Edition 92.  September 25th 2011

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Palestinian statehood news and the peace treaty.

News and commentary


►The Feast of Trumpets: (Rosh Hashanah) Will begin at the sighting of the new moon. This will occur within a short time frame on Wednesday 28th at about sunset Jerusalem time. It will run through for two days ending on the 30th. This year  Rosh Hashanah is two days (Tishrei 1 and Tishrei 2) So we don't know the exact day and hour!

●Obama's UN address places him on a direct collision course with God (wanna bet who'll win) His basic position is the same as many nations. They say that a two-state solution is cast in stone and inevitable. The US and others will most likely veto the statehood bid because they say the Palestinians are going about it the wrong way. Negotiate some more is the Obama led call.

●The Arab spring is about to become an Islamic winter. There will never be peace between Islam and the true living God.

●'World Bulletin' says Turkish PM Erdogan is the world's new most influential strongman. Britain's 'New Statesman' ranks him highly in its "most influential" list. They say that he is "the strongest leader ever after Ataturk, the founder of Turkey." He is fast being recognised as a hero leader in the Arab countries.

Back in the 1980s I remember a powerful teaching by Derek Prince pointing out that the antichrist will arise from Turkey.

●Right now Russian leader Putin is due to come back as President again. He is widely seen as a very strong ruthless and charismatic leader. He will most certainly be the one to lead Russia into its fateful conflict with Israel in the great war of Gog and Magog in Ezekiel 38 and 39. (I recall writing in some publication many years when Putin left office, that he would be back as leader again sometime.)

●Abbas now wants a Palestinian spring. It's the Palestinian refusal to accept God's choice of a Jewish state that will lead them to disaster.

●Netanyahu quotes: "There will be no peace until the Palestinians love their children more than hate us."

"If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more violence. If the Jews put down their weapons there would be no more Israel."


Where is the statehood bid going?

►This edition must be read in light of the previous one.

The whole statehood bid may well lead to the start of the tribulation period. The actual event that kicks it off is the "confirming" of a seven year peace treaty."

The resounding need for the world's dramatic plunge into a new economic crisis led by Europe and the US is a super-strong leader. We have the ideal climate now for the antichrist to come onto the scene with his big fix-it plan. The world will fall for and with huge fanfare, song and dance give control of their nations to him.

The latest news on the Palestinian statehood bid from the United nations is that an international quartet of Middle Easter mediators have proposed the restart of Israeli / Palestinian negotiations with the goal of a peace deal by the end of 2012.This is just a proposal at this stage. As soon as the Palestinian Authority president Abbas heard of this he rejected it saying it would takes weeks and not months.

We must realise that the actual things kicking off the tribulation period is not the statehood bid being successful, but the signing of a seven year peace treaty.

If any such thing looks set for Rosh Hashanah then we can be absolutely sure the biggest events the world has ever seen will begin.

The next few days are going to interesting I think...don't you?

Some important numbers:

There is a well recognised truth behind numbers and names in the Bible. Numbers very often have significant meanings. For example 6 is the number of man under sin and is associated with the antichrist. Eight is the number of resurrection and is associated with our Lord.

If you live in the house 66, that's meaningless. But is this meaningless:?


Because of their pride, the nations of the world are blind to Satan's giant statue of idolatry right in front of them.

This is now the 66th session of the United Nations. 66 is the number of idol worship! If you type "66 idol worship" into Google you'll get hundreds of results. There are a number of verses but the main "idol worship-66" link comes  from Daniel 3:1 "Nebuchadnezzar the king made an image of gold, whose height was sixty cubits and its width was six cubits."

This '66' idol-image was erected and to be worshipped. Some believe that the giant image was a reflection of the image Nebuchadnezzar had dreamed of in the previous chapter. That image contained various sections representing the nations of the world at various times. Either way, the image was a giant idol of satanic origin and worship.

Nebuchadnezzar's 66 statue was built at the valley of Dura in Babylon (Daniel 3:1) This was also the spot where the Tower of Babel had once stood according to tradition. Many commentators believe that Nebuchadnezzar set up this statue in honour of himself being established as the world-power of his day.

All nations were commanded to worship this giant idol. Many of the Jews did and a few refused.

Jeremiah says that the Jews would be taken captive for 70 years because of their idol worship. (Jeremiah 25:11) They would go into Babylonian captivity for 70 years. After the captivity, the Jews returned to the land partially. The number 66 and 70 for the captivity are associated. For those interested there are a huge number of types and meanings for the number 70 relating to the end time scenario, but I won't go into those now.

See edition 70 for more on the number 70

The United Nations is mans best effort, outside of God's ways. It is an institution of demonic idolatry to the core. It is doomed to hell.

I vividly recall standing in the General Assembly hall of the UN some time ago and experiencing a terrible icy cold feeling that descended over me while I was in the building.

Today all the nations of the world sit in this modern day evil temple called the United Nations and they unilaterally reject God's word and ways and unilaterally choose the ways of Satan...this is true idol worship!

Here's something very interesting relating to a pre-tribulation rapture. In Daniel 3 we have the story of the three friends of Daniel thrown into the furnace because they refused to bow down and worship Nebuchadnezzar's giant golden image. The three friends, Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego are types of the elect of Israel, while Daniel is a type of the true belier in Christ. They were supernaturally protected through the event. But no mention is made of Daniel himself. Where was he during this fiery trial? This could well be a type of rapture. It lines up perfectly with the other types in Noah and Lot.

Can you see all the amazing symbolisms and hidden meanings here in all of these things?

The statehood bid is being linked with 194. (On Palestinian flags and media advertising) That was the number of a UN resolution in 1948 relating to the right of return. It was overturned, later to be modified. Amazingly, this is also the number of UN recognised independent nations in the world.

The name Netanyahu (Israeli PM) means "Gift of God" The name Abbas (Palestinian PM) means "Austere Lion" Abba, is a name for father, so we have this association as well. Now, don't go overboard with these things, but they are most certainly insightful and meaningful now at this point in time.

Putting all of this lot together we have someone representing God's gift or ways involved in conflict with a stern lion, who is of his father Allah, in the great hall of idol worship of all the nations in the world which is the UN!

If you had watched Netanyahu addressing the UN a few days ago, wow, you would have seen not Netanyahu, but God's word and will all the way through. Here's the full UN address:

(I'm in no way elevating Netanyahu, but God's word.) By the way, Netanyahu is on the board of the Messianic movement "Christians United for Israel.

What if the Palestinian statehood bid at the UN fails

A failed UN bid will not be a failed Palestinian state. The two-state solution is now even more guaranteed than before the UN session. The US and others are fully behind statehood, just not through this UN bid. In fact even Israel now supports a two state solution.

(Please read the previous edition on "What the Bible says about statehood")

This 66th session of the UN will  consolidate the nations of the world behind Palestinian statehood. It makes it official and legitimate, whichever way it comes.

That's just the sort of climate for the wonder-man, the antichrist to walk onto the stage.

The bid will face a lot of opposition and might not get passed when the vote takes place at the end of the month. Here are some possibilities:

The most likely outcome of a failed bid will be war!

This may have huge prophetic implications. It could be the very act that creates the "confirming" of a seven year peace accord between Israel and the person who will be revealed as the antichrist. If so, this will also officially start the seven year tribulation period.

True Christians may be watching this from trillions of miles away!

We'll have to wait and see what happens at the General Assembly. The vote will go from the Security Council to the General Assembly where they would legitimise the whole thing, but be one step short of full statehood. The General Assembly would essentially create a Palestinian state, but only with diplomatic and observer status.

This entire statehood process, whichever way it goes, is completely condemned by God and His word.

The very soon coming peace treaty will not bring peace to the world. The Bible says that he (antichrist) will come in peaceably. In other words he will come in making peace. There may a limited peace for three and a half years but consider Ezekiel 13:10 "Because they have seduced My people (Israel) saying 'Peace' and there is no peace.

Also Jeremiah 8:11 "For they have healed the hurt of My people slightly saying 'Peace, peace' when there is no peace."

Also 1Thessalonians 5:2-10 "For you know perfectly that the Day of the Lord comes as a thief in the night. For when they say peace and safety, then sudden destruction comes upon them as labour pains and they shall not escape."

The last half of the tribulation will be much worse than the first, but there will not be complete peace anytime in the tribulation.

The peace treaty:

The only peace treaty that really counts is the one God made through the cross of Christ. This treaty extends to His word the Bible as a whole. That's the only treaty that will get you into God's eternal 'property'

But even the unsaved can be blessed by lining up with God's treaty in isues like Israel and the land.


I now want to put to you a strong possibility relating to the Biblical seven year peace treaty:

The most common view is that the tribulation begins with the signing of a seven year peace treaty between Israel and the person who becomes the antichrist.

But consider this:

Daniel 9:27 Makes it clear that the peace treaty will be "confirmed" or "enforced" by the coming antichrist. The language here does not require that he writes or produces the peace treaty. What if the treaty has already been written, but  just laid aside until now?

It may well have been drafted sometime earlier.

The Geneva Accord of 2003 is a 50 page peace agreement for Israel. The goal of the treaty is to be a complete final-status agreement for "final phase" implementation. This document was the basis for the "Roadmap to Peace"

The Geneva Accord never came into full operation and was never "signed" as a done deal. It has all the ingredients required for a fully-fledged peace accord. The work has already been done. It may need some tweaks and adjustments. Scripture does not require a brand new peace treaty to be negotiated and signed, although that could come about. The Biblical language is that he (the antichrist) "confirms" the treaty.

The point is that we need to make room in our thinking for variations within the context of these Bible verses and the language used.

Here is the Geneva peace treaty 2003:

What about the 10-nation European confederacy that we say is required in the end time?


This is not required in the language of the scripture for the tribulation to begin. It could become a reality very soon afterwards. Right now Europe is on the brink of breaking up and reforming anyway.

But we do already have a 10 nations confederacy of sorts in Europe. There are 27 members, but only 10 with full veto rights.

Again this prophecy could be fulfilled either way.

We must beware of trying to make modern day events fit into Bible prophecy. Obviously there are many events that are unmistakeable. But we can still sometimes make mistakes. We must be open to this and ready to correct ourselves. But we dare not go lightly on the truth, veracity and gravity of the big foundational Biblical doctrines, prophecies and issues.

We must be led by the Bible and that still small voice of the Spirit within our hearts.

Be very careful of those cheap, materialistic, money-motivated Christian leaders today who keep telling everyone that God spoke to them in an audible voice. They are liars.

Preparing to meet our Messiah

Time is very short.

Even if there is still a long time before the coming of our Lord, anybody with any real wisdom will use these times to clean up their act. Get rid of idols in their lives. Get rid of sin. Set their heart after our Lord in humility and fear.

Excuse me for sharing some personal testimony items with you.

As I cast my thoughts towards the very soon coming of our great King and saviour, I'm filled with dual emotions. It is really exciting. On the other hand, it's really scary!

I know all the truth about Yeshua / Jesus being our all-loving Father and as such we have nothing to fear, but the One who we are soon to meet is the One who created every inch of this universe right down to every atom. He created life itself. He has the keys of eternal heaven and hell. He is the supreme judge of all things.

Yes of course we can be confident of salvation through the cross of Calvary. We know that He took our sins on the cross and we are not judged in terms of salvation. BUT we most certainly will be judged for our works or lack of them. We will be judged for reward. Some will "suffer loss of reward" and some will be greatly rewarded.

If you can stand before this Great God without're a turkey and you don't know Him or His word.

For a long long time one of my own personal regular prayers is to humble myself before Him. I regularly tell my Lord that I stand in fear and awe of Him. For many years I would begin a fast by going alone to a nearby graveyard, and lay face down on top of a grave in prayer. (hoping that nobody would see me.) I did this as an outward sign of inner dying to self and my own will. For me that's a symbol of casting myself down in fear before my Lord. It's an outward symbolic act of helplessness and pure trust in Him. In fact adult water baptism has a similar meaning.

We all need to be diligent in seeking our Lord. The most important thing is to have a soft, broken heart before our Lord. Yes we need to know our Bible, but above all we need to know Him deeply, personally and passionately.

As we set ourselves in desperation to know our wonderful Messiah an incredible thing happens. We receive an inner knowledge that He knows us! How amazing is that. The King of all glory knows and loves you as a deep personal friend.

Of course I'm not suggesting that you need to go around visiting graveyards. We all have our individual ways.

But we must always bear in mind that we need to be radical in our pursuit of our Lord. We must set our hearts to soar above the complacent, average ways of lukewarm modern Christendom.

What is salvation and what it is not

In this day there are many views of what salvation is. This may come as a shocker.

Salvation is receiving the living Spirit of God by the new birth as a deliberate act of choice and will. The guy on the cross next to Yeshua / Jesus was saved by simply calling out in sincerity to our Lord. He did not have the time to take things further.

Salvation comes exclusively through the cross of Christ and the cleansing work of the shed blood of our Messiah.

Salvation involves a lot more. The new birth is the starting point. This is where your human spirit is recreated anew. But then we need to go on to adult water baptism, Spirit baptism and a commitment to follow our Lord and study His ways as best we can.

Salvation involves changing your life's direction and lining up with God's word, which comes through the written word and by the still small voice of the Spirit of God in our hearts.

Salvation is not believing in Jesus. The Bible says that even the demons believe and shudder at their future. Salvation is not doing good works. Works are involved after salvation.

Salvation will be seen in a person by the influence of the world, the flesh and the demonic in that person's life.

It's not up to us to judge who is saved and who isn't, but we are most certainly required to know and practice the truth.

Many people say that they love the Lord, but they don't care for His word. They still go the way of the devil. If you really love someone, you will love their word and ways...not so?


You can be very sure of one thing and that is any statehood bid or any attempt to mess with the borders of Israel, WILL bring war, judgement catastrophe and not peace.

If this statehood process does not start the tribulation period, the next possible time is 2015. There is more weight though on this year.

Either way, it's wise and in one's own self-interest to line up with God's will, way and word. To come against God's revealed will on this statehood issue makes you a giant fool, even if you have 10 degrees behind your name.


2Chronicles 33:4 "In Jerusalem shall My name be forever."

Ezekiel 36:22 "I do not do this for your sake O house of Israel, (save you) but for My holy name's sake, which you have profaned among the nations."

Heaven or hell:

Rabbi at the Western Wall, do you know who your Messiah is? Yes He is the Jew of all Jews. Unfortunately the church has turned Him into a Gentile blue-eyed blonde! Your Messiah is Yeshua and He is coming very soon. No amount of works will save you. You need to look through messed up Gentile tradition. He is right there waiting on you to recognise Him.


Woman behind the veil, do you know that there is also a veil of spiritual blindness upon you. You need to forsake your tradition and get born again. Do you know that the Jew, Gentile and Arab all have a common father in Abraham. But you need to be born into the spiritual family of God. You're not far away!



This is a section of Picasso's War Horse painting. It was done in 1937 when he was a member of the French Communist Party. As far as we know Picasso died without faith in our Lord.


Kind regards and many blessings...Shalom and grow in grace!

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