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The Coming Holocaust


This powerful e-book will inform you, shock you, amaze you and give you wonderful encouragement in these days.

These events are about to unfold on the world stage, the Middle East and in Israel. This is like a giant play, enough to put a thousand Shakespeare's to shame...except this is no play! In fact it's already starting to unfold.

This book is full of incredible revelation.

The book reveals many amazing repeating patterns and shows just why the coming holocaust is inevitable.

You will be involved, if only by opinion!

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G. Zunckel:

Dear Joel, A really huge thank you for your book! I have read through it – its real and gripping!! I have found myself re-reading chapter after chapter. I follow your belief and Holy Spirit inspired words. Wow what a wake-up call to the world and the church in general.

B. Currie:

Shalom Joel. Your book blew me away.   I loved the way you dovetailed everything. There is no reason for anyone to be offended by the book because it’s straight truth. As you kept on saying the Jews did nothing to deserve this favour of God and yet people despise them even though it’s not their choice. I am saying that they are God's people and we had better love them! I enjoyed the history and the meaning of words. Highly recommended was the way you supported your statements with Scripture.   A sterling work!

J. Pasma:

I have read your book and have learned a few things that I did not know before. This book should be read by every truly born-again saint of God, if for no other reason than to strengthen belief in Israel's right to their God-given land and God-given promises. Please keep on writing the Prophetic Scroll. After I read the "the interviews” section, I was shocked by comments from people who claimed to be believers, even more so by those who said they were pastors.


Joanne Smith (Ringwood, NJ, USA)   9/11/12

The Coming Holocaust is much like reading the book of Isaiah; it is a mind-boggling compilation of every book of the Bible purposefully pointing toward the Messianic age. That said, you can read this book and read your newspaper headlines almost side by side with the incomparable benefits of Mr. Joseph’s scholarly expository skill and his exhaustive investigation of the historical roots of just about any major player on the world stage.

Ever mindful of the title of this book, Mr. Joseph zooms in and out of the patterns and parallels throughout history that foreshadow the final battle for human souls that will result in a holocaust of unprecedented proportion and climax in a real-time Valley of Decision. He emphasizes that every single person alive is brought to reveal his/her decision if by nothing more than one’s opinion. As he explains,

“In this day, you must know and understand these things, otherwise you’re

in infinitely more danger than you can imagine. If you don’t understand what

is about to unfold, you’re in danger of being swept away in a tidal wave of

Satanic influence, opinion and intent. These very issues will lead a great

many people into hell.”

The most important changes I made after reading The Coming Holocaust are two unwavering decisions which I now can explain clearly. My first is to recognize that God’s roadmap to peace is not up to man nor can it be. It has always been up to God. It is the cross of Christ. And it is none other than this same Yeshua who will fully answer the cries of His Jewish people and similarly enable their recognition of Him. The true Messiah says “My peace I give to you; not as the world gives”. My other decision honors the eternal covenant with Israel as divine and not open to human revision. Again, here is the clearest explanation ever given to me:

“The very essence of all sin, is the doubting or denial of God’s word,

will and ways. God has made an eternal covenant with Israel. So what

does the modern world do? It says, ‘Has God said?’

This will be the very issue of separation and division between the

eternal purposes of the living God and the short-term doomed purposes of

Satan himself. You will go with one or the other, believe it or like it or not!”

(Joel Joseph, p5)

The best description I can give this body of work is that of a compass needle that will reliably point true North no matter who you are, where you stand, what clouds your visibility and above all how lost you‘ve become.


Nature Environment Wilderness and animals in prophecy

It covers much that is truly wonderful, some material that is frightening and much that is little or completely unknown in modern times.

This book will inform you, amaze you, shock you and give you great comfort.

In this book I’ve covered many exciting issues from stewardship of nature, to environment and health, to terrible man-made tragedies.

I’ve covered the interesting subject: “Do pets go to heaven?” and some indictments on hunters and Christian hunters in particular

I’ve covered the full circle of the perfect pre-Adamic creation, through the fall of man and curse on nature, to the liberation of nature and its complete return to perfection.

I’ve looked into “Glimpses of the future” and the terrible regret of the unsaved.

The book ends off with a collection of my own photographs and art works.

Be very sure of one thing; this book will move you!

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This ministry has a distinct kingdom vision, identifying with God’s call and plan for Israel and the church. My position is pre-trib! I was saved in 1976 while working as a war correspondent, journalist, photographer, artist and environmentalist. My calling is to share with you the great end-time dramas, to stand as a watchman and above all, to glorify my God, to bless Israel and her people and the kingdom of God.

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Next Edition, Lord willing: "Meanderings and musings of my mind."

Why the pre-trib rapture is the only view that adds up and works.

  • US Democratic Party diplomat calls for Nations with a Christian influence to come against Israel, saying “Jesus Christ came to save the whole world from the Jews...Jews are not chosen!”
  • Report: “Obama tried to give the Golan to Syria.” But then came Trump who “gave” the Golan to Israel! And the difference is = The Bible!
  • US Dems take followers further and further away from all things related to a nation under God.
  • Russia warns Israel: "No more attacks on Syria or we will strike back."

a Sabbath Report2Shabbat (Sabbath) begins on Fridays at 6pm and ends on Saturdays at 6pm. The purpose of this report is to help the church and Israel become reconciled in Messiah. 

5th March 2021

Shabbat Shalom to all!

War drums and trumpets:

Firstly I would like to really thank all those who have recently donated to this ministry. I must say I was amazed at the incredible response from so many. Thank you very much for your blessing to the kingdom of God, above all.

There’s a risk in giving out names that some will feel left out if I don’t name them. So please know that you are all being thanked and will be rewarded. You have encouraged me greatly with your gratitude. You are special! We go on to ever increasing glory!

I give you my assurance that I will continue to give you my best, in spite of wanting to go and live under a tree in the desert sometimes.

Please keep The Prophetic Scroll in your prayer, in that it stays open and unrestricted in these dangerous days. Also keep it as your essential go-to place for what is really happening, and for your deep spiritual growth.

The rumbling war drums:

Drum beats have many classifications. We have blues beat, disco beat, the jazz swing, the motown groove and more. But we also have a particular drum beat of war and battle. The drums of war actually originate from the repeating drum beat of the shaman or witchdoctor.

A certain drum beat would mean either dance or get ready for war. The drum beat would stimulate and strengthen the body and forge a sense of unity by the beat. They would unite the human and the spirit world. The drums of war were also referred to as the drums of death, especially when combined with trumpets.

I said all of that just for this: Can you hear the drums of war rolling? Can you hear the crescendo of drums and trumpets of great conflict echoing through the atmosphere?

This is where we are now. The drums and trumpets are only for those with ears to hear. Others would be wise to listen to those with ears to hear.

drums war scroll shofar

The terrible war machine of the nations is warming up to take control of the sleeping nations, who are led by the aged and wrinkled of mind, the pacifists and the true enemies of real liberty and freedom.

Russia is beating the war-drums as she threatens Israel with attack for attacking Iranian targets in Syria. Syria is beating new war drums covered with the ash of long-standing war. Iran is beating the war drum against Israel again, again, again!

Biden and his party are asleep to it all, including the blonde half-baked fairy from hell whose grand burning desire is to change the gender of kids.

It’s not just the US. Europe is worse in many areas.

It seems that insanity has suddenly been let out of the cage and is infecting the world so fast. Here is one of the succinct verses about those who have forsaken the Lord:

Deuteronomy 28:28 “The Lord will strike you with madness and blindness and confusion of mind.”

Why war?

In the old days we would fight over God’s creative beauty - a girl, and the girls would fight over us – Oh the good ole-days!

The bigger wars are fought over property, religion, political systems and the like. But there is really only one war that is of importance and that is the war to eliminate God’s beautiful creative purpose for Israel. It comes in many guises, but that is the underlying reason. It’s purely spiritual. It is the devil against God, at the end of the day.

So now we sit on the brink of war – the big one! Drums are rolling, trumpets are blowing and madmen from hell are arising, struck with blinding confusion and their weapons of annihilation tucked into their big-bird, metal wings.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall; Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, because an atom bomb blew him to smithereens. And all the king’s horses and all the king’s men took seven years to clean up the remnants of poor Humpty. What fun!

I can hear the drums of drama but I also hear the trumpet calling me to go and live under a tree in the desert! (Move over lions.)

The great war for God’s son – Israel, is prophesied. (Exodus 4:22-23) It’s all getting pretty hot in here. You need to know these things. You need to know why all things and people of God are targets.

People with no knowledge of the living God are fools, and easy to manipulate and turn into cannon fodder for every dumb gun in town.

You need to be anchored in the truth.

True living is living in truth.

If you try to befriend Satan and appease him, and walk in peace with him, you will automatically, by default, set yourself up as an enemy of God and you will pay the price!

Yes, Israel will miss it again and fall under punishment again, but the most stupid thing you can do is come against Israel in the bigger, overall picture.

Biden prepares to “kill” the Second Amendment right to bear arms in the US. Israel observes and compares this to Haman’s actions to try to destroy the Jews. Biden befriends the enemies of the west and of Israel in Yemen and Iran steps right in!

There was a time when God overlooked the ignorance of stupid, dumb politicians and people, but that day is gone (Acts 17:30, Acts 14:16)

Here’s a verse that should blow a lot more than your socks off:

Esther 9:1-2 “On the day that the enemies of the Jews had hoped to overpower them, the opposite occurred, in that the Jews themselves overpowered those who hated them...No one could withstand them because the fear of them fell upon all people.”

Take note, I say again take note, of the gravity of this verse above!!

The enemies of God and his son Israel, are united under Satan. The political parties, churches, inter-faith organisations and false religions of the world already have an unwritten unity between them – a hell bound unity!

The unity between true born-again believers is a unity based on truth and not lovey-dovey feelings.

As a believer, your culture must change! Your character and your personality must change as you grow in God. If not you will end up going with the flow of the wind.


Edition 167 July 8th 2013

Timing, temples & destruction of the US:

Please note that this news section deals only with news events, which have a Biblical or prophetic aspect to them.

a swordpennewscomment

If you recall, I have said in numerous editions that the Arab Spring is far from over. Some time ago I said specifically that Egypt will come roaring back into the prophetic limelight soon. Egypt still has a big prophetic role to fulfil and it is now just getting ready for this.

Egypt: where to next? The Muslim Brotherhood spent about 18 years planning to gain control of Egypt. They will not go quietly! Strife civil unrest, conflic,t and civil war will be the future for Egypt.

Isaiah 19:2-3 “I will set Egyptians against Egyptians; everyone will fight against his brother, and everyone against his neighbour, city against city and kingdom against kingdom.  The Spirit of Egypt will fail in its midst...” There are numerous other end-time portions of scripture dealing with Egypt. Some of them clearly run through into the tribulation period, but some appear to begin now. Ezekiel 29 and 30 are some others. The verse above in Isaiah speaks of the essential nature of the conflict, which has not even started yet.

Anglican Archbishop Welby says their church must accept homosexual rights in the form of same sex marriage. “We must accept the gay revolution.” he said! (Synod meeting 5th July 2013)

Israeli cabinet minister Uri Ariel tells press conference that the time has come to rebuild the Temple on the Temple Mount. (July 7th 2013 Israel Today)


Timing, temples & destruction of the US:



This is a highly controversial edition. It is filled with gravity, severity, warning and correction. It is timely and relevant to us all now.

We like to say and believe that God’s wrath will be on the evil wicked world. That is true. God’s judgement is about to be poured out on much of the so-called church right now as well as the world. Many in the church will repent and change course even now this year, but many will continue on their blinded road to hell. Read on, my friends!

As you read through this edition, you may think that I’m saying the tribulation period will start in the second half of this year. No I am not! What I am saying is that there is much that needs to be in place before the tribulation can even begin. These pieces of the puzzle may fall into place fast. I am saying that we are now going to see an escalation in these things, but this will all be Mickey Mouse stuff compared to what is coming in the tribulation, which may begin in 2014 or 2015.

Prophetc Babylon, Egypt and Sodom & Gomorrah:

Prophetic Babylon as revealed in numerous scriptures is NOT the original city. It speaks prophetically of false, pagan-infested religion in some passages and in most it refers to the end-time world system and its leader the US. The context of each needs to be taken into account.

Both Egypt and Babylon are often a type of the world system in the Bible. Babylon always stands against God’s will and word, just as it does now prophetically. Sodom & Gomorrah (there were five similar cities) saw their destruction prophesied in the Bible, but it too has numerous prophetic relationships and double references to today. All three ended in incredible destructive judgment.

Inextricably linked to all three was their religious position. Today, the religious arm of prophetic Babylon includes Catholicism, other orthodox churches and those that came out of the reformation era which are without the Spirit. Babylonian religion also includes pure occult, satanic, false religions.

Here are just a few of the many verses relating to this:

Isaiah 13:19Babylon the glory of kingdoms, the beauty of the Chaldeans pride, will be as when God overthrew Sodom & Gomorrah.”

Revelation 17:9-10 “The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman (harlot) sits. They are the seven kings...” The woman (whore of Babylon) sits on all seven mountains, which is all kingdoms through time. This identifies prophetic Babylon with the whole world system led by evil religion.

Revelation 11:8 “Their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called, Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.” Our Lord was crucified in Jerusalem, so we could include it in prophetic Babylon as well.

Revelation 17:18 “The woman (whore of Babylon) whom you saw is that great city, which reigns over the kings of the earth.”

Ezekiel 16:49-50 lists some of the other sins of Sodom and Gomorrah, besides homosexuality, which most certainly identifies them with modern America, Hollywood, and Las Vegas and in fact the modern cities of the world.

The fate of the United States revealed in Isaiah:

I have dealt with this in previous editions so, I’ll just touch on it now although it has a new dramatic twist to it.

We all know of the dramatic destruction of Damascus, Syria in Isaiah 17. Isaiah 19 deals with the destruction of Egypt, but sandwiched between the two is Isaiah 18 which speaks of the destruction of the USA.

Isaiah 18 is headed “Proclamation against Ethiopia,” but then immediately speaks of a land “beyond the rivers of Ethiopia”. Bear in mind that the headlines are not part of the original text, being added later.  Today Ethiopia is an insignificant nation in all respects. This chapter is undoubtedly referring to the USA if only by double reference.

The chapter begins with a fateful “Woe to the land shadowed with buzzing wings.”(The eagle is the symbol of the US)  In verse three “all inhabitants of the earth” see the doings of this land. The chapter likens the destruction to a cut-down harvest being left to the birds and beasts.

“A present” is brought to the Lord from these people. Some, including myself believe that this is the Jews who have found refuge in the US and those who have been saved. It could also refer to the substantial aid Israel has received from the US in the past decades.

The dramatic twist is the fact that the chapters before and after this, dealing with Syria and Egypt respectively have recently exploded into reality. This nation sandwiched between them will be drawn in!

The soon-coming destruction of the United States:

America your days are numbered, the curtain has closed, and you are now in darkness!

The United States has been a nation that has blessed many others. It is now a curse-spreader.

The United States has had the favour and blessing of God upon it for ages, in spite of its many evils. This is largely because as a nation, it has had a bright spiritual light shining from it to the world. The US has also been a safe sanctuary for the Jewish people. The US has a fast-growing number of Jews recognising who their Messiah is and this wave of salvation is spreading.

But this situation of blessing and protection upon them is not cast in stone and is in fact ending right now. It’s important to realise that God does not allow a nation to be destroyed because of its sin, but because the spiritual light has gone out or is getting dim. The light is fading. The dream will become a nightmare. Yes there are some still following the word of the Lord, but a new breed of compromised, cross-less churches has  arisen fast.

Abortion and homosexual marriage:

The true Church in the US has been essentially silent in the face of their nation mocking God and His ways. Because of the silence they have become complicit in the immense sin of the government. There are only a few remaining who stand out like a lighthouse in the dark.

The doctors of the United States have murdered about 56 million baby humans since Rowe vs. Wade in 1973.

Here is a live abortion-counter. It is shocking:

Life is sacred. It is of God, not man. An individual may repent and be forgiven for murder, but national institutionalised murder on a massive scale will ultimately invoke the wrath of God.

The blood of those babies remains unpaid for!

2013 is the 40-year anniversary of the start of this US mass-murder program in 1973. 40 in the Bible is the time-period of the holding off of judgment. There are 15 examples of God’s judgement being stayed for 40 years in the Bible. This time is now up for the US as there is no repentance on the issue.

Now, the US has redefined marriage to appease homosexuals. The problem is that due to the size and influence of the US, it has influenced many nations, besides flying in the face of God’s word as a result.

Here’s what God thinks of the US Supreme Court decision and arbitration?

Isaiah 47:2-3 “Daughter of Babylon (US)...Remove your veil, take off your skirt, uncover your thigh, and pass through the rivers. You nakedness shall be uncovered, your shame will be seen: I will take vengeance and I will not arbitrate with a man.”

Isaiah 1:21 “How the faithful city (double reference – US) has become a harlot! It was full of justice; righteousness lodged in it, but now murderers.”

Jeremiah 50:11 “...You destroyers of My heritage.”


The US Supreme Court decision, supported by Obama is a contradiction of God’s word in numerous places. If homosexuality, never mind marriage, was okay, God would have to apologise to Sodom & Gomorrah and Babylon and change His word in the New Covenant!  The US has made the wrong decision. And this wrong decision will spread worldwide fast.

Church, family (God’s way) and state are the three pillars on which a Godly nation stands. All three are now terribly eroded and the USA is about to fall. Pride goes before a fall. You do not mock God and get away with forever.

The US has now called what God calls evil – good, and what God calls good – evil. (Isaiah 5:20) You can try to do that, but you can’t do it on such a large national and international stage without God’s judgement.

The US made the wrong decision, which will spread internationally, and now they will pay by making the wrong decision on the international front, which will cause the entire nation to fall. It will begin in September, two months from now. No, I’m not saying the US is going to disappear down the tubes, just be destroyed in many ways.

Here are a few dramatic verses relating to these things:

Proverbs 29:1 “He who is often reproved and hardens his neck will suddenly be destroyed and without remedy.”

Galatians 6:7 “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will reap.”   

Psalm 9:17 “The wicked shall be turned into hell and all the nations that forget God.”

Jeremiah 51:9 “For behold I will raise and cause to come up against Babylon an assembly of great nations from the North Country (Russia) and they shall array themselves against her...”

Jeremiah 51:2 “I will send winnowers (fanners) to Babylon, who shall fan her and empty her land. For in the day of doom they shall be against her all around.”

Isaiah 47:8-9 “Now hear this, you who are given to pleasures, who dwell securely, who say in your heart, I am there and no one else besides me; I shall not sit as a widow, nor shall I know the loss of children. What will come to you in a moment is the loss of children and widowhood. They shall come in their fullness, because of the multitude of your sorceries and the great abundance of your enchantments.”

The US Supreme Court ruling officially welcomes the return of the “Days of Noah and Lot”

The writing on the wall:

I have a terrible ‘sense’ that the cloud of protection over the US has gone and now storm clouds are billowing and rising. United States, the writing is on the wall for you as it was for Babylon, just before it fell. Your days are numbered.

(Daniel 5:25-26) The strange writing on the wall interpreted by Daniel was this: “God has numbered your kingdom and brought it to an end. You are weighed in the balances and found wanting. Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians”.

The result of Daniel’s interpretation was the destruction of Babylon. But why did the supernatural hand of God appear and write on the wall in the first place?

The reason was that the king had profaned the Temple vessels that had been stolen when the Temple was destroyed in Jerusalem. The vessels were brought into his palace chamber for a big drink, debauchery and sex party. Those vessels were ultra-holy! In a sense, they represented the holiness of God. I’m not saying that the US has been holy. I’m saying that they have been custodians of holy ‘vessels’ like marriage, preservation of the life of the unborn, etc.

The “palace chamber” of the US – the Supreme Court, has done the same thing with God’s holy ways. The US has written their own demise on a legislative wall for all to see. Babylon fell very soon after the defilement.

Ezra 6:12 “May God who causes His name to dwell there (Temple), destroy any king or people who put their hand to alter it or destroy this house of God, which is in Jerusalem...”

This speaks of God’s holiness being ignored and mocked and brought into the presence of evil. I hope you see the similarity with the US homosexual marriage ruling.

Daniel told the king that his kingdom would now fall to the Medes and Persians. Who were they?

This was an empire made up of many nations in today’s Middle East. It includes modern-day Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Iran and Russia. Here it is:

media persian-empire

Could we now say that the United States will make the wrong decision in relation to one or more of these nations who just all happen to be in a state of chaos, war and upheaval?

We need to watch now for some big decision that the US government will make. It will be wrong and bring them down! It may even seem to be the right decision politically speaking, but it will bring the US down to the ground!

Could it be in relation to Egypt? The US has armed Egypt to the teeth over the years! Could it be in relation to Syria? We don’t know yet, but the writing is on the US wall and the clock is ticking!

On the subject of the Muslim Brotherhood, whom the US thinks is a nice happy tolerant, friendly bunch of nice guys just wanting US style democracy and the ways of the US. Here are some facts that they are blind to:

Muslim Brotherhood:

Here are some of their quotes: “If the Jewish state becomes a fact, we (the Arabs) will drive the Jews into the sea.”

“Jerusalem belongs to us and the whole world belongs to us.”

 “Throughout history Allah has imposed upon the Jews, people who would punish them for their corruption. Hitler carried out their last punishment. The next time will be at the hands of Islamic believers.”

The image below of the Muslim Brotherhood’s emblem has the words around it from the Koran saying, “Make ready for whatever you can of force and horses of war with which to destroy Allah’s enemies.”

logo-ikhwan copy

Obama and his merry men have been playing footsie-footsie with the Muslim Brotherhood, because they claim to be peace lovers and moderates...what a joke! But then what do you expect from Obama!

The world economic collapse:


There is no doubt, and never has been, that the US is the leader of the world economy. Its stock market influences all others in the world. The US dollar has been supreme and is always seen as a safe haven.

Right now the US markets are close to record highs with a weak, slowing, underlying economy. The US Fed’s stimulus policy of propping up the economy is the reason for the strong market. There is far too much debt in the system which is actually unsustainable.

By September the US will again hit the “debt ceiling”. They are now over $17 trillion in debt, with no hope of repaying it. The debt ceiling will most probably just be pushed higher, but soon it will crumble sending economic shock waves far and wide.

But all the underlying cracks in the economic system will not bring the economy or markets down. What will, and always does happen is a sharp shift in emotion or sentiment. Believe it or not, that is the primary driver. No stock market ever crashed because of an economic event. It has always been the sudden entrance of fear, panic and capitulation. (Poor economics are in the background.)

Stock markets know all too well what cracks and problems there are in the economy. What they can’t see and never like is the uncertainty created by a sudden event usually external to markets.

The higher you go the harder you can fall. Markets are overvalued with a very dangerous weak future outlook.

A big war in the Middle East will send the oil price rocketing and cripple the fragile world economy.

I don’t know what the spark will be, but it is coming very soon. We are very likely to see a big market event on or close to 4th September 2013.

Here are some interesting facts:

The Hebrew date Elul 29th corresponds with The Feast of Trumpets. The market crashes of 2001 and 2008 occurred then. (These are not the same when viewed on the Gregorian calendar).

A big market crash in the US will immediately be a world event.

Dramatic events for the Church:

Revelation 2:24 “To you I say and to the rest in Thyatira, as many as have not known the depths of Satan, I will put on you no other burden.” (That is God speaking to one of the seven churches!)


As goes the spiritual so goes the natural. One of the big jobs of the church is to be the light of the world. Its light is fast becoming spiritual darkness and pure evil. It is conspiring with the god of this world.

Prophetic Babylon most certainly includes the religious aspect and relates to much of the modern church. Obviously, these are identified as the churches that adhere to pagan Babylonian customs and traditions, like Christmas and Easter etc.

Most are not aware that the central “custom” of pagan Babylonian practice was and is to come against Israel and the Jewish people. It was and is to re-characterise the true church into a pagan-filled institution hostile to the all-important salvation of the Jew, which is associated with the Second Coming.

There will soon be an explosion of some sort in the church world. The fence of division has been rising for some time already, but it will soon become marked with eternal division. Those who adhere to the full work of the cross of Messiah will be safe, and those who adhere to the multi-religion, pagan-characterised church will become part of the “false prophet”.

For those who are not aware of it, the cross is the ultimate instrument of separation unto holiness. It kills and raises to newness of life. It has no truck with universalism or humanism.

Perhaps in the latter part of this year I sense and feel that we are about to see huge, monumental changes in the church. The Spirit of the living God will withdraw completely from many and leave them in the hands of the god of this world-Satan. (Obviously those truly born of the Spirit of God will be excluded).

We are about to witness the birth of the new-age, one-world universalist church in a more organised and defined way. This new evil church will be made up of Catholics, Anglicans, Methodists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, other Calvinist churches and all those who are replacement-theology adherents. It will include those who cling to Babylonian customs and traditions even if by name only. It will include all churches with a Spirit-less humanistic base.

2 Timothy 3:1,5 “In the last day perilous times will come...People will have a form of godliness, but will deny its power. From such people turn away.”

This will see the true Church of the Living God separate more distinctly from the church characterised by Babylon with all its fruits like Christmas, Easter and the like.

Prophetically, our Lord will return for and present to Himself a “glorious Church without spot or blemish.” There are always people being born- again and they come into the Kingdom with many “spots”, so this is not referring to absolute perfection, but it is most certainly referring to the few who give their heart and soul to follow our Lord.

While prophetic Babylon, spiritual and physical are being prepared for destruction, so God’s eternal glorious wonderful, majestic true Church is being prepared.

When will these things occur?

2013 events:

Many of these changing events will be the subject of future editions, but for now I just want to outline them:

Jordan is to undergo its re-alignment to get it ready for its fateful prophetic role. Turkey will undergo shifts and changes preparing it for its role in the soon coming Invasion of Israel by Russia with its numerous allies. (Ezekiel 38 & 39).

Egypt will undergo a significant change preparing it for its role as “King of the South” in the big war.

Syria is doomed. Its big Isaiah 17 fall may be this year.

Civil / social strife will arise worldwide. Governments will be brought down.

All of these things need to occur to fulfil the conditions required in Bible prophecy for the antichrist kingdom to be birthed. If the tribulation (note the “if”) is to begin at Trumpets 2014, then these things need to be either close to fulfilment or already in place for the antichrist rule to begin. Yes- many take place in the tribulation, but the world is being prepared ahead of time as well.

If the tribulation period begins in 2015 or even later, these things need to be in place anyway. There are just too many prophecies all dovetailing right now!

Seventy years:

The US has been known as the world’s leading superpower since 1943. This was when US President, Eisenhower became the leader of the allied forces in WW11. This was 70 years ago and relates to military superiority. 70 is an important Biblical number.

70 is the number of judgement, and punishment, it also relates to the restoration of Israel.

Jeremiah 25:12 “Then it shall come to pass, when the seventy years are completed, that I will punish the king of Babylon for their iniquity...”

Could it be that the military superiority of the US is about to collapse? This may seem remote, but remember that we are dealing with God.

Thirteen (2013):

In Bible numerics (not numerology, which is an occult practice) the number 13 is always evil. It is the number of rebellion to God, disintegration, and depravity. Every single enemy of God mentioned in the Bible has a gematria adding to a multiple of 13. (Ivor Panin; Bible Numerics, EW Bullinger; Number in scripture.)

The number 13 is also associated with Babylon, Egypt, Sodom and Gomorrah and homosexuality.

Genesis 13:13 “The men of Sodom were exceedingly wicked and sinful against the Lord.”

Isaiah 13:13 “Therefore I will shake the heavens (because of the world’s evil, vs11) and the earth will move out of its place, in the wrath of the Lord of hosts.” Verse 19 “And Babylon, the glory of kingdoms, the beauty of the Chaldeans pride, will be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah.

Jeremiah 13:13-19 “The kings of the land will be filled with drunkenness and I will dash them one against another...Do not be proud, for the Lord has spoken...While you are looking for light, He turns it into the shadow of death...My soul shall weep in secret for your pride...Therefore I will uncover your skirts over your face, that your shame may appear. I have seen your adultery, your lusts and the lewdness of your harlotry ...”

Other sections of scripture relating to worldwide destruction are here: Ezekiel 13:13, Revelation 13 and many more.

None of the above on their own proves that 2013 is going to be the year of big trouble. But do you want to gamble against all this evidence? Even if 2013 is not it, time is very short!

Messages in temples:

When the second Temple was destroyed the stones were scattered all over the place, but most ended up close the Temple, near the present Western Wall. Recently a stone was discovered that was one of the top cornerstones. Now, in those times the Temple priests would gather at these cornerstones and blow the trumpet (shofar) to announce the Feast of Trumpets. This particular stone has an inscription on it saying, “The place of trumpeting.”

Here it is:

Trumpeting-stoneplace of trumpeting cornerstone

So, this cornerstone now actually gives us an association between the Temple and the Feast of Trumpets.

Of course Yeshua is our true cornerstone.

God has now made His tabernacle with men. Since Pentecost, there is no need for any special building, but prophecy reveals that the next Temple will be rebuilt. It will be by Jews, still unaware of who their Messiah is.

There are numerous prophecies indicating that there will be a new Temple built on the Temple Mount. It will be the Temple in which the antichrist proclaims himself to be God at the half-way mark through the tribulation.

If we can establish when the Temple will be rebuilt, we can establish when the tribulation period will begin.

The Temple Institute:

There are a number of organisations involved in the preparations for a rebuilt (third) temple on the Temple Mount. The Temple Institute is the most significant. They have been building, constructing and making the Temple implements and vessels for many years. They are all complete, ready and waiting. A brand new Visitor’s Centre has just been completed where all these items are on show.

An incredible claim!

The Temple Institute says that they have no intention of recreating the Ark of the Covenant. All other sacred Temple vessels have been created. “We know exactly where the Ark is hidden,” they say. “When the time is right, we will re-instate it to its proper place”. They go on to say, “The original Ark was neither lost nor destroyed. King Josiah, in anticipation of the destruction of the previous Temple hid it in a subterranean chamber deep under the bowels of the Temple Mount. The Ark lies there awaiting its own redemption.” A model of the Ark is now in the Visitors Centre.

The temple will be complete and ready for use at exactly the halfway mark through the tribulation. This means that building could start anytime before this, but it has to be soon.

Some have said that it will take ages to rebuild the temple. Actually, no it won’t. The plans are already drawn up and it could be built in about two or three years. All the implements vessels and items to be used in the temple, including the giant golden Menorah have already been completed. The Temple Institute began this task back in the late 80’s -in fact what they now have in their possession is a Temple in waiting!

Here is the recently completed solid gold menorah:


The “Trumpets” factor:

The seven Feasts of the Lord are extremely important. (If you have grown up under the influence of all denominational churches and others that adhere to replacement theology you would know nothing of this.)

Bear in mind that one of names for the Feast of Trumpets is “The feast that no knows the day or hour of”. This is because it is the only one that begins on the sighting of the new moon. In those days that did not have the precise calendars that we do now.

The Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Hashanah) is the next to find its prophetic fulfilment. It will be fulfilled at and by the start of the seven year tribulation period. As regular readers know, I believe that it is very likely and probable that the Feast of Trumpets in 2014 or 2015 will be the one to initiate the tribulation. It is quite likely that the Trumpets 2013 will be the forerunner. This begins on the 4th September this year.

There will be many “labour pains” before the birth of the tribulation. Beware Trumpets this year!

Here is a simple diagram I created years ago to illustrate this:


Other factors:

Sun flares are nothing new. NASA has warned that a sharp rise in solar flares is expected from September onwards. A group has just met in Washington DC to try to find measures to protect the earth’s sensitive electro-magnetic field from these solar storms. Ferocious flares have the potential to do enormous damage to the world electro-magnetic fields and internet fields.

With record temperatures being recorded in the US recently we can presume that the hurricane season starting now and running through to November, will produce some with huge power. God will not prevent them. We will see record breaking hurricanes this year. Beware September!

North Korea is off the radar screen for now but nothing has changed in its heart.

New alignments between China and Russia especially in the military field are ominous. Putin is not to be trusted (as if any politicians are!)


Temples, Feasts, trumpets, a cornerstone, messages in numbers, writing on walls, Middle East conflicts and many other things are all dovetailing together now.

What can and should you do: In the face of these things or without them, you should be radical in your walk with our great soon-coming King and Messiah. You must be holy...pursue it, walk in it. Pray over your own faith to secure it in Him. Seek to know our Lord more deeply. Keep your own heart as a gardener does. Root out the weeds and water the good stuff. Spread the word.

You may want to leave the United States. It’s too early to tell how severe these things will be. I would strongly suggest waiting on the Lord for clear direction before doing such a thing. Besides many of these troubles will spread worldwide.

Revelation 18:4 “I heard another voice from heaven saying, Come out of her My people, lest you share in her sins and lest you receive her plagues.”

Daniel 12:4 (Amplified) “Daniel, shut up the words and seal the book until the time of the end. Then many shall run to and fro and search anxiously through the Book, and knowledge of God’s purposes as revealed by His prophets shall be increased and become great.”

Psalm 90:12 “So teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

Esther 4: 14 “Have you come to the kingdom for a time such as this?”

Some of the above issues may not be exact signs for right now, but when we look at the big picture it most certainly is all adding up. As always, I say get ready, be ready, but don’t go overboard on things that are not totally clear yet. Do go overboard on preparing your heart for our Messiah of glory.

a deadseajalidwise2

Proverbs 8:34 “Blessed is the man who listens to Me, watching daily at My gates.”

Psalm 137:8 “O daughter of Babylon, who are to be destroyed, happy shall he be who repays you as you have served us.”

Isaiah 47:1 “Come down and sit in the dust, O virgin daughter of Babylon; sit on the ground without a shall no more be called tender and delicate.”

Zechariah 2:7 “Get up Zion! Escape, you who dwell with the daughter of Babylon.”



Fields of glory! I took this picture in wonderful Namaqualand. It is a desert, which springs to life once a year with more flowers than anyone could imagine. This speaks to us of our Lord’s supply and sustenance even in the desert that is the world.


Shalom and grow in grace!

a signoff pensml


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•Edition125: The curse of ignoraance in this day.

•Edition124: A horrifying economic disaster is coming.

•Edition123: The roots of the church.

•Edition122: Maturing in Messiah.

•Edition121: The prophetic importance of the days of Noah and Lot.

•Edition120: The USA in prophecy. 

•Edition119: Are the days numbered for the church? 

•Edition118: Whom shall I send?

•Edition117: Why are great catastrophes coming?

•Edition116: Your journey to perfection reflected in the feasts.

•Edition115: Easter the sign of Satan, Passover the sign of God. 

•Edition114: The David and Goliath prophetic parallel. 

•Edition113: The Blueprint for the church. 

•Edition112: Walking in peace in perilous times.

•Edition111: (3 of 3) Overcoming the demonic. 

•Edition110: Overcoming the flesh (2 of 3)

•Edition109 Overcoming the world (1 of 3) 

•Edition108: The cursed Interfaith movement.

•Edition107: Who is a believer? 

•Edition106: How the church hinders the Jews from salvation.

•Edition105: Love or truth or both.

•Edition104: Turning curses into blessing. 

•Edition103: Right and wrong interpretation and the consequenses.

•Edition102: The world it's end and new beginning. 

•Edition101: The Lamb and Lion of God. 

•Edition100: The tragedy of a failed church. 

•Edition099: Iran and Syria in prophecy.

•Edition098: The sequence of events to come. 

•Edition097: The Lord's watchmen.

•Edition096: Holiness. 

•Edition095: Nations in darkness and nations in light. 

•Edition094: Where are we now in prophecy?

•Edition093: Is this it?

•Edition092: Palestinian statehood news and the peace treaty. 

•Edition091: What the Bible says about Palestinian statehood.

•Edition090: The path to eternal glory. 

•Edition089: Pre, mid or post tribulation rapture. 

•Edition088: All the signs. 

•Edition087: Deliverance and Destruction.

•Edition086: Signs in the sky.

•Edition085: Time is short-very short! 

•Edition084: How, when and why will te Jews be saved.

•Edition083: Counselling believers in perilous times. 

•Edition082: Identifying prophetic Babylon. 

•Edition081: Christian mass murderers. 

•Edition080: The deeper glorious Christian life. 

•Edition079: False prophets of today. 

•Edition078: The counterfiet church. 

•Edition077: The blindness created by traditionalism. 

•Edition076: Too many voices. 

•Edition075: Israelitis the disease. 

•Edition074: The identity of the nations in World War Three.  

•Edition073: The soon coming paradise and who will be there. 

•Edition072: I will shake all things. 

•Edition071: The writing on the wall for today. Plans for new temple. 

•Edition070: The importance of the number 70 (news: Egypt in prophecy) 

•Edition069: Wise words of old (part 3) 

•Edition068: The shocking roots and effects of replacement theology. 

•Edition067: Jezebel in the church. 

•Edition066: The horros of Christmas. 

•Edition065: The great restoration. 

•Edition064: Why the unsaved are unsaved. 

•Edition063: Review of The Prophetic Scroll. 

•Edition062: God's plan for the world. 

•Edition061: Satan's plan for the world. 

•Edition060: God's plan for the church. 

•Edition059: Satan's plan for the church. 

•Edition058: Summary of pointers to Lord's coming from all editions. 

•Edition057: Dramatic News church turns against Israel. 

•Edition056: The me-now generation. 

•Edition055: Safety in the coming storms. 

•Edition054: Spiritual blindness. 

•Edition053: The dispensation debate. 

•Edition052: Coming world famine. 

•Edition051: The Centrality of the cross. 

•Edition050: Important Day The peace talks begin. 

•Edition049: The church in mortal danger. 

•Edition048: The rapture and second coming compared. 

•Edition047: What is a Messianic believer? 

•Edition046: Truth and error. 

•Edition045: Secret keys to spiritual victory.

•Edition044: The importance of prophecy. 

•Edition043: Miraculous Israel. 

•Edition042: The antichrist. 

•Edition041: When is Jesus coming (the main views) 

•Edition040: Wise words of old (part 2) 

•Edition039: Coming world economic meltdown. 

•Edition038: The Kingdom of God. 

•Edition037: Glory to glory (pre-adamic to the millennium and beyond) 

•Edition036: The Sabbath Day. 

•Edition035: The Nostradamus deception. 

•Edition034: Sects and Cults. 

•Edition033: Pointers towards the coming of the Lord. 

•Edition032: Daniel's 70 weeks. 

•Edition031: The power of the cross and the power of humanism. 

•Edition030: Dark days are coming glorious days are coming 

•Edition029: The greatest reunion ever. 

•Edition028: Startling prophecies still to be fulfilled. 

•Edition027: Fulfilled Prophecy. 

•Edition026: The dangers of replacement theology for Israel. 

•Edition025: The power of testimony in perilous times. 

•Edition024: Preparing yourself for the Messiah. 

•Edition023: The power of the media. 

•Edition022: Coming cataclysmic catastrophes and global calm. 

•Edition021: The damage done to the Jews by Christian traditions. 

•Edition020: Coming great deceptions. 

•Edition019: Dry bones lead to World War Three. 

•Edition018: Three paths to world peace. 

•Edition017: Wise words of old.

•Edition016: The Arabs and Palestinians in prophecy / The coming salvation of Arabs. 

•Edition015: The coming new world order. 

•Edition014: To judge or not to judge. 

•Edition013: Hell / number in scripture. 

•Edition012: The glory to be revealed. 

•Edition011: The seven churches of the Revelation - glory and horror! 

•Edition010: The rapture. 

•Edition009: The soon coming of our Lord. 

•Edition008: Choosing a church. The emergent church shock. 

•Edition007: The great apostasy of the church and coming salvation of the Jews. 

•Edition006: Syria arising. 

•Edition005: Coming of the new Temple on the Temple Mount. 

•Edition004: World watch. 

•Edition003: The Gabriel Stone.  (Not available)

•Edition002: Interpretation of scripture.  (Not available)

•Edition001: Launch and outline.  (Not available)