Edition 145 January 1st 2013

The media and you:

News events and commentary:

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Abbas says 2013 will be the year the march to Palestinian statehood intensifies.

Abbas makes it official: “All of Israel is Palestine”!! (Palestinian Media Watch 1 January 2013) ***This is perhaps the most important news item of the year and here it is on day one! The logos of most Palestinian organisations have declared this for a long time showing the map of all Israel as theirs. Now they themselves are dropping the smokescreen of deception. This makes war with Israel inevitable and kills all peace deals or talks.

Abbas is the leader of Fatah also called the Palestinian Authority (PA) He has been seen as a moderate in the past, but now the gloves come off. The logo below is that of Fatah. The green shape at the top (arrowed) is all of Israel. This logo alone proves that they want all of Israel, but now he has said so in words!


Shame on you Britain! This picture (below) is from a British school text-book. I wonder where Israel’s gone. This is what they teach their kids:


TheSchool of Prophets opens in Tel Aviv. The purpose is to train the next generation of prophets for the first time since the destruction of the Second Temple. According to Jewish tradition, prophecy ended after the Second Temple only to be restored in the era of the coming of Messiah.

If or when Assad falls that will be just the beginning of Syria’s destruction. That will pave the way to internal ethnic hatred and faction wars for control.

The new US Secretary of State John Kerry is no friend of the Jewish state.

My friends we are heading down the road to prophetic fulfilment at an increasing rate. This year is going to be monumental in this regard. I will be sharing with you some incredible things in some of the next few editions. You need to have your spiritual eyes open now and your God-provided armour fastened tight!

I’m not really into New Year’s resolutions. I prefer daily “resolutions”, but there is something to be said for identifying a point in time to start something. If I may say so, my heart’s desire for this year is to be more holy and pure, so that I may be more effective for you in this ministry to the glory of God.


The media and you:


Please also see edition 23 “The power of the media” (click the link)

With the advent of digital everything, the media sees everything in the world. There is very little that is out of their sight today. As such they have an incredibly important role in bringing and swinging opinions one way or the other.

According to scripture the world has a god and his name is Satan. The media is his mouthpiece. (Christian media excluded)

The big issue is that you will not change the media. To do that you will have to change its god! So the question then is how do you deal with the media?

I warn you against the world’s mass-media:

Do not underestimate this serious warning.

The Media (print, TV, radio, movies and others) are the shapers of the end-time world.

The most powerful and subtle unwritten “law” behind the media is: What you see on TV is the way to be! No it’s not!!! That is so only if you are a dumb blind idiot!

One of the very powerful measures or indicators of your growth in Messiah is what you will and won’t do and what and who you identify with. Are your opinions the re-hashed garbage of the modern media? Do you do what they want, say what they say, and believe what they tell you to believe?

Do you believe and want what the world’s celebrities say, do and want? If so, you’re on the road to hell.

Crowd-think, crowd-speak and opinion will make you acceptable and one of the crowd but will doom you to hell.

As a believer, focus on the world and its ways dulls your spiritual sure about that!

2 Timothy 3:1-5 “Know this that in the last days, perilous times will come, for people will be lovers of themselves...having a form of godliness, but denying its power and from such people turn away.”

Matthew 6:22-23 “The lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light, but if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is really darkness, how great is that darkness.”

Psalm 36:9 “In Your light we see light.”

Psalm 119:130 “The entrance of Your words gives light.”

Psalm 119:104 “Through Your precepts I get understanding; therefore I hate every false way.”

Philippians 4:8 “Brethren; whatever things are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, of a good report, if there is any virtue and anything praiseworthy, meditate on these things.”

The above verses show the importance of having God’s word as your primary motivation and source of information.

Proof supreme of moving forward correctly with our Lord means that you will see things His way. You will see that there is a price is to pay. In fact you will desire to pay the price even though it will ultimately cost you all that you are!

If you are going the right way you will desire holiness and live in it. No one shall see the Lord in unholiness. If you are going the right way you will have a love for God’s word and ways. You will be an enemy of the world system, the flesh nature and the demonic. And the world will hate you.

John 15:18 “If the world hates you, know that it hated Me first.”

1John 3:13 “Do not marvel that the world hates you.”

The masses are on the wrong road; they all compare themselves among themselves and think that they’re okay. No they’re not. They are the worldly average. What a tragedy to be average.

Essentially there is only one effective way to gain victory over the power of the world and its mouthpiece, the media; and that is to know the power of God’s word. I’m not talking about plain knowledge of the word; I’m talking about revelation knowledge.

This is best described in the original words ‘gnosis’ and ‘epi-gnosis’. The former is the word for ordinary head knowledge, while the latter means knowledge that is above knowledge, or Godly enlightened revelation knowledge.


The importance of prophecy:

27% of the Bible is prophecy! How can you ignore or remove such a huge part of the Bible and expect to be safe with God?

Prophecy reveals: The collapse of world morality. It warns of the eternal consequences of being a yes-man to the world. It reveals the answer and the way out and the escape route from the clutches of Satan and his world.

There is no single thing on this earth that does more to warn the world of its soon coming journey to hell than Bible prophecy. If you remove or downplay prophecy, you are removing the warnings. This produces the comfort of hell.

Do you know why so many churches are stone dead and in extreme danger? They avoid the most important aspect of the Bible which is prophecy. Prophecy is the “eyes” of the church.

My background as an international journalist, photographer, war correspondent, artist and a few other things thrown in, has given me an insatiable desire for knowledge, truth and wisdom. I’ve always wanted to know what’s behind the story. Many times, like an idiot, I would literally put my life on the line to get the picture or story. Many times I landed in hospital or jail. Numerous awards came my way. Life was fantastic, but had no focus, discipline or restraint. Only after being born-again in 1976, did the whole jig-saw puzzle begin to fall into place. Years of wonderful exercises of self denial, fasting and studying God’s word gave me eyes to see my old boss. Satan himself was my boss and the world was my playground.

Now my entire life’s focus is to know my Lord more and make Him known.

A major part of this relates to identifying the great powerful god of camouflage. This god is characterised by false peace, love, light and security. He is characterised by lots of fun in the sun. Only when you see the “kosmokratos” (world power) can you be free from his power, control and devices.

The power of the cross:

To deal effectively with the devil we must know his schemes and we can’t do this from his territory. We must “come out and be separate.” It is only the cross of Christ that effectively brings us out of the world.

To be truly free from the dictates of the devil is the most liberating thing one can ever experience. As we apply the cross of Messiah into our lives, it produces death to self, the world and the demonic. This leaves us in glorious holiness and purity...making us gloriously odd!

The preaching and teaching of the cross has all but been removed from the modern its eternal detriment. So successful has Satan been that almost no one knows the difference.

Cross-less Christianity is a heresy of the god of the world. It’s a growing deception, which will soon cause many believers to be killed.

It keeps the world and its word, the media, apart and separate from God’s world, word and kingdom.

The picture below is most important. This is one of the significant works of the cross...keeping the holy from the unholy. The cross keeps God's kingdom separate from the kingdom of the world. If you remove this cross of offence, you are NOT left with God’s kingdom and the kingdom of the world. GOD’S KINGDOM DISSPEARS FROM YOUR SIGHT AND REACH! You are left with Satan’s world alone. And yes - this is to be truly alone in the universe!


By the way, the cross sanctifies our being in the world as long as we “die” to it to the best of our ability. No cross...and everything you are and do is not sanctified and you are one with Satan.

This is the work of the cross of Christ and the work achieved by us taking up our own cross of denial of evil and sin and worldliness in our lives.

The cross generates God’s power in us to make us holy, separate and pure. It keeps us humble, giving us God’s wisdom (epi-gnosis). It kills the satanic in us.

Remove the cross and the kingdom of the world with its mouthpiece the media rules supreme. All religions become valid; everything including morality becomes variable and equally valid. Human reasoning get’s exalted in the name of relevance. You will have no absolutes as guidelines and will necessarily opperate entirely in he world of human works. You will have to operate entirely in the world of human works. You will have to believe in salvation based on good works. You will be alive to Satan’s word through the mass media. You will be dead to truth. You will entertain hosts of demons without knowing it.

Curse of democracy:

Damnable democracy is the god of the masses and the greatest success story of Satan. It just sounds so right. In 1950 if you put 10 people in a room and got them to vote on homosexual rights you might have got 2 in favour and 8 against. Today that would be the opposite. The difference is not that mankind has advanced, but actually gone backwards because God has been removed from the equation.

When you remove God from any situation the god substitute slowly manifests behind it. What the media says carries enormous persuasive weight. What they say gradually becomes the norm. Democracy itself is the new god. Very soon God will destroy it all. There will be no democracy in heaven. And remember that 'democracy' is not a Biblical word, but a word of convenience invented by the world.

I’m in no way suggesting a theocracy or dictatorship. Democracy would be fine and is fine when under God and His values carry the bigger weight. The US for example was once called a “nation under God.”

Remove God, change Godly values, (which is the only reason why God would be removed), and then vote...what a joke. The funny thing is that those who vote in this new valueless world think they’re doing there Godly duty!

There is a way to fix cursed democracy and that’s not to partake in it, but to get the curse (Satan) out by putting God back in. Once God is back in, you then have Someone in it where the buck stops!

On a personal level, I decided in 1980 neverto vote again for the very reasons mentioned above. Of course some would see that as blasphemy.

The end game:

The end game of the media is to bring you down to hell and neutralise you on the way. Of course they would never admit that because the media can’t see the power behind it! You can have and must have victory over the power of the media.

The media is not neutral. There is no such thing. You are either with and for our Lord or against Him. There is no middle ground- and no sitting on the fence.

For example, the media has made homosexuality acceptable almost worldwide, even to the extent of divising their own Queen James bible. What blasphemy! The media bias has directly contradicted God in many moral issues as well as others equally important.  Perhaps the worst is the fact that the media has turned much of the world against Israel in favour of the Palestinians, ignoring God’s word.

The media is silent on slogans like this that are appearing more frequently today. In fact a Christian was beheaded in Syria yesterday according to a hospital nurse.


There is nothing wrong with pure reporting of news items and things like that. The danger comes in when the media expresses opinions.

Many people have a secret love (and sometime not secret at all) for sin and evil. The media feeds into this and transfers it very well.

The world’s media hates holiness, simply because the very definition of holiness is to be separate from the world and its sin.


Many can stare prophecy in the face and be unmoved. Many can and do deny it, to their detriment. But do you know what’s amazing? Believe prophecy or’s all happening just the way the Bible declares it anyway!

It really is very stupid to stand on a railway line in the face of a speeding locomotive! Many people are really just that stupid!

At the end of the day, there is nothing more important than your spiritual life and development. To know God deeply is a powerful, wonderful but frightening and fearful thing. If you are encountering the true God in a true manner, power, wonder and fear will be your indicators. These will confirm if you’re on the right path or not.

A reverent fear of God in these days is a place of safety.

I once heard Derek Prince say: “Do you know what it means to fear God? It means to FEAR Him!”

Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision (lit=Prophetic revelation) the people cast off restraint.”

We are now going into fast moving prophetic times. Many people will be rocked and shaken to their roots. I sense that many of you will be there to help steady them in the Lord. Please understand that you are not here in this world for fun, fun and more fun. You are here with a holy, God-given call to influence and affect the eternal lives of many.

As you see and recognise this, our great God will give you the anointing needed to do His work. By the way, anointing has nothing to do with performance, volume or professionalism. In fact those things are called manipulation, not anointing. True annointing is the unmistakeable work of God, sometimes in the supernatural and sometimes, like flowing oil streamlining the way ahead. True annointing does not need a church service to opperate in!

 a gods garden2

A flower for the New Year: I took this picture of the orchid on a table outside one night. I put the orchid on a mirror, sprayed it with mist and set the camera shutter open for 2 minutes. I then “painted” the flower with the light of a little hand held halogen torch. I lit it from the front and back and dragged the light past the back of the flower, then manually closed the shutter.

Have a glorious, holy and pure 2013!

Job 39:8 “The range of the mountains is His pasture and He searches after every green thing.”


Shalom and grow in grace!

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