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The Coming Holocaust


This powerful e-book will inform you, shock you, amaze you and give you wonderful encouragement in these days.

These events are about to unfold on the world stage, the Middle East and in Israel. This is like a giant play, enough to put a thousand Shakespeare's to shame...except this is no play! In fact it's already starting to unfold.

This book is full of incredible revelation.

The book reveals many amazing repeating patterns and shows just why the coming holocaust is inevitable.

You will be involved, if only by opinion!

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G. Zunckel:

Dear Joel, A really huge thank you for your book! I have read through it – its real and gripping!! I have found myself re-reading chapter after chapter. I follow your belief and Holy Spirit inspired words. Wow what a wake-up call to the world and the church in general.

B. Currie:

Shalom Joel. Your book blew me away.   I loved the way you dovetailed everything. There is no reason for anyone to be offended by the book because it’s straight truth. As you kept on saying the Jews did nothing to deserve this favour of God and yet people despise them even though it’s not their choice. I am saying that they are God's people and we had better love them! I enjoyed the history and the meaning of words. Highly recommended was the way you supported your statements with Scripture.   A sterling work!

J. Pasma:

I have read your book and have learned a few things that I did not know before. This book should be read by every truly born-again saint of God, if for no other reason than to strengthen belief in Israel's right to their God-given land and God-given promises. Please keep on writing the Prophetic Scroll. After I read the "the interviews” section, I was shocked by comments from people who claimed to be believers, even more so by those who said they were pastors.


Joanne Smith (Ringwood, NJ, USA)   9/11/12

The Coming Holocaust is much like reading the book of Isaiah; it is a mind-boggling compilation of every book of the Bible purposefully pointing toward the Messianic age. That said, you can read this book and read your newspaper headlines almost side by side with the incomparable benefits of Mr. Joseph’s scholarly expository skill and his exhaustive investigation of the historical roots of just about any major player on the world stage.

Ever mindful of the title of this book, Mr. Joseph zooms in and out of the patterns and parallels throughout history that foreshadow the final battle for human souls that will result in a holocaust of unprecedented proportion and climax in a real-time Valley of Decision. He emphasizes that every single person alive is brought to reveal his/her decision if by nothing more than one’s opinion. As he explains,

“In this day, you must know and understand these things, otherwise you’re

in infinitely more danger than you can imagine. If you don’t understand what

is about to unfold, you’re in danger of being swept away in a tidal wave of

Satanic influence, opinion and intent. These very issues will lead a great

many people into hell.”

The most important changes I made after reading The Coming Holocaust are two unwavering decisions which I now can explain clearly. My first is to recognize that God’s roadmap to peace is not up to man nor can it be. It has always been up to God. It is the cross of Christ. And it is none other than this same Yeshua who will fully answer the cries of His Jewish people and similarly enable their recognition of Him. The true Messiah says “My peace I give to you; not as the world gives”. My other decision honors the eternal covenant with Israel as divine and not open to human revision. Again, here is the clearest explanation ever given to me:

“The very essence of all sin, is the doubting or denial of God’s word,

will and ways. God has made an eternal covenant with Israel. So what

does the modern world do? It says, ‘Has God said?’

This will be the very issue of separation and division between the

eternal purposes of the living God and the short-term doomed purposes of

Satan himself. You will go with one or the other, believe it or like it or not!”

(Joel Joseph, p5)

The best description I can give this body of work is that of a compass needle that will reliably point true North no matter who you are, where you stand, what clouds your visibility and above all how lost you‘ve become.


Nature Environment Wilderness and animals in prophecy

It covers much that is truly wonderful, some material that is frightening and much that is little or completely unknown in modern times.

This book will inform you, amaze you, shock you and give you great comfort.

In this book I’ve covered many exciting issues from stewardship of nature, to environment and health, to terrible man-made tragedies.

I’ve covered the interesting subject: “Do pets go to heaven?” and some indictments on hunters and Christian hunters in particular

I’ve covered the full circle of the perfect pre-Adamic creation, through the fall of man and curse on nature, to the liberation of nature and its complete return to perfection.

I’ve looked into “Glimpses of the future” and the terrible regret of the unsaved.

The book ends off with a collection of my own photographs and art works.

Be very sure of one thing; this book will move you!

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This ministry has a distinct kingdom vision, identifying with God’s call and plan for Israel and the church. My position is pre-trib! I was saved in 1976 while working as a war correspondent, journalist, photographer, artist and environmentalist. My calling is to share with you the great end-time dramas, to stand as a watchman and above all, to glorify my God, to bless Israel and her people and the kingdom of God.

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Some related verses:1 Corinthians 9:11, 1 Corinthians 9:14, Galatians 6:6, Proverbs 11:25. (Hover you mouse over them to read.) - Shalom Joel

a prophetic news

  • Iran says “nobody, including Zionist clowns will stop us getting nukes if we want.”
  • Biden goes ahead with appeasing Iran on nuke deal, while promoting the 2-state solution.

a Sabbath Report2Shabbat (Sabbath) begins on Fridays at 6pm and ends on Saturdays at 6pm. The purpose of this report is to help the church and Israel become reconciled in Messiah. 

19th February 2021

Shabbat Shalom to all!

Let My son go!

God told Moses to tell Pharaoh to “Let My people,” referring to the children of Israel in Egypt. Pharaoh repeatedly refused. Finally, at the persuasion of ten plagues, he conceded and let them go, but then changed his mind and pursued the children of Israel who had already been supernaturally protected through the plagues. Now they were miraculously delivered as they went through the Red Sea, which closed in on the Egyptians and killed them. That’s the story everyone knows. But what about the full story?

Exodus 4:22-23 “You shall say to Pharoah, ‘thus says the Lord: Israel is My son, My firstborn. I say to you, ‘Let My son go, that he may serve Me. If you refuse, I will kill your firstborn.’’”

Pharaoh was in fact not holding Israel captive, but God’s son! He was preventing the full manifestation of Messiah in and through the Jews.

Let My people go” = “Let My son go”.

Here we have an amazing prophecy, written many years before Messiah’s birth.

Hosea 11:1 “When Israel was a child I loved him and out of Egypt I called My son.”

This verse refers to the original Exodus, but also to the infant Yeshua being “called” out of Egypt with Mary and Joseph after fleeing from Herod. Both Pharaoh and Herod were types of antichrist.

Understand that God equates the children of Israel – the Jews, with His Son – singular. This means that there is a vital identification of Israel with Messiah. It’s all wonderfully prophetic!

But there is also a hidden terror in this alliance. Those who come against Israel and those who obstruct Israel from her journey to the Promised Land, are coming against God and setting themselves up for the greatest ever judgments of all time – the tribulation - a sea of blood!

They are setting themselves up as enemies of God’s Son!

There is a most powerful modern application of “let my people go. / Let My son go.”

Here it is: Pharaoh = antichrist. Egypt = the world. Israel = Israel and the Jewish Messiah.

Not all Jews now are holy and Messiah-like by any stretch of the imagination. But there is a prophetic “down payment” for the salvation of a great many Jews in the end times. Many will come as returning prodigal sons. Besides, God says they are My son!

But have you wondered why God aligns and identifies His own Son with Israel? It is because His own Son, our Messiah was a perfect Jew! He kept the holy Torah. In so doing He identifies what sin is and holiness is.

Messiah was perfect and a similar holiness is coming to the Jews (not that anyone will be totally perfect this end of resurrection.)

Isaiah 4:2-4 “Those of Israel who have escaped and those who remain in Zion and Jerusalem, will be called holy, when the Lord has washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion and purged the blood of Jerusalem, by the spirit of judgement and by the spirit of burning.”

Isaiah 60:21 “Your people (Israel) shall all be righteous; they shall inherit the land forever, the branch of My planting, the work of My hands, that I may be glorified.”

Israel is the son of God. The Catholic church is the counterfeit son, the son of Babylon, with its multitudes of institutional sins, none, of which will be practised or sanctioned by the true Son of holiness, God’s Son.

The son of Babylon is also referred to as the daughter of Babylon and the great whore of Babylon. (Isaiah 47:1, Psalm 137:8, Revelation 17:1)

We as Christians are grafted into the tree of Israel, rooted in Messiah. We are part of the “commonwealth of Israel” – not the commonwealth of Rome!

Ministries with no heart for Israel do have a heart for a foreign god.

Image below: various Renaissance artists’ renditions of some of the apostles.

apostles artt

In these days you need to have your heart open to the full, undefiled, ancient truth, without any pagan or otherwise influences. You need to be clean and holy in doctrine as well as action and even thought.

Jeremiah 6:16 “Stand in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where the good way is, and walk in it. Then you will find rest for your souls. But they said, we will not walk in it.”

It is only the undefiled truth that will stand and produce the best fruits.

The disciples of old had to often contend for the truth, on many occasions giving their lives for their unflinching stand. Those who were double minded and mixed with the errors of Babylon and the occult, were the ones who fell away. The same is the story today! (John 6:66)

Many are “saved” by a cross-less god - a fun-filled, jolly father Xmas god, forever giving and demanding nothing, who in fact is “another Christ”, a foreign god a liar and deceiver.

Today Satan and his disciples want to remove Messiah in you. They want to remove and destroy the word of God in you and then they will spit you out like used bubble gum.

They want to strip Messiah out of Israel, but they can’t because God calls Israel My son! With Messiah removed from Israel, it would become a son of Babylon in a flash.

The wisdom of Babylon is the wisdom of the world, which is the wisdom of Satan and the wisdom of ultimate failure.

No one is truly wise without the knowledge of God. This knowledge of God is the input, understanding is the arrangement, and wisdom is the output, and it must all be orchestrated by the Spirit of God.

The outcome of the blessing of the Lord is revealed by Moses just before he died. Deuteronomy 28:10 “Then all the peoples of the earth will see that you are called by the name of the Lord, and they will fear you.”

Let My people go – to Messiah. Let the Jewish Messiah go - to My people, Jew and Gentile, in these end times!




Edition 21. December 10th 2009

In this edition:

●The damage done to the Jews by the evils of Christian traditions



Christmas and Easter are designed by the devil to keep the Jews from the church!

The overall purpose of this edition isn't to come against the Catholics or others, but to come against the traditions that have put a stumbling block in the way of the Jews and to encourage any who dare to do so, to break from their traditions and set theirs hearts after our Lord with a fresh, pure zeal and passion. Of course I do have irreconcilable differences with the Catholics, but as said, that's not the central purpose here.

It is a very powerful thing when a Christian apologises to a Jew for the damage the church has done to them in times past. It opens doors which have long been been shut as a result of evil Christian action and tradition.

In fact the Catholics have killed more Jews than Hitler, in their history. Don't be so naive as to think that the Jews at large don't know this. Many Jews will spit before walking into a church building due to all the death and hostility inflicted upon them by the Catholic church and others in times past.

It's a fearful thing to lay stumbling blocks especially those that originate in "the depths of Satan" in front of God's people. God has warned against it. "My servants have been beguiled by the false prophetess Jezebel" Rev 2:20 This is in the letter from God to the church at Thyatira, which relates to the Catholic church. It goes on to identify the strong influence of idolatry and adultery as influencing factors of corruption and unfaithfulness originating in "the depths of Satan"

Israel has fallen into the trap of idolatry many times in her past history, she does not need another dose of idolatry inflicted upon her from the church, just when the Jews are starting to recognise that Yeshua / Jesus is their Messiah!

The rebellion and disobedience of the Jews led to the Babylonian captivity around 600 BC. This saw them becoming filled with pagan and occult practises of the time and place. BUT after repentance the Babylonian captivity ended with the return to Israel and the rebuilding of the temple according to the exact truth of Gods measurements.

The return from the Babylonian exile speaks of repentance and the rebuilding of the temple speaks of following God and going His way in truth.

The Catholic church is still enslaved to Babylon. Why would the Jews want to go into another modern-day captivity!!

Interestingly there is not one single item or thing in the Vatican or St Peters or in any of their traditions that originate in the Jewish temple. There is plenty (almost everything) that has its origin in Babylon!

Mark 7:8-13  "Laying aside the commandment of God, you hold the traditions of men...all too well you reject the commandment of God that you may keep your tradition....making the word of God of no effect through your tradition which you have handed down.

Deuteronomy 18: 9-22 "When you come into the land which the Lord your God is giving you (the Jews), you shall no longer learn to follow the abominations of those shall be blameless before the Lord."

Jeremiah 10: 2 "Do not learn the way of the Gentiles". 27: 9 "You shall not serve the King of Babylon."

So many traditions in the church have become part of 'normal life' They are accepted without question. I fully realise that I will be seen as an enemy of those who cling to their traditions blindly. The problem is that all of the traditions I am referring to in this edition are rooted in Babylonian occult worship.

I have heard many say, "That all doesn't matter because we sanctify the secular by our involvement". Apart from that being a statement right out of the heart of Satan himself, it's just so stupid and short sighted. Why on earth would you want to participate in something that is rooted in witchcraft, forbidden by God and cursed from beginning to end?

Besides all of that, let me now really make the traditionalist angry!

Christmas, Easter, the dress of Catholic leadership, the sun worship of the Catholics and their past close association with the swastika and many other pagan practises have a very dangerous tragic consequence. They are all major obstacles in the way of the Jew coming to salvation and entering the church.

The Bible declares that gospel is to go to the Jew first and then the Gentile! Now, again I realise that this may sound like blasphemy to many, but here it is in black and white: Romans 1:16 "The gospel is the power of God to salivation for everyone who believes to the Jew first and also for the Greeks."

There are literally hundreds of other portions of scripture clearly laying out God's wonderful plan of salvation for the Jews.

How did all these occult practises get into the church:

How did things go so horribly wrong and why is there still so much of the occult so deeply rooted in the church today?

Well, lets have a short lesson in church history.

The early church up until 300 AD had a distinctly Hebraic flavour to it. It was founded in Jerusalem and had mostly Jewish converts although many Gentiles started coming in as the church expanded. Satan tried to stamp the church out by bringing intense persecution on it by ten successive Roman Emperors. This only made the church stronger.

Satan then came up with his trump card which was to defeat the church from within and bring error and the occult into it. He did this through the Roman Emperor Constantine who himself was a worshipper of Baal and Babylonian gods. He was apparently "converted" and became a Christian. He stopped all persecution of the church and made it the official state religion. But to make it more palatable to the masses he introduces many forms of Babylonian occult practises to the church.

As these evil practises became more and more entrenched and accepted, so the light went out and the dark ages started. By 600 AD the Catholic church had its first Pope and the church had changed radically from what it was at first. It was now riddled with the occult and its supernatural power was now counterfeit. The key that the pagan Popes used to maintain control of the masses was the removal of the Bible from the laity. The church in the dark ages soon became the most murderous institution the world has seen.

Then came the reformation, an incomplete work, but a great step out of the darkness. This spiritual enlightenment produced the renaissance and the industrial revolution. Unfortunately much of the church has not awakened fully and is  clinging to its occult practises, which sent it into darkness in the first place!

Now of course there is nothing wrong with a church adopting certain modern traditions or cultural activities as long as they are not rooted in the occult.

A forever flawed leadership:

The Bible says "call no man on earth father" ( Mathew 23:9 ) Yet the Catholic priests all call themselves "father" and insist on being called "father" The word Pope means "father".

My father died many years ago, but I still remember him vividly. My spiritual Father is alive and very well indeed. I know Him too, it's Yeshua / Jesus, God almighty. I know for a fact that no Catholic of any description on this earth is my father!!! None of them, not one!!! I reject them all. They are all counterfeits!!!

When the Roman empire collapsed the Popes took on the title that had previously belonged to to the Roman emperors - Pontificus Maximus, forever linking the Catholic church with the Roman empire. This obviously points to the future as well and relates to the revised Roman Empire, the European government.

On a similar subject, Mary is not my mother, nor is she the mother of God! Since when does God have a mother? Mary was the mother of Yeshua / Jesus, or His humanity, but not His deity. Isis was the origination of the mother-goddess cult. Isis was also called "the mother of God" and "the queen of heaven." By the way, Yeshua / Jesus is our "intercessor" not Mary.

And talking of counterfeits, the Catholics do not teach or preach the new birth. To them, being saved is belonging to their hideous church. They have led untold millions down the wrong road and straight to hell. I do concede that there are some in this church that are truly saved. This is indicated at the end of the letter to the church at Thyatira in Revelation 2. But the shocking thing is that the ones that are saved are those within this church who do not 'hold' or 'cling' to its doctrine!

Pagan practises in the church:

The early church which was mostly Jewish observed none of the pagan festivals and practises of the church today, not one of them!

1 Corinthians 10:13 Amp "Shun, keep clear away from, avoid by flight if needs be any sort of idolatry, which is loving or venerating anything more than God"



Jeremiah 10: 2, 3 "Do not learn the way of the Gentiles...for one cuts down a tree from the forest...they decorate it with silver and gold, they fasten it down with nails and hammers, so that it won't fall."

The Christmas tree is riddled with paganism. It was around in Babylonian days hence the warning by Jeremiah above. By the way, the silver and gold balls were originally icons of sun and moon worship! It is a fact that the red suite worn by the slob in the picture does not represent blood, but was first inspired by Coca Cola. (Go and check it out if you don't believe me)


The Babylonians celebrated the birthday of the sun (not son). This was the day after the shortest day of the year, or solstice. This was set as the 25th of December. This was seen by them as the re-birth of the unconquered sun. In fact the word for the Catholic season of advent means 'coming' and takes place in the run up to the 25th December. It means the coming of the birthday of the sun (not son).

The belief of so many is so shallow these days. Yeshua /Jesus is not Lord of their lives. Its just the same as having a plastic Jesus, a sort of nice sponsor in the background just like the fat slob Santa in his ridiculous Coca Cola suite, who only comes out to play and have fun once a year. The reality is that their Ho, ho, hoing slob is more like Frankenstein and will do them all a lot more eternal harm than any monster. Actually "ho, ho, ho" was the friendly cry of the pagan god Thor also called the Yule god.


Easter was the Babylonian goddess of sex. The way you worshipped her was by going through the Easter gate into the occult temple to have sex with a whore.

Her original name was Ishtar.

This is the name that the Roman Emperor Constantine chose to replace the Biblical Passover. Sex or fertility symbols were all over this evil Babylonian temple. The rabbit and eggs were the main Babylonian symbols of this form of worship, being symbols of fertility and frequent sex.


Oh what a lovely little bunny, how sweet, and what a big pretty egg it has!

The Bible says that we are to keep the feast of Passover, not Easter. The old King James version of the Bible uses the word Easter, while the new King James used the word Passover. The original Greek word correctly translated is the word Passover! 1 Corinthians 5: 7 "Christ our Passover was sacrificed for us, therefore let us keep the feast" The same original word translated Passover is also used in Acts 12: 4, which is incorrectly interpreted as Easter in the old King James Bible. The original word used is "pascha", which means Passover.

Passover is not about sex and fertility, it's about God's judgement passing over us due to the blood of our Messiah.


Again as with Christmas, Easter is a Satanic ritual designed by the devil to keep the Jews out of the church and of course to nullify the Word in the lives of Christian participants. (Read Mark 7 above again)

The image below is a composite of some of the pagan Easter symbols unearthed and discovered around the ruins of Babylon.


The pressures on short sighted Christians to conform and accept the traditions of the occult without question are extremely strong.

"Be not conformed to the world or its ways". Romans 12:2

Sun Worship

Deuteronomy 4 :19 "Take heed that when you see the sun, the moon and the stars, all the host of heaven you don't feel driven to worship them and serve them."

The Catholic church is riddled with the occult. Yes it does adhere to many wonderful truths, but why on earth go half way with God and half way with the devil? Sun worship is evident in so many of its practises, buildings and traditions. Again all forms of sun worship have their source in Babylon and Satan.

Solar symbols are everywhere in Catholicism. Sol Invictus, meaning 'the unconquered sun' has its roots in ancient pagan astrology practises and is seen throughout Catholicism. The image below is of an early Roman coin called Sol Invictus, which was a dedication to the sun god.

Son worship has changed into sun worship through Sol Invictus. It's interesting that all these Sol Invictus idols are brought out and into the Catholic mass on December 25, the birthday of the sun.


Here we have another occult practise designed by the devil to keep the Jews from the church. The "whore of Babylon" is at work. She has led many in other modern protestant churches to become prostitutes of the truth.

The image on the right below is St Peter's chair in St Peter's basilica Rome, which is just below a bronze and gold depiction of Sol Invictus, also represented in that idol Benedict is holding (left)

sun pope

The Catholic hat or Mitre:

What a stupid hat! But can you see how closely it resembles a fish in profile (with open mouth). The big question is why such a stupid hat and why is it only used in high-'holy' ceremonies?

The Mitre is a direct copy of the hat worn by important people in Babylon when they worshipped the fish- god Dagon.

The two sketch-diagrams below are from articles dealing with Dagon in ancient Babylon. The other pictures show the similarity.

Here we have yet another practise rooted in the occult designed by Satan to keep the Jews out of the church.


The Babylonia occult swastika and the cross:

Zephaniah 1: 4 "I will cut off every trace of Baal from this place (Israel). The names of the idolatrous priests with the pagan priests, those who worship the host of heaven." (just think about that verse!!)

Isaiah 47: 13 "You are wearied of the multitude of your counsels; Let now the astrologers, the stargazers and the monthly prognosticators stand up and save you. Behold they shall be as stubble, the fire shall consume them, they'll not be able to deliver themselves from the power of the flame."

The swastika is an ancient symbol that has been used for thousands of years by the Egyptians , Babylonians, Chinese, the Mayans and others. It represents sun-power and strength. Hitler was influenced largely by Luther, quoting often from him, but he was also a devil worshipper gaining much of his inspiration from this source. His attempt to wipe out the Jews was actually to an attempt to display his strength in setting up a 'pure' new world. It is no accident that he chose the swastika as his symbol.

The church also used this symbol. The image below is a composite of swastikas from the past. At the top from the left: An Egyptian column, then a Mayan symbol. In the middle right we have one of the Popes and the bottom row are some of the many Nazi symbols associated with the cross.

Again we have another reason for the Jews to steer clear of the church.


Some other occult, pagan practises originating in Babylon, which are in the church, which I haven't gone into include: Mother and child worship, relic worship, infant baptism or sprinkling, prayer for the dead, the sign of the cross, some of the names bestowed on Mary, cakes made to the queen of heaven (hot cross buns) and many more.

God's judgement on the paganism and the occult

The message to the seven churches in The Revelation is God's view of the church. It's worth taking note of what God thinks, I think. The message to the church at Thyatira relates to the Catholics. Rev 2: 23, 24 "I will kill her children with death and all the churches shall know that I am He who searches the minds and hearts and will give to each according to your many as who do not have this doctrine and who have not known the depths of Satan, I will put on you no other burden." This church is also told that it will be cast into great tribulation.

Children (verse 23) are those that cling to their mother. In other words those that cling to the mother church and its doctrine are in fierce trouble with God. Note also that this church's doctrine originates in " the depths of Satan", How incredible and tragic is this?

There are hundreds of symbols, traditions and practises associated with the church that are deeply rooted in the occult. It's not my purpose to go into them all here, but simply to draw your attention to the main overriding and very important factor behind this edition. Christian, in participating in these things, you are headed for disaster and and are instrumental in laying stumbling blocks in the path of the Jews.

God has always judged and condemned paganism and the occult. Sometimes His judgement was swift and sometimes it was a long time coming, but it always did and always will.

I simply cant for the life of me understand why so many Christians love the occult so much and refuse to just drop it! The only explanation I can think of is that they are so bound by the traditions of the world that it (empowered by the devil) has blinded them.

The Catholic church (and other similar orthodox churches) will be a very big part in Satan's end time plan. This will be God's judgement on them. I would not be surprised to see the false prophet of the tribulation emerge from this evil institution.

Revelation 18: 2 Speaks prophetically of the gigantic fall and total disaster that is coming on all aspects of modern revived Babylon including large parts of the church. "Babylon the great is fallen is fallen and has become a habitation of devils and the abode of every fouls spirit"

Isaiah 47: 3-7 This is amazing and relates to many nations like Europe, but the subject matter deals with the final humiliation of Babylon. "Your shame will be seen, I will take for our Redeemer, the Lord of hosts (armies) is His name, the Holy One of Israel. Sit in silence, Babylon and go into darkness, for you shall no longer be called the Lady of Kingdoms. I was angry with My people and gave them into your hand. You showed them no mercy." Verse 15 "No one shall save you"

The lady of Babylon is no lady, she is a whore, and a slut, a pure witch! (Not my opinion but God's opinion contained in many passages of scripture) The counterfeit kingdom of Popes that has arisen out of her in Rome, will become a significant force in tandem with the revised Roman empire (new world government) and will again spearhead, or at least be involved in the mass murder of Jews.

You may say, please leave us alone and don't rock the boat. Don't point out all of these things, just accept that it's the way things are. My answer is NO.

Why would the Jews want another Babylonian captivity?

The Jews have on many occasions been dealt with very severely by God for delving into the occult. God has brought judgement on them, sent them into captivity and allowed them to be defeated every time they fell into the worship of false gods and practises.

Even now religious or Rabbinical Judaism, which rejects Yeshua / Jesus will lead them into judgement again.

Most Jews have an inbuilt fear and resistance to Christian conversion simply because they know all too well that the church has many roots in the occult and paganism. Most Christians think that to get saved Jews need to become Christianised and join institutionalised churchianity!

"Come now Jew boy, now that you're saved, have a ham sandwich with us as we celebrate Chrissmiss"....I think not!

Its interesting to look into the Word of God to see the end of ancient and revived Babylon and the end of the Jews. Babylon ended in the most horrific destruction and judgement of God while the end of the Jews is in wonderful salvation!

Psalm 137 "By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down and wept, when we remembered Zion". Oh yes, so why would the Jews again want to have any part with what is essentially Babylonian captivity again, just in a new name...churchianity?

The  pure Judaeo-Christian heritage of most of the Western world has been sold out. Its not going, its gone and what is now arising in its place is a deadly mix of paganism and ungodly worldly humanism in the name of Christianity. Our civilisation is on deaths door step. A time of thick darkness and deception is coming fast, a time of chaos and confusion, to put any drunk to shame. Beware dear reader, of the spiritual pimps out there, who are enemies of the cross of our Messiah and all truth. Perverted truth has been the death knell and path of destruction for Israel many times before.

Jews beware, the spirit of Hitler is not dead and will come to you as a wolf in sheep's clothing this time offering peace. My dear Jewish reader, you have suffered much, but beware you are in mortal danger again.

God will have His Gentile faithful few, who will be voices of dissent and who will stand with and for the Jew and Israel. Only follow those men that follow God and the fullness of truth. These days you need some spiritual guts to head for glory!

A glorious pure future:

Isaiah 61:1,2 This speaks of the glorious future for the Jews."The Lord will console those who mourn in Zion and give them beauty for shall be called the Priests of the Lord, you shall eat the riches of the Gentiles...Instead of your shame you shall have double honour, and in their own land they shall posses double. I will direct their works in truth and will make with them an everlasting covenant"

I once stood on top of Masada in Israel with a number of Israeli Defence Force Generals, who regularly go up there to pray and declare..."Never again will Jerusalem fall into gentile hands" ...and that includes Gentile Paganism!

Christian beware, God is already moving forward to bring the Jews to salvation, but He is leaving much of the abominable Christian church behind!! What God is doing now is most remarkable. He is lifting the veil of blindness on the Jews in ever increasing numbers as they see and recognise that their Messiah is the Jewish Messiah of the true church. He is also separating to Himself a pure glorious church. The work of God is always according to pure truth.

The evil traditions of the church may keep the Jews out, but it will not keep them from the glorious salvation which is coming their way in ever growing numbers.

In the coming days the Jews will be reconciled with many of their Gentile, Christian brothers and sisters, and it will be a reunion like Joseph with his brothers. God's heart is and will be for a Jew and Gentile Messianic church with a Hebraic flavour and with all of Babylon rooted out!

The God I know is the God of truth, but He always offers forgiveness and pardon. He offers healing for those who want deliverance from the powers of darkness. He shines His light on the way forward. He offers beauty out of the ashes of repentance. He offers a whole new life full of truth, righteousness, holiness and glory.

The life He offers was bought and paid for with the suffering of the cross and resulting resurrection, which itself delivers power for us to walk in new resurrection life.

Note: My objective is not to get anyone to leave this or that church. Salvation is not dependant on what church you go to or what traditions you adhere to. No church or tradition can save you because no church died for you! Salvation relates to you knowing God and being known by Him. The objective of this edition is to present a simple and dire warning and to offer a much better way.


For further reading and study on this subject please read the monumental book by Alexander Hislop titled The Two Babylons. In the front of the book, a note from the editor declares; " Its gratifying to know that no one so far as we are aware has ventured to challenge the accuracy of the historical proofs adduced in support of the startling announcement of the title page."   It was written in 1916 and documents the amazing parallels between ancient Babylon and the Catholics as well as many others of the orthodox persuasion.

Heaven or hell:

Long gone head of the Catholics Leo XII, (left) did you take the trouble to get saved. You led your abominable church till you were 97 years old. You issued a decree forbidding your people to own or read the scriptures and you enforced many other doctrines of devils. Where are you now, you blind guide? Yes I know where your body is lying, for all to see, but where are you now. If you were permitted to speak to the living now, what would you say? And what would you say to the current dark, deceived leadership of the Catholic church, knowing what you now know? You know now Leo, that Mary could never help you and your repetitious prayers to her were all in vain. You know now Leo, that your doctrine of the immaculate conception of Mary is an immaculate deception! You know now Leo, that not only were you not infallible, you were an incarnation of evil!


Rabbi Jacob Lipszyc (right) you were murdered in the Holocaust, but did you make right with your Jewish Messiah and chief Rabbi Yeshua/ Jesus before your cruel execution? Where are you now rabbi? If you could address us now, what would you say knowing what you know now?

In closing this edition here is a woodcut by Gustave Doré depicting the construction of the tower of Babel by the occult-rich Babylonians. This was their attempt to reach God, but they were riddled with paganism. We know what the outcome was. Dear reader, do you want to reach up to God also? That's great! But you need to do it His way!


Kind regards and many blessings...Shalom and grow in grace!


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Edition556: How has the church influenced Israel.

Edition555: Grace gravy butter

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Edition549: Contrasting new world orders

Edition548: War of the lions

Edition547: End time discernment

Edition546: Abrahamic Accord surprise

Edition545: Newish world order prt 2

Edition544: Newish world order

Edition543: Big end-time errors.

Edition542: Amazing end time truths

Edition541: Reasons for the tribulation.

Edition540: 2021 is it!

Edition539: Goodbye world!

Edition538: Trumpets, now or next?

Edition537: Knowing the time (Part4)

Edition536: Knowing the time (Part3)

Edition535: Knowing the time (Part2)

Edition534: Knowing the time

Edition533: The TPS peace plan.

Edition532: Prophetic word for the rest of the year.

Edition531: Secret places

Edition530: Censoring God

Edition529: Peace or torment

Edition528: The end time stage

Edition527: Man the god.

Edition526: Israel's victory

Edition525: Rapture reverberations

Edition524: Why am I here?

Edition523: Great mountain peaks

Edition522: Love not the world

Edition521: The spirit realm

Edition520: Identifying truth and error

Edition519: Rapture aftermath

Edition518: Beyond the plagues.

Edition517: The Departynge First

Edition516: The feast season

Edition515: Foreboding forerunners

Edition514: Know who to receive from

Edition513: The incredible journey

Edition512: Churches in the tribulation

Edition511: Dangers facing Israel

Edition510: Falling away from what.

Edition509: Beware the key of David

Edition508: Amazing rapture facts.

Edition507: Covenant of death.

Edition506: Israel and the nations.

Edition505: Amazing hidden prophecies

Edition504: Whats going on

Edition503: "Suddenly"

Edition502: Words for the year

•Edition501: The end of the beginning

•Edition500: Wisdom for the world today.

•Edition499: Refuting an imminent rapture.

•Edition498: Rapture of the remnant.

•Edition497: Defining the rapture

•Edition496: The glorious church.

•Edition495: The breaking dawn.

•Edition494: The setting sun.

•Edition493: The great mystery sign

•Edition492: Deception - free - Indeed!

•Edition491: The mystery tour

•Edition490: The destruction of freedom.

•Edition489: Left Behind

•Edition488: End time humility.

•Edition487: End time pride.

•Edition486: Important trumpets!

•Edition485: The power of he resurrection.

•Edition484: Deadly doctrines developing

•Edition483: A preview of heaven.

•Edition482: Stop in your tracks!

•Edition481: Missing in action.

•Edition480: Great glory to come

•Edition479: Great end-time conflicts.

•Edition478: Great end-time errors.

•Edition477: Analysing the rapture (Part 4)

•Edition476: Analysing the rapture (Part 3)

•Edition475: Analysing the rapture (Part 2)

•Edition474: Analysing the rapture (Part1 of 4)

•Edition473: The rapture and replacement theology

•Edition472: Identifying end-time nations.

•Edition471: Two sides of the sword

•Edition470: End-time politics.

•Edition469: Israel - the sign

•Edition468: Israel under the bus

•Edition467: Truth and error today.

•Edition466: Prophecy in the feasts.

•Edition465: The Court of the ages.

•Edition464: A world de-wormed.

•Edition463: Golan Gaza and more

•Edition462: Deal of the ages.

•Edition461: Deal of the century.

•Edition460: Disorder out of chaos

•Edition459: The final conflict.

•Edition458: What's coming next?

•Edition457: Israel's friends and enemies.

•Edition456: Messages from heaven. Part 2

•Edition455: Messages from heaven

•Edition454: The importance of hell.

•Edition453: Treasures of prophecy for today (Part 2)

•Edition452: Treasures of prophecy for today

•Edition451: A fresh look at the rapture

•Edition450: We get ready the world gets ready.

•Edition449: Throwing off weights.

•Edition448: Failure and triumph of world peace.

•Edition447: Pre-trib only, works.

•Edition446: End time heresies.

Edition445: The world gets stoned.

Edition444: A rapture-ready heart.

Edition443: Wonders of the Millennium!

Edition442: Standing before our Lord

Edition441: How long O lord?

Edition440: Eternal worlds to come.

Edition439: Esther the magnificent 

Edition438: Psychological victory for today.

Edition437: Destroying God's institutions.

Edition436: Plagues for today.

Edition435: O Jerusalem, Jerusalem!

Edition434: Be perfect!

•Edition433: Israel's amazing repentance!

Edition432: Who will repent?

•Edition431: The Rapture and the Tribulation.

•Edition430: The media, you and Israel.

•Edition429: E=MC2 and more.

•Edition428: War or Peace - Nay or Yay?

•Edition427: Rising fences.

•Edition426: Cursing or blessing Israel.

•Edition425: The course of the nations.

•Edition424: Looking back from eternity.

•Edition423: Interpretation: Truth or Error

•Edition422: The uniqueness of prophecy

•Edition421: Peace, peace - destruction

•Edition420: War of the worlds.

•Edition419: Darkness turns to light.

•Edition418: Incredible temple miracles and timing.

•Edition417: Shut your mouth!

•Edition416: Watch your mouth!

•Edition415: Beloved Jewish brethren to be.

•Edition414: What is real Messianic faith?

•Edition413: Israel born in a day - twice.

•Edition412: The essence of foolishness.

•Edition411: End-time ailments of the soul.

•Edition410: Glorifying God.

•Edition409: Amazing changes coming to Israel.

•Edition408: Rapture, tribulaion and dates.

•Edition407: God's truth, Satan's truth.

•Edition406: Glorious maturity.

•Edition405: The demise of false prophets.

•Edition404: The leopard's spots

•Edition403: How to be a radical Christian.

•Edition402: The church under attack from within.

•Edition401: What will give Jews sight?

•Edition400: Four hundred and more.

•Edition399: The end-time teacher.

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•Edition396: Eternal Beauty.

•Edition395: End Time Jerusalem.

•Edition394: I told you so!

•Edition393: Prophetic pitfalls and promises.

•Edition392: When should you leave a church?

•Edition391: Temple stones, amazing signs

•Edition390: Why rapture dates fail. 

•Edition389: Deadly disguised deities.

•Edition388: A new prophetic dawn.

•Edition387: Prophecy is "more sure."

•Edition386: Pharaoh of Nineveh.

•Edition385: The great revelation of you!

•Edition384: Awakening to the man-Child.

•Edition383: Letter to devastated Christians.

•Edition382: The great Jonah sign for today

•Edition381: War of worlds.

•Edition380: A great sign and signal.

•Edition379: A symphony of drama.

•Edition378: Revelation 12, the truth. 

•Edition377: Times of the signs.

•Edition376: The mystery of eternity.

•Edition375: The curse of Nibiru

•Edition374: Suddenly - the King

•Edition373: Will Israel break God's covenant?

•Edition372: God's psychology for today.

•Edition370: Mass media and the coming Holocaust.

•Edition369: Mysteries of the rapture.

•Edition368: The great awakening.

•Edition367: Hunger for God.

•Edition366: The effects of the rapture.

•Edition365: Jerusalem Day.

•Edition364: Safe from delusion

•Edition363: A message to all in authority.

•Edition362: The Great Return.

•Edition361: The spirit of revelation.

•Edition360: The spirit of antichrist.

•Edition359: Joseph:Rapture secrets.

•Edition358: The incredible journey.

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•Edition356: All your political beliefs in the Bible. 

•Edition355: The Greatest Drama of All.

•Edition354: Earthly and heavenly inheritances.

•Edition353: Sky signs, earth signs, heart signs!

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•Edition350: How to be ready for what lies ahead.

•Edition349: The Strategic Grand Plan of the Ages.

•Edition348: The error of imminence

•Edition347: 7,70, 777 unfolding.

•Edition346: "Settlements" and "occupation." 

•Edition345: The three wars of WW111 

•Edition344: What if you are not left behind?

•Edition343: Anti-Semitic Christmas

•Edition342: Idols of the mass-media

•Edition341: Where is the world going?

•Edition340: Approaching darkness.

•Edition339: The Light of Life.

•Edition338: God's politics.

•Edition337: The amazing messages of the seven feasts and the seven churches.

•Edition336: False prophets of today.

•Edition335: Signs of the times, olives and doves!

•Edition334: Amazing prophetic insights.

•Edition333: World peace, man's way or God's way.

•Edition332: Lead (the metal) - Surprise!

•Edition331: Hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

•Edition330: Watch and pray: The Lord is coming!

•Edition329: Horror attack on Israel by the church.

•Edition328: The incredible message of the resurrections

•Edition327: The media and the end-times.

•Edition326: The modern betrayers.

•Edition325: The Miracle of the Rapture

•Edition324: The drama of the Temple

•Edition323: Terrorism, almost impossible to defeat, but its end in nigh.

•Edition322: The immense gravity and evil of replacement theology

•Edition321: The great backfire

•Edition320: Post tribulation rapture impossibilities

•Edition319: Truth under fire!

•Edition318: World war this year?

•Edition317: The future of Israel, the Jews, the Arabs and the Arab lands.

•Edition316: The Day of the Lord and more on the rapture.

•Edition315: The Lord is coming, tear your hearts.

•Edition314: Attacks on the rapture.

•Edition313: The marriage, the bride, the rapture.

•Edition312: The fulfilments of the fall feasts.

•Edition311: The logic of a pre-tribulation rapture.

•Edition310: How much longer?

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•Edition307: The information highways.

•Edition306: Oceans of peace in a world of violence.

•Edition305: The danger of gullibility.

•Edition304:The Jewish Messiah or the Roman Christ.

•Edition303:Major thinking errors of today.

•Edition302:Anti-Semitism in the church

•Edition301:Fixing for a fight - Countdown to WW111

•Edition300:God's new world.

•Edition299:Why Europe is doomed.

•Edition298:Prophecy and the love of God.

•Edition297:Why the Prophetic Scroll will never be mainstream

•Edition296:Implications of the lifting veil.

•Edition295:Shocking Obadiah!

•Edition294:Why do the Jews not see their Messiah?

•Edition293:2016 - A great shaking!

•Edition292:Are you really saved?

•Edition291: The curse of Christmas.

•Edition290:Jeremiah's catastrophic indictment of America.

•Edition289:Dangerous or safe churches.

•Edition288:Transition - Fishermen to hunters!

•Edition287:Israel, the drama to end all dramas.

•Edition286:The spirit world.

•Edition285:Colliding worlds.

•Edition284:Eternity calls.

•Edition283:A message and warning to the nations.

•Edition282:Lies and truth of today.

•Edition281:Israel, its your time.

•Edition280:The tragedy of ignoring God's warnings.

•Edition279:What now, what's next?

•Edition278:Signs of your salvation.

•Edition277:Incredible dispensations.

•Edition276:Major proofs of a pre-tribulation rapture.

•Edition275:Who goes in the rapture and who stays.

•Edition273:Preparing for the rapture.

•Edition272:Do you see it, do you hear it?

•Edition271:Peace is coming on the wings of war.

•Edition270:Dealing with critics.

•Edition269:Not in my name.

•Edition268:Foolishness or wisdom for today. 

•Edition267:The fall of Obama.

•Edition266:Prophecy from above and below.

•Edition265:The refiners fire.

•Edition264:The deeper, exclusive life.

•Edition263:Which Christians for the tribulation.

•Edition262:What will we be rewarded for and not.

•Edition261:The Power of the resurrection.

•Edition260:Who can you trust?

•Edition259:Could the tribulation begin this year?

•Edition258:Characteristics of the tribulation.

•Edition257:Warnings. (fear of the Lord)

•Edition256:The standard for the church today.

•Edition255:The stormy shifting desert sands.

•Edition254:Pay back time for the world.

•Edition253:How to be safe in this day. (Passover / Easter edition)

•Edition252:What Israel must do (part two)

•Edition251:The walls of Jerusalem.

•Edition250:The prophetic future of Iran.

•Edition249:Knowing your real friends and enemies

•Edition248:Why the rise in worldwide anti-Semitism?

•Edition247:The year the greatest drama of all begins.

•Edition246:Startling facts about Israel's new enemies.

•Edition245:What if there are no dispensations?

•Edition244:What if the Bible is true?

•Edition243: What are the Israel signs now?

•Edition242: Where are we on the prophetic clock now?

•Edition241: The average nondescript, conformist Christian

•Edition240: False end-time doctrine.

•Edition239: The church's love affair with paganism.

•Edition238: What believers and unbelievers will be judged for.

•Edition237: Jerusalem the centre-stage

•Edition236: The rapture nears.

•Edition235: What is a Christian?

•Edition234: Pre-tribulation rapture expositions.

•Edition233: The days of Noah, Lot and Babylon.

•Edition232: The cry of the wild.

•Edition231: Will He find faith on earth when He comes?

•Edition230: Sin, judgement, peace.

•Edition229: The seven churches.

•Edition228: What the watchman sees.

•Edition227: Can you change the outcome of prophecy?

•Edition226: Putin's Russia and WW111

•Edition225: Rest in peace.

•Edition224: The arising Islamic antichrist.

•Edition223: God's enemy, the church.

•Edition222: Open your eyes and your heart.

•Edition221: What must Israel do?

•Edition220: What on earth is going on now?

•Edition219: All about judgement.

•Edition218: Images of Israel.

•Edition217: The tragic consequences of removing Bible prophecy.

•Edition216: I stand with God's word for Israel.

•Edition215: Post tribulation rapture probelms: Part two.

•Edition214: The priniciples of war.

•Edition213: Deadly messages from antiquity

•Edition212: The big differences between the true Church and the false.

•Edition211: Getting ready for eternity.

•Edition210: Post- tribulation rapture problems (Part one)

•Edition209: The new Anti-Semitic danger.

•Edition208: The normal and the abnormal

•Edition207: When will the tribulation period begin?

•Edition206: The new Holocaust. A-bomb edition!

•Edition205: The tragic church of the last days.

•Edition204: World War breakdown.

•Edition203: Living diamonds in the sky.

•Edition202: What does it mean to be ready?

•Edition201: The ministry of the watchman.

•Edition200: What you believe affects your eyesight

•Edition199: More rapture revelations.

•Edition198: World War Three arising.

•Edition197: The glory of the future universe.

•Edition196: The curse of the Judaisers.

•Edition195:  What on earth is the world saying? 

•Edition194: Identifying the nations of prophecy

•Edition193: Secrets of prophecy.

•Edition192: Opening the doors for Israel.

•Edition191:  False ministers, teachers, doctrines and prophets

•Edition190: The rapture demystified and clarified

•Edition189: The prophetic Scroll's vision and calling

•Edition188: The earth in danger

•Edition187: Coming judgements

•Edition186: The end is at hand!

•Edition185: The history and future of the church .

•Edition184: The grand end-time summary.

•Edition183: Signs and you.

•Edition182: Humanism, the curse of the last days.

•Edition181: What is coming upon Israel.

•Edition180: Worlds apart.

•Edition179: A dangerous corrupt world

•Edition178: What must still be fulfilled.

•Edition177: How to prepare for the days ahead

•Edition176: Great end-time enemies.

•Edition175: Rapture revelations.

•Edition174: The Peace talks bring the wrath of God.

•Edition173: How long O Lord?

•Edition172: Why the coming judgments?

•Edition171: The stones and the skies will cry out.

•Edition170: The prophetic future of the church.

•Edition169: The miracles of the cross.

•Edition168: Peace for today.

•Edition167: Timing, temples and the destruction of the US

•Edition166: Check Lists

•Edition165: The Media.

•Edition164: Turkey in prophecy.

•Edition163: Judgments.

•Edition162: A tale of two churches. Part 2

•Edition161: A tale of two churches. Part 1

•Edition160: Dates, times, seasons, syria and surroundings.

•Edition159: What's in a name?

•Edition158: The Restrainer.

•Edition157: Resurrection.

•Edition156: Getting yourself and others ready for Messiah.

•Edition155: War,peace,shock and awe.

•Edition154: The Living Stones.

•Edition153: The Rising fence.

•Edition152: Amazing types of end time events.

•Edition151: Intensifying deceptions

•Edition150: The right church.

•Edition149: Timing: What we can and can't know.

•Edition148: The fruits of truth.

•Edition147: Revisiting the rapture.

•Edition146: Amazing messages in colour and number.

•Edition145: The Media and you

•Edition144: Review of the Prophetic Scroll and what's ahead.

•Edition143: The religions of the last days.

•Edition142: Jordan and Egypt...the coming shock!

•Edition141: The demise of the peace treaties and the new big one.

•Edition140: What's next in prophecy?

•Edition139: The salvation of the Jews.

•Edition138: Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey in prophecy

•Edition137: Beware...another Christ arising.

•Edition136: Deep calls unto deep.

•Edition135: So you want to live for yourself?

•Edition134: The Feast of Trumpets.

•Edition133: The importance od Pentecost.

•Edition132: In the world but not of it.

•Edition131: The coming big triple economic catastrophe.

•Edition130: The coming holocaust.

•Edition129: Dispensations again.

•Edition128: Enemies of Bible prophecy.

•Edition127: Refuting the post-tribulation rapture position.

•Edition126: Kingdoms in conflict

•Edition125: The curse of ignoraance in this day.

•Edition124: A horrifying economic disaster is coming.

•Edition123: The roots of the church.

•Edition122: Maturing in Messiah.

•Edition121: The prophetic importance of the days of Noah and Lot.

•Edition120: The USA in prophecy. 

•Edition119: Are the days numbered for the church? 

•Edition118: Whom shall I send?

•Edition117: Why are great catastrophes coming?

•Edition116: Your journey to perfection reflected in the feasts.

•Edition115: Easter the sign of Satan, Passover the sign of God. 

•Edition114: The David and Goliath prophetic parallel. 

•Edition113: The Blueprint for the church. 

•Edition112: Walking in peace in perilous times.

•Edition111: (3 of 3) Overcoming the demonic. 

•Edition110: Overcoming the flesh (2 of 3)

•Edition109 Overcoming the world (1 of 3) 

•Edition108: The cursed Interfaith movement.

•Edition107: Who is a believer? 

•Edition106: How the church hinders the Jews from salvation.

•Edition105: Love or truth or both.

•Edition104: Turning curses into blessing. 

•Edition103: Right and wrong interpretation and the consequenses.

•Edition102: The world it's end and new beginning. 

•Edition101: The Lamb and Lion of God. 

•Edition100: The tragedy of a failed church. 

•Edition099: Iran and Syria in prophecy.

•Edition098: The sequence of events to come. 

•Edition097: The Lord's watchmen.

•Edition096: Holiness. 

•Edition095: Nations in darkness and nations in light. 

•Edition094: Where are we now in prophecy?

•Edition093: Is this it?

•Edition092: Palestinian statehood news and the peace treaty. 

•Edition091: What the Bible says about Palestinian statehood.

•Edition090: The path to eternal glory. 

•Edition089: Pre, mid or post tribulation rapture. 

•Edition088: All the signs. 

•Edition087: Deliverance and Destruction.

•Edition086: Signs in the sky.

•Edition085: Time is short-very short! 

•Edition084: How, when and why will te Jews be saved.

•Edition083: Counselling believers in perilous times. 

•Edition082: Identifying prophetic Babylon. 

•Edition081: Christian mass murderers. 

•Edition080: The deeper glorious Christian life. 

•Edition079: False prophets of today. 

•Edition078: The counterfiet church. 

•Edition077: The blindness created by traditionalism. 

•Edition076: Too many voices. 

•Edition075: Israelitis the disease. 

•Edition074: The identity of the nations in World War Three.  

•Edition073: The soon coming paradise and who will be there. 

•Edition072: I will shake all things. 

•Edition071: The writing on the wall for today. Plans for new temple. 

•Edition070: The importance of the number 70 (news: Egypt in prophecy) 

•Edition069: Wise words of old (part 3) 

•Edition068: The shocking roots and effects of replacement theology. 

•Edition067: Jezebel in the church. 

•Edition066: The horros of Christmas. 

•Edition065: The great restoration. 

•Edition064: Why the unsaved are unsaved. 

•Edition063: Review of The Prophetic Scroll. 

•Edition062: God's plan for the world. 

•Edition061: Satan's plan for the world. 

•Edition060: God's plan for the church. 

•Edition059: Satan's plan for the church. 

•Edition058: Summary of pointers to Lord's coming from all editions. 

•Edition057: Dramatic News church turns against Israel. 

•Edition056: The me-now generation. 

•Edition055: Safety in the coming storms. 

•Edition054: Spiritual blindness. 

•Edition053: The dispensation debate. 

•Edition052: Coming world famine. 

•Edition051: The Centrality of the cross. 

•Edition050: Important Day The peace talks begin. 

•Edition049: The church in mortal danger. 

•Edition048: The rapture and second coming compared. 

•Edition047: What is a Messianic believer? 

•Edition046: Truth and error. 

•Edition045: Secret keys to spiritual victory.

•Edition044: The importance of prophecy. 

•Edition043: Miraculous Israel. 

•Edition042: The antichrist. 

•Edition041: When is Jesus coming (the main views) 

•Edition040: Wise words of old (part 2) 

•Edition039: Coming world economic meltdown. 

•Edition038: The Kingdom of God. 

•Edition037: Glory to glory (pre-adamic to the millennium and beyond) 

•Edition036: The Sabbath Day. 

•Edition035: The Nostradamus deception. 

•Edition034: Sects and Cults. 

•Edition033: Pointers towards the coming of the Lord. 

•Edition032: Daniel's 70 weeks. 

•Edition031: The power of the cross and the power of humanism. 

•Edition030: Dark days are coming glorious days are coming 

•Edition029: The greatest reunion ever. 

•Edition028: Startling prophecies still to be fulfilled. 

•Edition027: Fulfilled Prophecy. 

•Edition026: The dangers of replacement theology for Israel. 

•Edition025: The power of testimony in perilous times. 

•Edition024: Preparing yourself for the Messiah. 

•Edition023: The power of the media. 

•Edition022: Coming cataclysmic catastrophes and global calm. 

•Edition021: The damage done to the Jews by Christian traditions. 

•Edition020: Coming great deceptions. 

•Edition019: Dry bones lead to World War Three. 

•Edition018: Three paths to world peace. 

•Edition017: Wise words of old.

•Edition016: The Arabs and Palestinians in prophecy / The coming salvation of Arabs. 

•Edition015: The coming new world order. 

•Edition014: To judge or not to judge. 

•Edition013: Hell / number in scripture. 

•Edition012: The glory to be revealed. 

•Edition011: The seven churches of the Revelation - glory and horror! 

•Edition010: The rapture. 

•Edition009: The soon coming of our Lord. 

•Edition008: Choosing a church. The emergent church shock. 

•Edition007: The great apostasy of the church and coming salvation of the Jews. 

•Edition006: Syria arising. 

•Edition005: Coming of the new Temple on the Temple Mount. 

•Edition004: World watch. 

•Edition003: The Gabriel Stone.  (Not available)

•Edition002: Interpretation of scripture.  (Not available)

•Edition001: Launch and outline.  (Not available)