This is the culmination of a wonderful journey that started in 1980. After a dramatic conversion into our Lord and Saviour's Kingdom in 1976, I soon became extremely interested and extremely excited about the entire subject of eschatology (study of prophetic events) and related issues. As a journalist and photographer covering many wars, conflicts and the dramas of the world since 1972, this Biblical subject hit home in a big way. I have studied the subject extensively for most of my adult life.

In 1980 I started to share these things through a cumbersome audio-visual presentation, which I called "The Greatest Drama of All" It then progressed to manuscript form for a book and now into its final manifestation...the profoundly important, life changing...Prophetic Scroll! Its purpose is to educate, inform and share with you the dramatic issues of our time in many fields, as they relate to the overall Biblical prophetic picture and to bring hope and salvation to the lost. It is a calling to unfold and share the wisdom contained in the scriptures and to give insight, understanding and guidance to all who would care to read and study it's pages. It is an urgent call to be prepared...don't delay, as these are eternal issues.

The format is short, choppy and non-exhaustive. The aim is to highlight the issues and not go into them at length here, although I can assure you that I have spent the best part of my life delving deeply into all these issues. Please study these things further and prayerfully yourself.

I am no fan of modern teachers and preachers and "cut my spiritual teeth" on the old- school disciples like Charles Finney, AW Tozer, Watchman Nee, and similar. The small handful of modern disciples whom I have received much from, include Derek Prince and Hal Lindsey.

The old-school disciples were never afraid to pull the carpet out from under you and give you the unadulterated truth, while today most ministries are centred on self- gratifying, motivational-based ministry resulting from shallow half- truths.

Please go through the "Resources" section. Here you will find links to deep teaching and material for you heart and soul. This collection will set you as a rock, safe and secure in the face of what lies ahead. It is not material to tickle your ears and stands completely removed from most of the superficial modern day half-baked teaching material.

NB Please note that because I may quote from various sources, this does not necessarily mean I subscribe to everything that they say or stand for.

Why the Jewish "flavour"?

The content of this website is non-denominational and fits into what we would call the Abrahamic expression of the Kingdom of God.

In a nutshell this is an expression of the Kingdom of God that reflects both the largely gentile believers and Jewish believers. It reflects the order found in the New Testament, which declares...

"To the Jew first and also to the gentile." It is further graphically described in the Bible as an olive tree, with wild olive branches (gentiles) grafted in as the true branches (Jews) were cut off due to unbelief. But the story goes on saying that God will re-graft the true or natural branches (Jews) back into their tree again. This is just starting to occur now and is one of the great and exciting signs of the soon coming of our Lord.

I affirm accept and believe in the work of God in this regard and reject outright the prevalent doctrine in most  churches today that is called replacement theology or Kingdom dominionism.

The church has lost much of its historic roots and taken on the "flavour" of Rome and ancient Babylon. This has filtered through to every aspect of the modern church and constitutes nothing short of idolatry. There is a very strong and powerful move of God today to restore the Jewishness of the Gospel, which I support and am part of. Almost everything in the Bible relating to the time period we are in and are moving further into relates to Israel and the Jewish people in some way and God's plan in relation to this.

God has a wonderful, spectacular, incredible plan for both Jew and gentile in this time. We are entering a time period that the prophets of old looked forward to with great excitement. The final act of the GREATEST DRAMA OF ALL is about to unfold. The actors are waiting in the wings and the curtain is about to go up!


The website consists of teachings by myself and many other experts in the field. These are shared in an easy-to-read format. There are also podcasts in the media section.

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Enjoy your visit to the Prophetic Scroll!
Blessings, Shalom

Joel Joseph


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