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Edition 136: October 6th 2012

Deep calls unto deep

News events and commentary:

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My comment begins with ***

Iran’s recent call for a new world order is very powerful, reasonable and right...if you are a child of the devil! If you believe that man can build a world of peace then you must join Iran’s call. By the way, it’s identical to the desire of Nimrod to build a tower to God in Babylon.

Iran’s Ahmadinejad sees one major obstacle to his new world order of peace and that is the existence of the Jews and a Zionist Israel. He equates Zionism with racism. He obviously has a different set of ideas for world Islamic domination! *** The funny thing is that in the tribulation period masses will be running to the Jews for the good news of salvation and not Islam!

Iran’s economy is in a state of collapse. Their currency is falling out of bed, but the sanctions have not been a deterrent. Their currency is almost worthless now and is already starting to cause hyperinflation. The danger of this is that it will cause the psychopathic dictator to realise that his days are up. This will be like cornering a mad rabid dog. Who knows what he will do cornered. Social action will arise as well.

Damascus is fast becoming the “ruined heap” of Isaiah 17

Well done USA! In a secret memo Washington has warned all European governments not to support the new Palestinian bid for enhanced UN status. The US said “this would be highly counterproductive” The US government is also considering withdrawing financial aid to the Palestinians. The new bid would give the Palestinians a non-member status like the Vatican, but it can be manipulated to their advantage. -Al Arabia 2nd October.

Russia warns the West and NATO in particular to “Stay away from Syria.” (Russian media)

Hamas commits itself to an Iranian-led war on Israel. – (Debka Files)

Ahmadinejad’s personal cameraman defects to the US with what the CIA is calling a “treasure trove of intelligence including video material of secret nuclear installations and sites". – (Debka Files)

Al Qaeda planning pre-US election attacks on the US. – (reports)

As part of his strategic plans, Netanyahu is preparing to call a new election in February.

The crisis in Syria is now spreading to neighbouring Turkey. This is a key development. It’s still early days, but this is where the antichrist arises from.

There is much in Bible prophecy about the land now called Jordan. It is starting to enter the prophetic picture right now. I will share many very interesting things with you about it in coming editions / updates.


“Deep calls unto roaring deep”.

Psalm 42:7 “Deep calls unto roaring deep at the thundering of Your waterfalls.” (Amp)


I recall sitting on the very edge of a narrow ledge as I took the picture above of the Mooi River Falls. All around me was thundering noise and mist. I could actually feel the roaring, thundering vibrations in the air. These must have been the thoughts of David as he penned the Psalm above. He related this experience to the deep thundering voice of the mighty God.

Job puts it another way. He says, “Can you search out the deep things of God?” (Job 11:7)

And Paul puts it his way “Eye has not seen nor ear heard nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him, but God has revealed them to us though His Spirit, for the Spirit searches out the deep things of God.” (1 Corinthians 2:9-10)

God’s ultimate call and plan for you:

You can scrape into heaven by the skin of your teeth, or you can have an abundant entrance into eternity. It’s your choice.

God’s call on your life is as varied as there are callings and it’s up to you to find and walk in that calling. But God’s universal call to all believers is to grow in grace and walk into the deeper things of God. It is to experience the great wonders and fruits of a full life in our Lord. Modern liberal Christianity will never lead you this way.

Our King of glory has a special and wonderful plan of glory for you. The great tragedy of many is that they never even see it, never mind begin to walk in victory.

Easy-believism is the chant of the compromised, counterfeit Christian today.

There’s a very powerful but subtle force that we must identify and avoid. This is comparing one’s self with others around us. People look to what’s being dished up in terms of values, morals, activities, and the like and then say, “Well I’m okay, because this is the norm”.

Today many have been born again of God’s Spirit but have never died to all that emanates from the god of the world, Satan. Many have born again but formed by the spirit of the world’s media and its ways. They think this is normal!

If you are a normal modern Christian, I feel very sorry for you. You may make it to heaven, but very soon when the pressure is really on, you will most probably join forces with Satan and his brilliant army. Of course you won’t know that or even see it.

Using what’s around you today as a measure is a very stupid, short-sighted, dumb thing.  The verse below puts it very succinctly:

Philippians 2:15 “Will you become blameless and innocent children of God without fault in a crooked and perverse generation among whom you shine as lights in the world?”

God’s call for you is to be different, separate, holy, other-worldly, strange, and full of Godly understanding and wisdom.


The Prophetic Scroll:

You may have wondered why this website called “The Prophetic Scroll” has many teachings like this one that are not directly prophecy related. Let me share with you my call and my response to it.

The prophetic ministry is actually very wide and far reaching. It is to be a watchman and it is to teach and prepare us for things to come. It is to be a “trumpet” of warning and it is to hear God’s word and make it known. So, an edition titled “Deep calls unto deep” is most certainly prophetic in the wider sense, because although it is aimed at your heart, it really is aimed at your eternity.

This ministry may not be everyone’s cup of tea and a bit off the wall. But that’s just me. In fact throughout the Bible, those involved in the prophetic ministry were all a touch off the wall. Some were outrageous and appeared completely mad to all but God. They were all radicals, separate, and different.

So the call of this ministry is to help you prepare to enter eternity in victory; and yes of course we will deal with the little (and big) issues of Bible prophecy on an ongoing basis.

The big test:

If you are moving into the deep things of God you will be producing the fruit of the Spirit in your lives. There will be many other visible factors in and about you.

Romans 8:14 “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God.”

1 John 5:4 Everyone who is born of God overcomes the world.

These two verses above are just two major signs of moving forward with our Lord.

You really need to be vigilant in the protection of your heart. In this day the onslaught of the devil is intensifying. He wants to drag you to hell. He wants to defeat you and leave you powerless before him. With many he is tragically victorious.

Far too many people are complacent with the “pearl of great price” that God has placed in their hearts. Let me tell you that Satan wants to destroy you, believe it or not! Satan has always tried to destroy the work of God in individuals and in the wider sense.

In fact Satan tried to stamp out the Church from its birth. He is still trying.

You need to be humble and soft to God and as hard as nails to the devil and his attacks. If Satan can establish that you are a weak easy target, you can be sure he will use that to lead you astray and bring you down. He will stop bothering you when he realizes that you are as solid as a rock in your walk with our Messiah.

Be vicious and strong against Satan’s attempts to defeat you.

Do you know what the vicious verses are?

Let me explain what these are.

Matthew 23:33 “You serpents and brood of vipers! How will you escape the condemnation of hell?”

Matthew 12:34 “You brood of vipers, how can you being evil, speak good things? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”   

Acts 13:9-11 “Then Saul also called Paul, filled with the Holy Spirit, looked intently at him and said, “O full of all deceit and all fraud, you son of the devil, you enemy of all righteousness, will you not cease from perverting the straight ways of the Lord? Now the hand of the Lord is upon you and you shall be blind not seeing the sun for a time. And immediately a dark mist fell on him...”

Acts 23:3 “Then Paul said to him, “God will strike you, you whitewashed wall...”

The verses above are really verses of love. They are the examples of the early Church fighting off evil and error, which of course is love in action. Satan tried to bring error into the early Church just as he is doing now. What will be your response? Those verses are from the Bible mind you!

If you think these don’t apply today, then you must believe that Satan has gone to sleep, or maybe you should go to Mars.

You see, Satan almost completely defeated the Church in the dark ages because the Church accepted and introduced satanic error into itself. Vigilance went out of the window and deception flew in. It always works that way.

Do you think its loving to call someone a “deceitful whitewashed wall”? I do...I could name you many! By the way, whitewash looks good and nice and clean, but it doesn’t last. It peels off quickly exposing what’s underneath. Error aometimes also looks good but it won’t last...not a chance!

Depth or superficiality you can choose:

I’ve heard many people mocking those in search of the deeper Christian life. Of course they are superficial themselves. The bigger tragedy though is that they’re really missing out on God’s best.

You can choose the depths of God or the depths of Satan. If you chose the one the other will leave! Please read this shocking verse below addressed to the church:

The context is the introduction of false doctrine to lead the church astray.

Revelation 2:23-24 “I will kill her children with death and all the churches shall know that I am He who searches the hearts and minds...To you I say and the rest in Thyatira, as many as do not have this doctrine and have not known the depths of Satan, I put on you no extra burden.”

Today many believers don’t believe the Holy Bible, but they do believe the unholy word of dead tradition and the just-as-dead world media.

Many have a real tough time as believers because they try to cling to both kingdoms. They’re true spiritual schizophrenics. You can never be content like this.

What keeps you from moving forever forward into the depths of God is your enemy. Kick those enemies out!

This must be your prayer:

Exodus 33:13-14 “Now therefore I pray, if I have found favour in your sight, show me now Your way, that I may know You and that I may find grace in Your sight, and consider that this nation is your people. And He said, “My Presence will go with you and I will give you rest.”

This verse above is so powerful isn’t it? This is the way into the depth, the presence and rest of the living God now and forever.

You can’t sincerely ask our Lord to “show you His way” and then sit back and do nothing about it. Satan will then show you his way!

The authority of God

As we move into the presence of the living God more of our presence will take a back seat. This is where the authority of God comes to the forefront and becomes evident in the believer’s life.

Mark 14:3 “...a woman came having an alabaster flask of very costly oil of spikenard. She broke the flask and poured it on His head.”


The alabaster box contained herbal ointments that were very expensive and had a beautiful, very powerful, rare aroma. The aroma was so strong that it was sometimes used for the anointing of dead.

In tradition the alabaster box was only to be used once, so it was broken open to release the fragrance.

The powerful aroma can be likened to the Spirit of God. He is released in our lives as we are delivered to brokenness. “We have this treasure in earth vessels”, which must be broken.

There is powerful victory in self-denial. Paul said, “As I decrease, He increases.”

Please don’t mistake denial of self with self-loathing. The latter is negative. Denial of self is essentially the practice of denying the lusts of the flesh and all the working of Satan as he manifests in the self-life. That is all good.

The queen’s dance to glory:

Today the church is far from what it should be. It is full of Jezebels, Jebusites and witches. Jezebels are essentially women intent on disrupting and bringing down male leadership. Jebusites are women (and men) who crush and put down others, exalting themselves. Witches in the church are those operating under and in the law and not in grace. (The "bewitched" of Galatians)

But thank God for Sarah, Queen Esther, Mary, Elizabeth, the repentant hooker, and all the virtuous women of God. Thank God for the women prophetesses, for the female evangelists and teachers and for God’s faithful watchwomen.

Women in their calling cause the Church to fulfil its calling.

The first person to meet and witness the resurrected Yeshua / Jesus was the Jewish ex-hooker / pole dancer, Mary Magdalene. How powerful is that? Now she dances to a new tune...the tune of eternal glory!

Actually, the saved repentant ex-hooker took the news of the resurrection to the discouraged, defeated disciples. She in fact rubber-stamped our Messiah’s claim to be God, in announcing the resurrection.

The deeper Christian life is essentially centred on the risen Christ.

And what about Queen Esther? I really love God’s word to Esther...”Have you come to this kingdom for a time such as this?”

God used Queen Esther in a magnificent way to bring deliverance to the Jews and at the same time to defeat Israel’s enemy.

In a time such as this, the ministry of Esther will again come to the forefront. God will use many wonderful women to come to Israel’s defence and God will use many wonderful women who have wrecked their lives, but moved on in repentance and into the deep things of God. He will use them in miraculous ways to bring the wonderful news of who the Jewish Messiah really is, to the Jews themselves.


As we race to the close of the age, I sense that many Esthers and many Mary Magdalenes will become part of the grand eternal dance to glory.

Many women reading these words will be feeling a stirring deep down in their hearts. They will respond positively and join the great army of God in these last days. They, as the bride of Christ wearing God’s full armour will prepare many for an abundant entrance into the eternal Kingdom.

How do we get into the depths of spiritual experience?

Firstly, we must want the deeper life. If you’re double minded in this regard you won’t have much success.

We must learn what it means to take up our own cross. The cross of Christ can’t be added to and was sufficient to save us and remove sin, but we must take up our own cross in relation to defeating Satan’s work in us through the flesh, the world system and the demonic.

We must develop a passion for the truth and the word of God through the Spirit of God. This will create an identity crisis in us. It must be so. You must break from the influence of the world and the worldly church for that matter.

I know a woman who really wanted to move forward with our Lord into these deeper things. She asked her Babylonian church pastor if the baptism in the Spirit was right. He of course said no. Let me tell you this: You’re a fool if you go to a liar for the truth!

Many today have been born again of God but created by the modern church and the world’s media.

We must go God’s way as revealed in His word.

We must change our thinking. This is a lot easier than you may think in spite of what the local shrink says. The Bible says to cast down imaginations that exalt themselves against Christ. It says, “Think on these things.”

Thinking on and applying God’s word over time makes it all more and more desirable.

Over time, as you actively cast down a negative chain of thought and replace it with thoughts of truth, you’ll find it becomes more and more the norm. Yes, we will get sidetracked every now and then, but living right becomes so much easier as we go God’s way.

We must be hard on ourselves and easy on others. (Sometimes I do feel like buying a double-barrelled flame thrower though.)


I think all people want to be satisfied with life. All people want to be secure, safe and accepted. You will never ever find true deep, safe satisfaction in the world or in the world of superficial Christianity. It will all have something missing.

May I share with you a brief testimony? Many years ago just after I was saved, I was living in a home with a number of artists. One had painted a large picture directly onto the lounge wall. It was a cowboy riding into the sunset with the words “The end” around the top.

That wasn’t my style, but the picture for me was very important, because my Lord spoke to my heart and said “You are the cowboy”. That in fact was so true. My cowboy days were over, the sun had set, and “the end” had come up, but what was in front was another horizon of mystery. All I knew was that the world system was over for me and something (or Someone) was drawing me into what would become a new dawn of great depth and excitement in our Lord. May I share with you that the fun in the sun of the world has a very shallow limited life span. The deeper things of God are never ending and completely inexhaustible.

May I also share this? I’ve come to a place of very deep contentment in our Lord, but I know that there is so much more to come. To me the anticipation alone is thrilling indeed and drives me on. How wonderful to have just a hint of the magnificence of what lies ahead for us!

 a gods garden2

I took this picture in the swamps of Gabon some years ago. This nation is 90% tropical rain forest. I’ve used texturing filters and effects and added the butterfly.


Shalom and grow in grace!

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