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Edition 135: September 29th 2012

So you want to live for yourself!

News events and commentary:

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For your benefit, there are now audio updates on the home page. They’ll all be about 10 to 15 minutes in length, and will provide “food” for your soul as well material relating to Bible prophecy.

●”Iran pours troops into Syria, ready to target Israel from Syria and Lebanon.” – Debka File 21st September ***This is perhaps one of the most important news items in a long time. I’ve said on numerous occasions that the Arab Spring and related issues are no big deal prophetically until Israel is dragged into the situation. Then Bible prophecy enters the picture! The day Israel is brought into the situation the prophetic jig-saw puzzle begins to fall into place fast.

The interesting thing about this picture done a few days ago of a meeting with Syria’s Assad is the background wall hanging with three rows of sort-of Swastikas!


Iran introduces new air defence system designed to confront US aircraft.

Iran is “confident that war with Israel is coming and the outcome will be Israel’s destruction.” (Israel Today 23rd September)

The Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Hashanah) has come and gone uneventfully, or has it? I think the issue of note is that on that day and surrounding days, the heart of Islam has become blatantly, in your face, obvious. Their intolerance of the slightest offence, perceived or not, ends in murder, rioting, hatred and hostility.

By the way, in the face of being scorned and blasphemed, our Lord and Saviour speaks love and forgiveness!

This new Islamic hatred against many western nations and embassies is a message for the US and all who think Islam is a religion of peace.

I encourage you to have a look at this video of comments by Obama on Islam recorded over a period of time, including some recent snippets.

***This video is shocking indeed, especially in light of Obama's possible re-election. There is little doubt that major end-time events involving the Muslim world will be on the go in the next President’s four-year term.

Here’s another very interesting video clip, titled “The greatest threat to Western Civilisation."

Morsi, addressing the UN says the world must unite to end the Israeli “occupation” and must establish a Palestinian Islamic state in Israel.” ***We’re starting to see his true colours!

Iran’s Ahmadinejad, addressing the UN on Yom Kippur said. ”Israel has no roots in the Middle East". He has called for a multi-faith new world order. ***His new world order would be an Islamic world of domination and control!

Ahmadinejad at the UN: He wrapped up his talk on Yom Kippur by haling the imminent arrival of the “Ultimate Saviour.” He said this saviour is “the ultimate perfect human being, named Iman al Mahdi (The Islamic Messiah) who will come with Jesus Christ to save mankind” Ahmadinejad says that the world is now in the “spring” of this coming. *** A common belief within this sector of Islam is that Jesus will return with the Iman, be subject to him and announce that Islam is the way to world peace. Ahmedinejad has many other deluded visions of grandeur, but he is in his last term as President of Iran.  His possible successor Masheai  is a dangerous extremist with almost identical views to Ahmadinejad (see edition 126 for more on him.)

Iran still refuses to acknowledge the Holocaust.

Lines and lights: We’ve now all seen Netanyahu’s red line of “yellow cake” enrichment. We know Obama’s no red line is a green light for Iran. But Obama has now come up with his own red line. This is when Syria gives the green light to chemical weapons.

Oh and let’s not forget that gay friendly Barak, the Muslim (according to the video above) is despised and hated by true Muslims because of his gay-marriage stance! Some of them would behead him if they could get their hands on him! So, poor Barak is really out in the dark and cold. The true Muslims hate him. He rejects the cross of Christ as the only way to salvation and the true Zionist Jews hate him for trying to divide their land. Well, at least Satan won’t reject him!

Jordan: The next domino to fall? The Muslim Brotherhood is due to launch mass-action against Jordan’s government on October 10th. According to sources, in Saudi Arabia fears are growing that they will be next in the Arab Spring. (The Debka file)

Hamas signs a contract with Iran and Syria to wage war with Israel. (Virtual Jerusalem 25th September)


So you want to live for yourself.


Romans 2:8 “To those who are self seeking and do not obey the truth but obey unrighteousness...indignation and wrath.”

Living for yourself is not very clever. You may well ask, should you live for then? The answer relates to who you think you are and who you think owns your life.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 “Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit...and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price, therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are God’s.

The following three verses speak of the exact opposite:

Jeremiah 18:12 “We will walk according to our own plans and we will do according to the evil imaginations of our own hearts.”

Micah 4:11-12 “Many nations have gathered against you (Israel) who say, Let her be defiled and let our eye look upon Zion.” But they do not know the thoughts of the Lord, nor do they understand His counsel...”

Job 15:8 “Have you heard of the secret council of God? Or do you limit your understanding to yourself.”

Today many have a Christ of their own making devoid of the cross. Jesus is their sponsor in the background, not interfering. This Christ is the respectable loving Christ who tolerates everything and would never harm a flea. These people have a conversion that’s essentially of their own creation.

With the self-life still intact you can’t get to know God and His word! You can try, but your life will be wasted in futility.

Many Christians today have wasted their lives in pursuit of worldly self-indulgence. Compromise with the world's ways will take the pressure off, but the eternal cost will be immense.

The un-crucified self-life will always be deeply, inextricably linked with the world system. We will lose interest in the world and it in us when the cross is at work in us. Only through the power of the cross can we see the doom of the world and the need for the self-life to die.

You see, self-opinion is the modern god of the world. Call it democracy if you will or anything you like, but its a very powerful god backed by Satan himself.

Self-opinion is fine when it comes from the crucified self! Self-opinion is fine when it lines up with God.

Why is this important?

I have a strong sense that there are some reading this who are called to be watchmen of and for our great God and Messiah.

There is a great need today for true God-inspired and led watchmen. The church has all but cast aside the ministry of watching and warning and yet it is needed now more than ever before.

Where there is warning there is safety. Obviously one needs to see the danger first and here is the problem. To see the danger and present it, you need to meet God’s conditions and requirements. A life dominated by self-opinion and rooted in the world’s ways and opinions renders the subject unqualified.

The prophet screaming out warning and danger is nowhere to be seen or heard in today’s Christian circles. “We don’t get into that end-time stuff,” the deluded church leaders say.

With some wonderful exceptions their congregations are blind, because the blind are leading them! (With some wonderful exceptions)

Leaders reading this, let me inform you that like it or not, you rub off on your congregation. What are you imparting to them? Yes you can say that the people must look to Lord and not you, but they don’t!

Only you know if you really meet God’s requirements.

If you are ready to give people what they want, you are a miserable failure and you should not even bother being in the Lord’s service.

If you are ready to give the people God’s Spirit inspired and led word, warning and grace, you are ready.

The biggest lie in the history of the world:


So you want to be a watchman? Good, I wish you many blessings indeed! Can you see and hear those proclaiming Satan’s peace and safety? Can you see and hear God proclaiming soon coming judgement? Can you see and hear Satan’s great lie? Do you have eyes to see?

Are you in the light of the word or world?

Psalm 36:9 “In Your light we see light.”

Can you see the fast approaching darkness?

Isaiah 21:11“Watchman what of the night, watchman what of the night.”

John 9:4 “I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work.”

John 12:35 “A little while longer, the light is with you. Walk while you have the light...he who walks in darkness does not know where he is going.”

Today the greatest lie in the world is all around us.

Hitler once said this: Make the lie big, make it simple, and keep saying it and eventually the people will believe it.”

So, what’s changed? This is the unwritten motto of the world’s media. This is Satan’s secret motto. This is the hidden motto of many spineless, blinded Christians.

The big lie is being focused down into one major, big earth shattering issue.

Today the “big lie” is that the Jews are the evil-doers and the Palestinians are the poor victims. The “big lie” that the Jews don’t have a right to their entire God given land is all around us today. You don’t believe me? Switch on CNN, Sky or any other media. Go to your local Methodist church down the road and they will be promoting the boycotting of Israeli goods, because the Jews are standing in the way of Palestinian statehood. Go to a host of other churches and they will be spitting out the same media-created big lie.

Go to a host of denominational churches and they’ll be vomiting out replacement theology as though it were true. Go to the Catholics, the Anglicans and even some Pentecostal churches and they’ll be spewing out the same satanic garbage in the name of Christ.

All the newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations push the big lie over and over again.

Obviously if you want to move forward with our Lord, you need the “big truth,” but how much more if you want to be involved in the work of our Lord of Glory?

Will the convincing media and opinions of the world sway you in these days? Are you ready to stand separate and apart from the world and its ways and even suffer its rejection? Are you ready to stand accused and be slammed by many at the forefront of the world’s best reasoning?

Do you know where that “secret place” is of God’s nourishment?

Do you know deeply and intimately the word of our Lord? Is the primary motivation of your life to know our Lord and make Him known? Are you stable, secure and single-minded in our Lord, or are you prone to backsliding and double mindedness?

Are you enslaved to the world’s entertainment, or free from that strong, satanic spell?

These are just some of the qualifications and things to consider if you want to be in the high calling of service to our King.

Qualifications are one thing, but the primary thing is calling. If our Lord has called you into these things, that’s half the job done. If He has called you, you can presume that He knows you will meet His requirements, although “many are called and few chosen,” says the Bible. In fact I know a number of people with a calling on their lives, but at this point they’ve surrendered fully to the call of Satan to have fun, fun, fun in the world.

Yes God is doing a greater work today, but you can be very sure that He will not compromise on the character and quality of His workers and servants.

I read a lot of material from many sources. Almost without fail I can feel and sense the character of the writer! Many times it’s someone just rehashing what others are saying. Sometimes though, the spilt blood of Messiah is all over their work. The power of the cross and authority of God is evident. O man, I love that! To read and feel and sense God Himself speaking through someone is truly awesome!

Can I just add this: Please don’t be discouraged by a past life of failure, or sin, or previous hindrances. If you’ve moved forward in repentance, you have “redeemed or bought back the time.” There is immense power in repentance. It leads to glorious holiness.


Deadly replacement theology:

There is much more on replacement theology in editions 26 and in 68

Throughout the many editions on this website I’ve used perhaps hundreds of verses speaking of God’s plan for Israel and the dangers of opposing it.

Genesis 12:3 “I will bless those who bless you (Israel) and whoever curses you, I will curse; and all the people of the earth will be blessed through you.”

The verse above is the big bottom line. May I suggest that if God curses you, especially after warning you hundreds of times and in many ways, you deserve to be cursed and you will be.

Replacement theology in all its forms is a completely cursed doctrine. But more than that, the propagators of it are or will be, cursed. Yes it is the doctrine of the world’s churches and is the belief of the world’s political leaders. It will be very successful in coming times,

It is cursed, will lead to the coming Holocaust and will lead all its participants to hell.

If you’re a supposed preacher, a President, a king or queen, or a CNN journalist or an average Joe, you will be cursed!

As a watchman you need to know all the ins and outs of this deadly theology and how to counteract it. There is a great danger in “comparing ourselves amongst ourselves” That’s only fine when it lines up with the scriptures.

Are you a balanced believer?

Of course most would say yes, but how do you know this?

There are dozens of Biblical methods of measure, but I’d like to look at a few critical measures that most would not even have thought of.

Do you love our Lord? Stop before you answer, because you’re about to be shocked.

If you love someone you will love their word...all of it. If you love our Lord you will be a friend of Bible prophecy! It’s a major part of God’s word. You will love judgement! You see, Biblical judgement removes sin and Satan. Why would you not love that?

If you don’t love Bible prophecy, by default you do love the world. And furthermore you secretly, knowingly or not, love Satan, the god of this world. Now I know that most will scream the odds at that as they go off to sit down and worship at the feat of the great satanic god Hollywood.

The self-life loves the word of the world. It hates the word of God.

The one taking up His cross daily is destined to be well balanced in God’s word.

The call of wisdom and revelation:

So you want to be God’s watchman / watchwoman?

We as His workers must have knowledge, understanding and wisdom of all these things. We have the incredible privilege of dealing with the eternal destination of many people. We are involved in revealing eternity in peoples hearts.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 “He has made everything beautiful in its time; He has set eternity in their hearts.”

It is only through much time in the pursuit of God that you transform dead word to living revelation.

Be aware of these two verses:

1 Timothy 3:6 “(Teacher) must not be a novice...” (There are many other qualifications in that section of scripture.)

James 3:1 “Let not many of you become teachers, knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgment.”


An antique testimony:

This may seem odd, but to me it put God’s rubber stamp on His calling in my life.

Many years ago before I was saved, I began collecting antiques. Over the years I sold many of them, but kept a few. I made the decision to keep these items long before I was saved. I kept a candle-powered magic lantern (forerunner to the projector.)  I kept an ancient hand operated brass printing press. I kept a small gold compass. I kept a few 200 year-old brass trumpets. I kept a brass scale of justice.

A friend of mine sitting in my lounge recently noticed and remarked that all of those items had a direct bearing on my life in the Lord. These items represent photography, art and telling the story. They represent finding spiritual direction, the justice of God and the judgement of God (trumpets)

I hadn’t noticed that, but I thought it interesting that God led me to pick those things, before I was even saved. Now whenever I look at them, I am humbled.

God has a very specific tailor-made plan for you and your life. He knew you from before the foundations of the earth. If you haven’t yet found His plan for your life, please don’t give up and don’t be discouraged, push forward, ever forward with our Lord.  His plan is there waiting for you to seek it and find it.

The proof:

Perhaps the single most important proof of growing in the grace of God will be seen in the focus of your life. Futile things will take their place in the background; important Godly things will move to the forefront.

There will be a huge change in your life from a me-now inward-centered orientation to an others-centered outward orientation.

I have mentioned this before but it bears repeating. The word “grace” is the same word for “thank you” or “thankfulness” in some languages. If you are growing in grace you will be a thankful person. Self centred people are generally unthankful. Thankfulness is always outward looking. Humility goes hand in hand with this.

Humility and the surrendered self-life can easily be counterfeited, as with many things in the Kingdom. It’s what is done in and through the name of our Lord and the power of the cross that is important.

Consequences of self-love and self-enthronement in the believer:

These will be blind to the prophetic word. They will be blind to the warnings of God. They will be a great friend of the world. They’ll say things like “I’m not into this end-time, beast stuff!” They will be in the ever shifting world of variables with no absolutes. They will be full of pride and self-importance and self opinion. They will be miss-directed and on the wrong road!

They will “heap for themselves teachers” that will “tickle their ears” giving them sermon after sermon on love and peace and how you can get rich.

Their life’s orientation will be towards themselves and their own comfort in the world.

The deceptive god:

Humanism has created a “Christ” as well. He is deceptive. He comes just like the real one, but there are some very important keys in identifying humanism’s Christ. The Bible calls him “another Christ.”

He is full of love, bliss, peace and tolerance for everyone and all lifestyles. He is completely non-judgmental and all-accommodating. He is unholy and full of sin. He has no shed blood and no cross.

His deceptive names are: Light bearer, Angel of light, The Anointed Cherub, The King of Babylon, The Star, The god of this world, The prince of this world, The prince of the power of the air.

His name is Satan.

Here are some of his other names: The accuser, the Adversary, The angel of the bottomless pit, The beast, The deceiver, The dragon, The enemy, The Evil one, The lawless one, The liar, The murderer, The ruler of darkness, The ruler of demons, The tempter, The thief, The wicked one.

The antichrist.


There are always two things we must do to stay balanced and right with God. We must study and seek the truth with a broken heart before God and we must have an open heart to our Lord and be ready to change fast at His bidding.

The evidence of being on the right track will be seen in your growth in God and your victory over self, the world and the demonic.

The evidence of being on the right track will be seen in your attitude lining up with God’s attitude to the Jews, Israel and Jerusalem. It will be seen in your love for all of Bible prophecy.

New believer, these things don’t happen overnight. A battle is involved as the very core of your identity changes. Be soft before God and hard before the devil. Don’t give up. If you fail, get up and go again, and, again, and again!

To you being called to be one of God’s watchmen / watchwomen...that’s absolutely thrilling, but please know it’s a huge honour and a monumental responsibility. I wish you all God’s very best provision, protection and grace. 

a gods garden

Job 39:8 “The range of the mountains is His pasture, and He searches after every green thing.”

Isaiah 44:23 “Sing O heavens for the Lord has done it, shout all you earth, break forth into singing you mountains, O forest and every tree in it! For the Lord has redeemed Jacob and glorified Himself in Israel.”


Shalom and grow in grace!


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