Edition 40. May 19th  2010

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●Wise words of old (part 2)

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Recent news items of prophetic significance.

●Time magazine says "Hezbollah prepares for new war." Zechariah 11:1 "Open your doors O Lebanon that the fire may devour your cedars" It's been reported in various media of the Middle East that Russia has been arming Syria and Hezbollah of late.

●Next round of Islamic terror to hit the west soon...very soon!

●Netanyahu tells parliament: "Jerusalem and its Hebrew alternative name 'Zion' appears 850 times in the Bible. He said "It is our Biblical, eternal and indivisible capital."

Muslim politicians and clerics issued dire warnings: "Save Jerusalem from the Jewish threat!" "Save the the Mosque of Al Aksa from destruction!" "Construction of the Third Temple is a Jewish conspiracy to control the world!" From their point of view, the Third Temple is a recipe for the Third World War. (Israel Today)

●European powerbrokers present proposal for a new economic and political order in response to the crumbling euro. (Infowars)

●Iran says it will "wreck western economies by blocking oil flow through the Persian Gulf". Iran announces new advanced arms for attacking ships including new submarines and cruise missiles bought from Russia. Iran prepares with "war-games practices." - Arutz Sheva.(17 May 2010)

Wise words of old:

This is a follow on from edition 17.

Many people are very interested in end time prophecy, but their own hearts are far from God. The Prophetic Scroll is obviously centred around eschatology, but not exclusively. What use is it knowing about many prophetic issues and not being ready in heart for our Messiah at His coming. In fact the very purpose of prophecy is not to tickle our ears but to turn us, heart and soul to Him. As our Messiah nears, our hearts should leap for joy with burning passion and enthusiasm.

With this in mind, I want to present to you a collection of quotes and wise words for your heart, from some wonderful old-school preachers and teachers. (No modern preachers here). As you read through these, please soften and open your heart and mind prayerfully to the voice of God. These are the very issues and fabric of life!

I've chosen these to see you and help you advance in the things of God and be ready for Him at His coming.

Many of these quotes are from memory, so they may not be exactly to the original letter. The content is what's important.

prince_dereksml Derek Prince. (1915-2003)

He was born in India educated at Eton, Kings and Cambridge, London. His ministry began in World War 11. He was the most well known Christian Zionist. He was loved by millions and hated by many. He loved and stood for God's plan for Israel and the Jews. He lived in Jerusalem, but his ministry is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, with ministry offices in most countries of the world. A true apostle of God!

●"The only source of real strength, stability, wisdom and power in this world of variables is the knowledge of God, which only comes through cultivating the fear of God." Anything not rooted in God will be swept away and overcome by evil."

●"Teach-ability comes from humility and bowing yourself down before our Lord."

●"Major evil forces that will intensify before the coming of the Lord: Apostasy in the church. Overthrowing of law and order with social unrest. Permissiveness, materialism and tolerance of evil in the church. Upsurge of the occult and witchcraft. Arising of anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism. The arise of Islamic extremism. The arising of secular humanism."

●Godliness originated form knowing Him is a life of profound meaning and reality. The one who has touched this spiritual reality will automatically identify with another who has also touched the same. At the same time you will be delivered from all spiritual obsession. You can't "manufacture" this spiritual reality."

●"The prophet Isaiah speaks of "Preparing the way of the Lord" For us that means preparing our lives and hearts. Paul the apostle says "To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord." This also relates to our lives this side of death. The more dead we are to the world, the flesh and demonic...the more we are alive to God and the more His presence will be a reality.

●"Too many Christians are enemies of the cross of Christ, not willing to die to earthly and worldly things."

●"The body is good servant, but a terrifying, fearful master." 

●"The fear of death is natural, but we need a fear of the life of this evil world."

●"If something doesn't demand or cost a lot, it's worthless. Jesus doesn't demand a lot, He demands everything, but this challenge, commitment and sacrifice, makes life worth living." If you are not totally committed in these days, you will be spiritually vulnerable."

●"The beauty of spiritual holiness corresponds to beauty in the natural world."

●"The deep waters of the Bible will drown it's opponents and cleanse it's lovers."

●Time can take nothing from the Bible."

●"When you fear God, you fear nothing else."

●"Soldiers who take the Bible into battle with them, know its the most powerful weapon of all."

●"This Bible is the most hated book in history. It's been banned, burned, attacked, discredited and outlawed, yet it ends up the most beloved of all and the world's all time best seller." 

●"Walking in the beauty of holiness comes from the application of the cross, the Blood, the Word and all by the Spirit  through our faith." 

●"The fear of the Lord is seldom mentioned, little understood, but most rewarding. Without it you will never know God. You might know things about Him, but you cannot know Him." 

●"The antichrist hates the subject of eschatology (study of end time things). It will become more and more important and more and more despised. A major aspect of the Christian life is conflict. We need courage to get to heaven."

●"The one and only hope for worsening, suffering humanity, nature and environment is the return of our Lord." 

●"In the last days there will be an outpouring of deception and evil. Pride is the most deadly sin. It will blind you and you will fall into the trap. Humility before God will open your eyes give you sight and keep you safe."

●"Many in the state of Israel are now recognising that their firmest and most influential friends are Bible believing Christians." 

tozerA.W. Tozer (late 1800s)

He was a prolific author and champion of truth. He was a prophet of his time, despised and loved but never neutral towards anything at all. A remarkable spiritual giant!

●"The deeper Christian life should be normal. It's only deeper because the average Christian today is so shallow."

●"We don't wear a cross, the cross wears us." "Too many are on stolen thrones"

●"The un-crucified flesh of the believer will rob him of purity of heart, Christ like character, spiritual insight, fruitfulness, vision of God's glory and the hearing of God's voice."

●"Sin can and does alter it's appearance without changing it's nature. Remove it, don't refine it."

●"We need a healthy bit of unbelief. Don't gulp down everything that comes dressed in religiosity."

●"Make your thoughts a clean sanctuary." Compromise with the world's ways will take the pressure off, but the cost will be immense."

●"Whatever keeps you from the study of God's Word, and lets in the cares of this world is your big enemy."

●"An average view of God is the cause of hundreds of lesser evils. Withdraw yourself to meet and know God in adoring silence and solitude." "You can't 'think' God down to your level."

●"The new cross of popular evangelism doesn't slay the sinner, it re-directs him to a cleaner, jollier way of living and saves his self respect. The life God offers is not an improved old life, but a liquidated life, then raised to newness."

 ●"The cross must be invited to do it's deadly work of destruction in us, then we are free." "Before fullness there must be emptiness."

●"A persons love for God is evident in the daily choices he makes. We may be know by: What we want most in life; what consumes our thoughts; what we use our money on; what we do with our leisure time; the company we keep; whom we admire; our average talk

●"The esteem of this world isn't worth the effort."

●"In the midst of growing universal darkness there are those who will never be satisfied with the lukewarm church or the world's offerings. They're athirst after God Himself."

●"With the world's light in us we will have difficulty paying the price required by God, because we will not see the value. The winds of the world are blowing towards hell. You need the wind in your face."

●"Shallow lives, and shallow philosophies are products of shallow shepherds. Many churches are hiding places for weak, spineless characters."

●"God's anger and wrath is as holy and pure as His love." "To be right with God, often means being wrong with man." "The church of today is in the darkness of Babylonian captivity."

●"In Christ you died, yet you're more alive than before. You lose your life to save it. You're on earth, but seated in heaven. You live here, but you're not at home here. You're strongest when weakest and though poor, infinitely rich. You're wisest when your own reason is defeated."

●"Christ is a friend to the repentant sinner, but a frightful terror to the proud. The proud and worldly will never find true rest. Humility and holiness are the paths to peace."

●"All heresy and false doctrine is rooted in pride and a lack of the application of the cross." Truth not lived and experienced is no better than error and equally as dangerous."

●"What we will is what we are."

●"If you don't know the lamb turned lion you are in more danger than you know."

watchmanWatchman Nee: (1903- 1972)

He spent most of his life in prison for spreading the gospel in China. He smuggled hundreds of hand written notes out of prison, which were then distributed and collaborated into hundreds of books. Prison authorities ripped his tongue out of his head trying to silence him. He was finally martyred in prison.

●"God's way of deliverance from sin is not by making us stronger and stronger, but weaker and weaker. I's not by strengthening the old nature, but by crucifying him." The cross strikes at the root."

●"Whatever remains untouched by the cross in us, remains untouched in others." "Ministry is life transference."

●"Humility and meekness of character is a sign of the work of the cross in that one's life. Pride is sign of the absence of the cross."

●"We will lose interest in the world and it in us when the cross is at work in us. Only through the power of the cross can we see the doom of the world."

●"When the world meets Christ in us it instantly becomes antagonistic and hostile."

●"Our light is not to make the world look good, but to expose it's darkness, hollowness, emptiness and God defying rebelliousness."

●"There is a Satanic power behind every worldly thing. The world is Satan's masterpiece."

●"God's valuation on a person is seen in the revelation given. This revelation brings authority. Only the one under authority can be an authority. Don't seek authority, seek to take up your cross and die, then God will give you what He wills, which will be perfect."

●"If Christ is your life, you are the most blessed, successful person on this earth."

●"Resurrection life presupposes passing through death and death is always the great eliminator. We're too quick to want life but not the eliminating power of the cross. The cross is the great subtractor. Christ and the cross is our destroyer and builder."

●"If we have really seen the light we will fall to the ground. The light of God enlightens but also slays. How hard it is for the proud to be humble. They have no light. Doctrine doesn't cause us to fall, except when mixed with light!"

●"Only brokenness through the cross makes us fit to see our Lord, hear His word and live a victorious life."


This is just a very small collection of quotes. They are life-changing if received and applied. May you be encouraged to move ever forward with our wonderful great and soon coming Messiah. May you be ready for Him at His coming for you.

I cut my spiritual teeth on the material from these men of God whom I consider my spiritual fathers. I began to study the many hundreds of books etc back in the late 1970s and still regularly do so today. I can testify that these are the words of a wonderful life.


Proverbs 4:18 "The path of the righteous is like the shining sun, that shines ever brighter unto the perfect day."

Psalm 62:5,6 "My soul, wait silently for God alone. My expectation is from Him, He only is my rock and my salvation. He is my defence, I shall not be moved."

Heaven or hell:

Little boxes all the same. It doesn't matter where you live, or does it? Actually, it really does! If you are living in the reality of God's will for you, you will never be able to be truly at home anywhere here on earth. Some think they will be happy if they lived in Hawaii. If you are not born of the Spirit of God you had better enjoy your home now, wherever it is, because you will shortly be moving to a new abode, infinitely worse than anyone can imagine...Hell


Don't follow what the traditions of the masses say and do, simple because it's tradition. You may think there is safety in numbers, but be very careful with that. History shows over and over that the majority is most times not right! To be safe and secure, follow our Lord and His Word. The Bible is the one and only really safe source of truth and life, especially in these days. It will pave your way to heaven!



In closing this is an oil paintings done by yours truly. It's my old style. Now I use a lot more collage and mixed media.


Kind regards and many blessings...Shalom and grow in grace!

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