Edition 130: August 11th 2012

The Coming Holocaust:

News events and commentary:


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●Israeli Intelligence reveals Iran is a lot closer to nuclear weapons than previously thought.

●Israel believes Iran’s nuclear threat bigger than before Six Day War.

●The first week of October is the cut off point for a US /Israeli decision to strike Iran. After that Iran will be too far down the nuclear weapons road! (Debka files)

●Al Qaeda is taking advantage of the chaos in Syria by expanding its operations there. (Haaretz)


The coming Holocaust:

What’s this about?

This is an introduction and brief review of my new e-book, “The Coming Holocaust.”

I’ll be doing a two hour review of the book on the US radio station “The Preacher Man” on Monday 13th August from 6 pm to 8 pm, US Eastern Time.  We’ll also be taking about many other subjects and editions of the Prophetic Scroll. (The radio show is broadcast on numerous other stations as well, with a collective listenership of 15 million.)

“The Coming Holocaust” is 150 pages in length. Its copyright protected and can be downloaded right here on the website. It is printer friendly.

In fact the original daft was over 300 pages. It was too long, so I cut it back drastically. For your benefit, the cut-out material will become another book soon!

I’ll be updating the book from time to time as needs be. That’s the beauty of e-books.

►On the toolbar at the top of the book there is a “read out loud” facility. Simply click on it to have the book read to you. This is a good feature for the visually impaired, but also if you you’re busy with other things and want it read to you. (It’s under the “view” tab)

►Another two e-books on completely different subjects will also be ready and up on the website within the next few days. Yes my eyes are square and suffering right now. Actually, I was thinking of getting into my car and heading for the Kalahari Desert for a while, but these things are too important right now! (So, I’ll just day-dream a bit!)

Some of the subjects:

This book is shocking indeed, but it has a wonderful, powerful climax to it.

I’ve dealt with the importance of Bible prophecy and correct interpretation, and then we delve into some very interesting name meanings.

I’ve looked at the holocausts of antiquity and the incredible repeating patterns.

The central issue behind all holocausts is the attempts by fallen man to create a perfect world of peace and the perceived obstacle to that peace, the Jewish people.


I’ve looked at some amazing reasons why this is so and why it’s all coming again.

I’ve looked at the amazing significance and messages in many signs, symbols, salutes, emblems, clothing items and much more that all points towards the soon coming holocaust.

I’ve looked at the deadly mix and spectacular satanic connections in religion, politics and the occult. I’ve looked at the deeply disturbing utterances and beliefs of leaders in these fields. You’ll be amazed!

I’ve looked at the tragic role the media will play in the unfolding of this nightmare.

I’ve looked at some facts that will amaze and shock you about Iran, Islam, and the Interfaith Movement as well as some of the New World Order organisations.

I’ve looked at who will be involved, why, how and when. I’ve looked at the roles of Russia, Syria, and Iran and shared some amazing facts about China right out of the Bible, which I’m sure most people have no idea about. Yes, Israel will be a blessing to China!

I’ve looked at the powerful role of the world economy, what’s coming soon and the role of oil. I’ve looked at the numbers involved and how many will die.

I’ve looked at the role of the Third Temple in Jerusalem and taken a brief look at the rapture and love and grace of God in the face of wrath and holocaust.

I’ve looked at the incredible outcome and spectacular end of all these things, including the mass salvation of the Jews.

I’ve looked at just why the key to perfect world peace is the very people the world will try to exterminate again soon...the Jews.

The book is also a huge reference of Bible verses relating to all of these things.

I’ve closed the book with a section titled “The interviews.”

These are a collection of comments, emails, and remarks from a broad cross section of people saved and unsaved, pastors, leaders and others. This reveals the deep, dark and very dangerous deception amongst most people in this day.

More than a message in a bottle!

The imagery in this book is as important as the words. There’s an incredible message in the pictures.

You’ll be amazed at the consistency.

The central issue is the repeating patterns all the way from Babylon, to Egypt, to Rome, to the Catholic inquisitions, the Nazi Holocaust, Islam, sections of the church and political organisations.

You will see these clear repeating patterns and the inevitability of it all breaking out again very soon.

Many of the images are shocking, revealing the great deception in the hearts of those who’ll be participants in this new Holocaust.

I’ve put the book together using broad brush strokes so to speak, to give you the big grand overview. I’ve avoided getting into lots of peripheral side issues and cluttered detail.

This great drama is already starting to unfold!

This book challenges many beliefs of the day.

The Spirit of revelation:


Many of these things are a pure revelation from our living great God and Messiah. You will not find these things anywhere else.

In this day, this book is of major importance. You will be a participant in at least some of these great dramas, if only by opinion.

Some will be happy they’ve read this book and some will wish they never did.

On many occasions I know that I was not alone and our Lord was sitting with me. On some occasions I sensed that out Lord had drawn open a curtain giving me a rare glance into another dimension. Those who know me know I’m not into those sorts of claims generally. Much of the book is pure unexplained revelation.

The authority of God is behind this book.

It’s is not at all politically correct and flies in the face of modern humanistic thinking.

The real purpose behind it all is to help you in your walk with our Lord. It’s to help you turn your heart to our Lord. It’s to help you to help others and it’s to help our Jewish family-in-waiting to prepare for their Messiah.

It’ll take you some time to read this book, but the overall purpose isn’t to give you a lot of knowledge, but to do that and to soften your heart to our Lord.

The book reveals the very reasons why God will destroy the desire of humanistic mankind in the very near future.

I can absolutely guarantee you that there are many beliefs that you will have to adjust. Some people will have to make some big changes in their thinking and belief systems.

Some people reading these words will die in these events soon. Either way we must not gamble with our eternal future, we must be ready and we must help others to be ready.

This particular drama will also see a great outpouring of the Spirit of God and the spirit of antichrist at the same time. Many will be swept away to hell and many to untold glory!


On a personal level, I’ve sat with numerous cups of coffee working into the early hours, day after day. I was left shattered and humbled by much of the subject matter. I wrecked one keyboard in the process. I was brought to tears writing about some events of this great tragedy.

The writing of this book has left me deeply impacted and changed. It has humbled me greatly.

As an ex war correspondent, newspaperman, editor, journalist and photographer, I’ve seen the extremes of the good bad and ugly and been in the fast lane of many of the big news events of our era. Most of that was in my younger days, but I still have that journalist’s blood in me.

The point is; those things were all a teddy bear’s pick-nick compared to what’s just starting to unfold.

Some things in this book will offend you. That’s not my intention, but I work for my Lord and I must present the undiluted truth.

There are things in this book that you must understand; otherwise you’re in infinitely greater danger than you may believe.

This book is a warning to many and a blessing at the same time.


The book is selling for $9.99 (or the equivalent in your own currency.) You may ask why it’s not free as all the other content on the website is free.

By the way, that’s a very reasonable price and a bit lower than other e-books of similar length, so, this is real value at a good price (a nice formula)

The reason is simple. I’ve put an enormous amount of work into this book. I and many other “watchers” have collectively noted (and complained) that few if any people donate to these ministries. People expect it all free. That’s fine and all editions on the website will continue to be free, but occasionally the best material will be presented to you in e-book form and for sale...that’s just right.

At the end of the day, you must be the blessed one, but I do need to pay for all the late-night coffee to keep me awake!


Jeremiah 12:14-17 (Here’s our God’s one-state solution). “Thus says the Lord: “Against all My evil neighbours who touch the inheritance which I have caused My people Israel to inherit. Behold, I will pluck them out of their land and pluck out the house of Judah from among them. Then it shall be after I have plucked them out that I will return and have compassion on them...and bring them back to their land.”


Here’s a compilation of some Holocaust art and photographs.


Shalom and grow in grace!

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