Edition 118: April 24th 2012

Whom shall I send?

News events and commentary:


●With the recent remembrance of the Holocaust, I wonder how many are saying (and rightfully so) “Never again!” That’s not the intention of Islamic extremism. They are the new Nazis.

●The US has been stockpiling up to $800million worth of weapons in Israel...with permission.

●Rumours abound in high places that Israel and the US are preparing for military action.

●Iran prepares to block oil being transported through the Straits of Hormuz.

●The US is preparing for military action in Syria.


Whom shall I send?

Isaiah 6:8 “Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us? And I said, “Here I am, send me!”

Our great, wonderful, King, Lord and saviour, has an army to do His work for Him in this day. Let’s look at who qualifies, who does not and why. It’s not enough to be available, there is much more involved.

Right up front let me tell you who the people are that make up the Lord’s army. They are the crucified ones. They are the cross-bearers. They are the ones with the power of death and resurrection working in them!

They are not those who simply profess to be Christians. They are especially not a great many who are self appointed into ministry.

If you are not one the cross-bearers, you will be building what is doomed. You will be motivated and dominated by self, the flesh, the world and the demonic. You will substitute the church for living Yeshua / Jesus!

Babylon means confusion. The man made church is just is all confused, it’s full of division and will not stand because it’s the church of the flesh.

We are to bring people into the Kingdom of the living God and not dead church institutions!

God created a body with one head. He did not create many bodies hanging out of one head. He did not create many heads and one body. He created one single body with Himself as the one single head. We are His body, He is the singular head.

Do you know where and who the multi-headed monster is. The beast with many heads is a portrayal of Satan in the book of Revelation.

Is the monster your head, or the Master?


Divided churchianity has followers who become like them. They all believe what their division believes and become dependent on it and each other. The institution is preeminent. They believe it’s the work of God, while it’s actually the work of man and the flesh. It’s the way to spiritual desolation.

The great commission is Kingdom orientated. The Kingdom of God is not the church. It includes the church, but it's much more. The Kingdom of God is not divided against itself! We need kingdom vision.

Some big church organisations are nothing more than institutional corporate businesses. They operate just the same way. They are a like a mixture between a sports club and a business corporation. Their staff are position seekers, recognition seekers, authority seekers, money seekers. They’re full time professionals with databases and flow-charts and Jesus is their sponsor!

God says that one of the churches in the seven of the Revelation is actually hosting the “seat of Satan”

Instead of resurrection life, you’ll substitute it with works, laws, nice programs and the like. Many leaders have made an idol out of the institutional church. Much of the modern church is an idolatrous system of evil traditions.

“Whom shall I send,” says our Lord. “Who shall ascend to the mountain of our God and King?”

So, our Lord is looking for those whom He can send. Isaiah 66:2 “On this one will I look: Om him who is poor and of a contrite spirit and who trembles at My word.” Here we have the ones that God is looking for! Note the qualifications.

This is a description of those who are crucified and taking up their own crosses, not so?

Are these liberal Christians, or evangelical Christians or maybe, they’re charismatic Christians?

Some idiots think that the way to really get into God’s good books is to study, and become a learned scholarly product of the local cemetery, I mean seminary.

You know, sometimes people leave a church because they’re fed up with it going nowhere, only to go down the road to another church and there is the same old wrinkled whore, only she’s now got a different dress on. Before you scream the odds at me for calling a church a I didn’t God Himself did in quite a few places in the Revelation!

Many people go from one church to another genuinely looking for a deeper reality to their spiritual lives. God is calling them, but they get fed with idolatry, and phoney whitewashed facades of truth.

Do you know that many church leaders have misguided the church and led it astray? They’ve led it into the arms of Satan. Do you think that’s too strong? Well. Do you know that in God’s assessment of the church in Revelation 3 He accuses one church of “knowing the depths of Satan?”

The transfer of life:

True Biblical Christianity must (and does) produce deep inner peace and must be so. In fact you can use exactly this as a measure for your own growth.

What happens when you’re obedient to our Lord and you’re taking up your own cross? Let me give you a clue: It’s pretty similar to what happened to our Messiah. What happens is resurrection.

Here’s something amazing to think about: After the resurrection and before the ascension, our Lord appeared to and only dealt with His own. For us this speaks of the real meaning of holiness, which is separation. That is the right way. Of course we’re in the world and must partake in it, but there must be an inner total separation from the world’s spirit (and many things of the world)

The application of the cross of our Lord produces death. This is the way to deal with self or the flesh nature, the world system and the demonic.  Do you know what death is? It is separation. Death separates us from all that is not of our Lord.

Only then can we fully come into wonderful resurrection life now.

Only then can we transfer the life of God to others.

We impart who and what we are to others and not just what we say!

We are being sent by our Lord to be witnesses to death resurrection and glory. This is our amazing job.

This was exactly the way the disciples of our Lord and the early church (up to about 300AD) “turned the world upside down” Acts 17:6

Are you turning the world upside down, or is it turning you upside down?


The days ahead.

There are so many prophetic things dovetailing together right now. We’re going into critical and dangerous times. There’ll be untold masses of people who’ll soon be looking for real truth. The Spirit of the Lord is being poured out now and will be in greater proportions.

Will you be able to transfer God Himself to others? Or will you simply invite them to your church?

Of course there are many wonderful churches, called and anointed of our Lord, but there are perhaps more in number today that are institutions of deception.

The message of the cross is not popular today, be aware of that, but it is truth. It is the only right way.

Quotes from Watchman Nee

These quotes may not be exact; they’re from memory (from the 70s)

Nee’s book “The Normal Christian life is an absolute shocker. It is so far from today’s normal, that it’s totally foreign. Most regular churchy types would see it as blasphemy! The book is centred on the theme “Not I but Christ” this is what Nee called ‘normal’ for the believer.

●The blood of the Lamb washes away our sins, but the cross strikes the very root of sin.

●God’s way is not to make us stronger and stronger, but weaker and weaker all the way to death. Too many are not weak enough. The old nature must die on the cross. You can’t renew the old nature, you can only kill it.

●The end of self is God’s beginning.

●The most spiritual cry anyone can make is “O wretched man that I am.” This when God comes rushing in.

●As “I decrease, so He increases.”

●The Christian life is not a changed life but an exchanged life. It’s my old life for His new life.

●The cross has borne me, now I must bear it.

●I don’t need more patience, I need more of Christ.

●The tragedy of too many Christians is that they’ve gone too far for the world to use them, but not far enough for God’s purposes.

Nee’s book “The messenger of the cross” is also a shocker. It’s absolutely essential for anyone involved in missions. The book is centred on the principle of the messenger of the cross being a crucified person!

We are not to replicate church systems or institutionalised Christianity. We’re to replicate life. We’re to transfer the very life of God to a dying world.

We have great “treasure in earthen vessels”. For the treasure to be seen the vessel must be broken. This is the glorious work of the cross.

You know the story of the woman with the alabaster jar containing a precious ointment used to anoint bodies for burial. To release the beautiful fragrance the jar had to be broken.


This is the work of the cross in our lives. It delivers us to death, but then the beautiful fragrance of the Holy Spirit fills the surroundings!

Some issues.

I often wonder why so many people move on and forward into ever worsening sin. We can’t change that, it’s not our job, but what is our job is to preach the law, which identifies sin and then to preach the answer, which is Christ and Him crucified.

Those who reject the law think there’s no such thing as sin. “It’s just a lifestyle choice” they say. So, what does the church do? It removes the preaching of the law as the “schoolmaster to lead them to Christ” 

Can you see the horror in that? These churches are responsible for damning many to hell because they’ve watered down the very thing that identifies sin.

Truth is an immovable powerful force. If you try to move or change it you won’t succeed, but you may well succeed in producing the fruit of deceivers, which is confusion.

God will provide the way ahead for what He has started in you. He will not provide a gift that essentially replaces Him in your life.

Here are some quotes from an old-school favourite -  A.W. Tozer:

●In Christ I have died, yet I’m more alive than before.

●I live on earth, yet I’m seated in heaven. I live on earth, but I’m not at home here.

●I lose my life to save it. I’m strongest when I’m weakest!

●When I’m acutely conscious of sin, I’m most sinless.

●I’m unworthy, yet the ‘apple of God’s eye’.

●The deeper Christian life is only deeper because the average Christian today is so shallow.

●You can’t be fully blessed until you’re fully conquered.


Our great Lord is looking for messengers who are themselves the message. They’re the crucified ones. These words are easy to write and read, but they must be applied if we’re going to get anywhere significant with our Lord.

Today there’s a monster and a Master out there. The multi headed monster is the most popular, but is hell bound with all his followers.

The multi headed monster is closely related to the whore of Babylon

Many have great difficulty paying the price required by our Lord, simply because they don’t see the value. What value is there in the attributes of the whore of Babylon?

Today shallow shepherds produce shallow sheep. They don’t know any better! These shepherds are useless in delivering people from slavery to sin, because they themselves are enslaved to the world.

The one who’s filled with the Spirit of the living God will be able to see clearly. You can have as much of our Lord’s Spirit as you want or as little.

The big mark on your life of true spirituality will be your desire to be holy and to impart it and see and help others move into this glory.

The work of the cross in our lives produces a deep rest and solitude. It’s from this position of rest that we go out to war and become effective!


Proverbs 11:30 “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life and he who wins souls is wise.”

Proverbs 12:12 “The root of the righteous yields fruit.”


Here’s a painting by Marc Chagall titled Solitude


Shalom and grow in grace!

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