Edition 80.  June 8th  2011

The deeper, glorious Christian life.


●See also edition 45 titled "Secret keys to spiritual success."

What a terrible thing it will be to face the horrible times we're going into without a deep knowledge of our great King and saviour Yeshua / Jesus. To know Him and be known by Him is the way to peace and joy and the knowledge of His amazing grace.

There's a very easy way to stay blinded to the need for a real active, deep relationship with our Lord and that's simply to do nothing and carry on as always.

Once you apply the cross of Christ into your life and set your heart and mind to know Him, a great awakening begins. You begin to see things in a whole new way...God's way! Radical changes begin. Evil starts to flee and visions of great glory and wonder start to dominate your life. A God-ordained identity crisis begins in every area of your life.

Victory over sin becomes much easier. Your entire life's focus changes from a 'me now' life to an outward focused life where a true genuine Biblical compassion for others takes over.

You begin to see what holiness is and what sin is. You begin to see and understand why God has, and will judge all sin and unrighteousness. You'll even see and understand why hell is a necessary creation of God to protect universal holiness.

You begin to see kingdoms in conflict, you see the war on the go in the spirit realm for the eternal lives of people. You'll see how evil works, how Satan operates.

Perhaps the most important and wonderfully devastating thing that happens when you embrace the cross, is God opens your eyes to see how much you need Him and how hopelessly lost you are without Him.

The cross is an instrument of death; as you take it up, it delivers you to death. It kills you and brings you down into brokenness and humility. It leaves you helpless and worthless. This is great enlightenment! From here God Himself begins to bring you to resurrection life; His life of victory. God will never bless you with this glorious life until He has conquered you.

Now of course, God brings us to spiritual salvation the moment the new-birth occurs, but we're talking about the salvation of the soul...the ongoing daily work in our lives.

You can't know this incredible resurrection life without the taking up your own cross willingly and dying to self and the world.. These keys to victory are conditional.

Satan operates in the life of the believer through the self or flesh nature, the world system and the demonic. You can't even see this without the destroying work of the cross in your life.

Yes our Lord paid the full price on His cross. We can't add to that. His cross positionally paves the way for us. But we must take up our cross daily. We must die daily. We must decrease so that He increases.

You can't defeat the devil or even see him and his ways in your own self effort or strength. The amazing thing is that it's impossible to live the Christian life! Nobody can live it. Our risen, resurrected Lord of glory can live this life perfectly. Paul the apostle, gives us the answer. He says..."its therefore not I that live but Christ who lives in me." So as "I decrease, He increases". This then brings me to increasing glory, victory and success.

With the power of the cross in your life you get eyes to see these things and the supernatural strength and authority to overcome the works of the devil. You quickly see the total futility of the world's ways.

Another aspect to taking up your cross is called self-denial. Self-denial outside of the kingdom is useless. That's the same as Buddhism. Self denial with God working in your life produces wonderful healthy God-created fruit. Outside of God it's pure, worthless humanism.

Self denial is not easy. It takes guts to stand against the forces of Satan in the world. But as we do it, a miracle starts to happen. It gets easier because we start seeing with new eyes...His eyes and Bible-based eyes.

The most incredible example of this is in the powerful discourse by the apostle Paul who after many years of cross bearing says; "I count all things as dung compared to the excellence of the knowledge of Him."

This is all contrary to the way of the world and also to much modern church doctrine.

Today we're in a world of superficiality, of cheap, shallow, cross-less Christianity. We're in a world of increasing evil where the church is unable to do anything about it, because it's become compromised, neutralised and forsaken the cross of Christ. Many Christians today are not enemies of Christ, but they're enemies of the cross of Christ. They are counterfeit Christians.

Yet in the midst of this evil generation our God has raised up some who are a beacon of light in the darkness.

The measure of growth:

There's a simple yet profound way of measuring or knowing if you're growing in the grace of God. Are you moving forward with our magnificent Messiah? Here's the measure:

●Do you still love the things of the world? 

●Do you desire to be free from the dictates of the flesh.

●Can you see the devil at work in the good and bad in you and the world?

●Can you see and understand the brokenness produced by the cross working in you?

●Do you desire the exchanged life that come from the cross. Your life for His?

●Do you desire above all things to move forward with our Lord and to know Him more deeply?

●Do you love the pure truth of the gospel, all of it, with a growing passion?

Rightly dividing the truth.

It's important to understand that our lives are made up of three areas. These are body, spirit and soul. Many verses of scripture relate to one area and not another. We must rightly divide and apply these. Some seem to be contradictions, but they're not. They just apply to different areas of our lives.

We can call the divisions, positional truth and temporal truth. Positional relates to our spiritual position in Christ. It's all the "in Him" and "in Christ" scriptures, while temporal relates to the area of soul or self. Positional has been done for us already at the new birth. Temporal is what we have to do now.

Many get overbalanced in one area. For example the prosperity bunch don't like the temporal truth verses. Both are needed if we are to be Biblically balanced.

Here are some of the Holy "contradictions" between temporal and positional truth revealed in the Bible:

►I've come that you may have abundant life. /  If you find your life you'll lose it.

►I'm alive with Christ. / I die daily

►We are new creatures in Christ. / Hate your life in the world.

►Greater is He that is in me. / In me dwell no good thing.

►We are free in Christ. / We are bond slaves of the Lord.

►I am strong in the Lord. / Death works in me.

►God so loved the world. / Love not the world.

►I can do all things thru Christ. / You can of your own selves do nothing.

Believing and applying both positional and temporal truth to the right areas of our lives is the way to victory. It's one of the great secret, powerful keys to the Kingdom. It's what we need now in these days, more than ever.

My friends, we're about to enter a time where everything that people put their trust in will be shaken. People's lives will be wrecked. Will you be ready to offer the way to victory?

The dawn of eternity


We are now very close to the dawn of eternity. The morning star has already arisen in the darkness.

What a tragedy it will be for many as they step into eternity and realise that they've stolen their lives from God and His purpose for which they were all created!

Isaiah 43: 7 "Everyone who is called by My name, whom I have created for My glory; I have formed him, yes I have made him."

Many have stolen their lives for their own purposes and many have taken and given their lives to the evil manmade traditions of churchianity.

All the divisions and denominations on this earth are a result of manmade tradition. They're man's best effort. Many churches are no different to the local sports club. All manmade sectarianism will fail. In many cases it's already failed. Many church divisions are a dying dinosaur. Many are sitting ducks waiting for Satan's false prophet to empower them, fulfil his purpose, and ultimately lead them to hell.

The Kingdom of God is above division and sectarianism. It's ONE in perfection. On top of this, surprise, has one doctrine!

●The true church of the living God is one in Christ.

●It is Messianic in character and nature. (That means it's expression is Hebraic with a heart for the Jew and the Gentile.)

●You can't join it, you can only be it. 

●It will be powerful and controversial.

●It cannot be defeated.

●It will stand against the works of the devil in the world.

●It will be small in size but big in influence.

●It will uphold and preach the full gospel...all of it!

●Because it will see the coming judgement and hell itself, it will be full of deep real love, compassion and warning.

●It will offer no hiding place for those motivated by the love of money, the flesh and things that today are totally demonic.

●It will be hated by the world system and loved by many, who have a love for truth or even an awakening of that love for truth.

John 15:18 "If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you. If you were of this world the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of this world it hates you".

There are many great catastrophes and monumental disasters coming very soon. The greatest catastrophe ever will be when many step into eternity and meet the Lord face to face. Do you know that our great Messiah created every single atom and molecule in your body. He create un-creatable life. He created every star and galaxy for His and our pleasure! He created you for a specific purpose. He had a plan for your life before the foundation of the earth.

Imagine the incredible shock of seeing our Lord's plan for your life, knowing that you ignored it and went your own way! You followed the crowd. You allowed group-think and group-speak to dominate you. You were a sheep alright, but the devil's sheep. You listened to the masses you did the done thing. Your life had more good than bad in it, so you think God will smile on you!

Imagine the shock of standing before our Lord who has the keys of heaven and hell in His hands and hearing Him say; "Depart from me I never knew you."

Imagine the incredible, magnificent wonder of standing before the Lion of the tribe of Judah and hearing Him say; "Well done good and faithful servant enter into the eternal Kingdom" There is so much out there in eternity that our human minds can't even imagine it!

Imagine the shock that many pastors, teachers and leaders will get when they stand before God and He says; "all you did was perpetuate manmade religion and the traditions of men, while I gave you My word and put the author in your heart!"

The most profound prophecy ever:

This website is dedicated to prophecy, but this edition speaks more to your heart. Let me tell you though, that this is the most profound gravity-filled prophecy you will ever hear. God created you for His purpose, and with a plan for His ultimate glory. Finding it, knowing it and fulfilling it is the way to a purpose filled life and one that will have rewards lasting for eternity. You can't go back and do it again! Now, this side of eternity is your only chance, but your choice will last forever!!

The answer:

Don't waste your lives. Seek our Lord's purpose and plan for your life and walk in it. Just do it!


Job15:8 "Have you heard of the secret council of God, or do you limit your wisdom to yourself."

Psalm 25:4 "Show me Your ways Lord and teach me Your paths."

Isaiah 50:4..."He awakens my ear to hear as the learned."

Heaven or hell:

Young man, you are imprisoned by the teachings of your elders. Don't think that because there are many like you that you're safe. You've been led onto a road to hell. Luckily it's not a one-way road. You can repent and turn at any time, unless of course you reach the end of the road first. God's road for you will be found by you if you want to honestly search for it.


Woman you are veiled in deception. You're in a prison just like the young man next to you. You are God's enemy. Our Lord's love has a plan for you, which will set you free indeed, with wonderful eternal consequences. The cross of Christ will clean you and free you spiritually and empower you to bring others with you to glory.



We're at the dawn of eternity! This is one my own pictures which I shot at sunrise in the desert.


Kind regards and many blessings...Shalom and grow in grace!

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