's watchmen.

•Edition096: Holiness. 

•Edition095: Nations in darkness and nations in light. 

•Edition094: Where are we now in prophecy?

•Edition093: Is this it?

•Edition092: Palestinian statehood news and the peace treaty. 

•Edition091: What the Bible says about Palestinian statehood.

•Edition090: The path to eternal glory. 

•Edition089: Pre, mid or post tribulation rapture. 

•Edition088: All the signs. 

•Edition087: Deliverance and Destruction.

•Edition086: Signs in the sky.

•Edition085: Time is short-very short! 

•Edition084: How, when and why will te Jews be saved.

•Edition083: Counselling believers in perilous times. 

•Edition082: Identifying prophetic Babylon. 

•Edition081: Christian mass murderers. 

•Edition080: The deeper glorious Christian life. 

•Edition079: False prophets of today. 

•Edition078: The counterfiet church. 

•Edition077: The blindness created by traditionalism. 

•Edition076: Too many voices. 

•Edition075: Israelitis the disease. 

•Edition074: The identity of the nations in World War Three.  

•Edition073: The soon coming paradise and who will be there. 

•Edition072: I will shake all things. 

•Edition071: The writing on the wall for today. Plans for new temple. 

•Edition070: The importance of the number 70 (news: Egypt in prophecy) 

•Edition069: Wise words of old (part 3) 

•Edition068: The shocking roots and effects of replacement theology. 

•Edition067: Jezebel in the church. 

•Edition066: The horros of Christmas. 

•Edition065: The great restoration. 

•Edition064: Why the unsaved are unsaved. 

•Edition063: Review of The Prophetic Scroll. 

•Edition062: God's plan for the world. 

•Edition061: Satan's plan for the world. 

•Edition060: God's plan for the church. 

•Edition059: Satan's plan for the church. 

•Edition058: Summary of pointers to Lord's coming from all editions. 

•Edition057: Dramatic News church turns against Israel. 

•Edition056: The me-now generation. 

•Edition055: Safety in the coming storms. 

•Edition054: Spiritual blindness. 

•Edition053: The dispensation debate. 

•Edition052: Coming world famine. 

•Edition051: The Centrality of the cross. 

•Edition050: Important Day The peace talks begin. 

•Edition049: The church in mortal danger. 

•Edition048: The rapture and second coming compared. 

•Edition047: What is a Messianic believer? 

•Edition046: Truth and error. 

•Edition045: Secret keys to spiritual victory.

•Edition044: The importance of prophecy. 

•Edition043: Miraculous Israel. 

•Edition042: The antichrist. 

•Edition041: When is Jesus coming (the main views) 

•Edition040: Wise words of old (part 2) 

•Edition039: Coming world economic meltdown. 

•Edition038: The Kingdom of God. 

•Edition037: Glory to glory (pre-adamic to the millennium and beyond) 

•Edition036: The Sabbath Day. 

•Edition035: The Nostradamus deception. 

•Edition034: Sects and Cults. 

•Edition033: Pointers towards the coming of the Lord. 

•Edition032: Daniel's 70 weeks. 

•Edition031: The power of the cross and the power of humanism. 

•Edition030: Dark days are coming glorious days are coming 

•Edition029: The greatest reunion ever. 

•Edition028: Startling prophecies still to be fulfilled. 

•Edition027: Fulfilled Prophecy. 

•Edition026: The dangers of replacement theology for Israel. 

•Edition025: The power of testimony in perilous times. 

•Edition024: Preparing yourself for the Messiah. 

•Edition023: The power of the media. 

•Edition022: Coming cataclysmic catastrophes and global calm. 

•Edition021: The damage done to the Jews by Christian traditions. 

•Edition020: Coming great deceptions. 

•Edition019: Dry bones lead to World War Three. 

•Edition018: Three paths to world peace. 

•Edition017: Wise words of old.

•Edition016: The Arabs and Palestinians in prophecy / The coming salvation of Arabs. 

•Edition015: The coming new world order. 

•Edition014: To judge or not to judge. 

•Edition013: Hell / number in scripture. 

•Edition012: The glory to be revealed. 

•Edition011: The seven churches of the Revelation - glory and horror! 

•Edition010: The rapture. 

•Edition009: The soon coming of our Lord. 

•Edition008: Choosing a church. The emergent church shock. 

•Edition007: The great apostasy of the church and coming salvation of the Jews. 

•Edition006: Syria arising. 

•Edition005: Coming of the new Temple on the Temple Mount. 

•Edition004: World watch. 

•Edition003: The Gabriel Stone.  (Not available)

•Edition002: Interpretation of scripture.  (Not available)

•Edition001: Launch and outline.  (Not available)