Edition 21. December 10th 2009

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●The damage done to the Jews by the evils of Christian traditions



Christmas and Easter are designed by the devil to keep the Jews from the church!

The overall purpose of this edition isn't to come against the Catholics or others, but to come against the traditions that have put a stumbling block in the way of the Jews and to encourage any who dare to do so, to break from their traditions and set theirs hearts after our Lord with a fresh, pure zeal and passion. Of course I do have irreconcilable differences with the Catholics, but as said, that's not the central purpose here.

It is a very powerful thing when a Christian apologises to a Jew for the damage the church has done to them in times past. It opens doors which have long been been shut as a result of evil Christian action and tradition.

In fact the Catholics have killed more Jews than Hitler, in their history. Don't be so naive as to think that the Jews at large don't know this. Many Jews will spit before walking into a church building due to all the death and hostility inflicted upon them by the Catholic church and others in times past.

It's a fearful thing to lay stumbling blocks especially those that originate in "the depths of Satan" in front of God's people. God has warned against it. "My servants have been beguiled by the false prophetess Jezebel" Rev 2:20 This is in the letter from God to the church at Thyatira, which relates to the Catholic church. It goes on to identify the strong influence of idolatry and adultery as influencing factors of corruption and unfaithfulness originating in "the depths of Satan"

Israel has fallen into the trap of idolatry many times in her past history, she does not need another dose of idolatry inflicted upon her from the church, just when the Jews are starting to recognise that Yeshua / Jesus is their Messiah!

The rebellion and disobedience of the Jews led to the Babylonian captivity around 600 BC. This saw them becoming filled with pagan and occult practises of the time and place. BUT after repentance the Babylonian captivity ended with the return to Israel and the rebuilding of the temple according to the exact truth of Gods measurements.

The return from the Babylonian exile speaks of repentance and the rebuilding of the temple speaks of following God and going His way in truth.

The Catholic church is still enslaved to Babylon. Why would the Jews want to go into another modern-day captivity!!

Interestingly there is not one single item or thing in the Vatican or St Peters or in any of their traditions that originate in the Jewish temple. There is plenty (almost everything) that has its origin in Babylon!

Mark 7:8-13  "Laying aside the commandment of God, you hold the traditions of men...all too well you reject the commandment of God that you may keep your tradition....making the word of God of no effect through your tradition which you have handed down.

Deuteronomy 18: 9-22 "When you come into the land which the Lord your God is giving you (the Jews), you shall no longer learn to follow the abominations of those shall be blameless before the Lord."

Jeremiah 10: 2 "Do not learn the way of the Gentiles". 27: 9 "You shall not serve the King of Babylon."

So many traditions in the church have become part of 'normal life' They are accepted without question. I fully realise that I will be seen as an enemy of those who cling to their traditions blindly. The problem is that all of the traditions I am referring to in this edition are rooted in Babylonian occult worship.

I have heard many say, "That all doesn't matter because we sanctify the secular by our involvement". Apart from that being a statement right out of the heart of Satan himself, it's just so stupid and short sighted. Why on earth would you want to participate in something that is rooted in witchcraft, forbidden by God and cursed from beginning to end?

Besides all of that, let me now really make the traditionalist angry!

Christmas, Easter, the dress of Catholic leadership, the sun worship of the Catholics and their past close association with the swastika and many other pagan practises have a very dangerous tragic consequence. They are all major obstacles in the way of the Jew coming to salvation and entering the church.

The Bible declares that gospel is to go to the Jew first and then the Gentile! Now, again I realise that this may sound like blasphemy to many, but here it is in black and white: Romans 1:16 "The gospel is the power of God to salivation for everyone who believes to the Jew first and also for the Greeks."

There are literally hundreds of other portions of scripture clearly laying out God's wonderful plan of salvation for the Jews.

How did all these occult practises get into the church:

How did things go so horribly wrong and why is there still so much of the occult so deeply rooted in the church today?

Well, lets have a short lesson in church history.

The early church up until 300 AD had a distinctly Hebraic flavour to it. It was founded in Jerusalem and had mostly Jewish converts although many Gentiles started coming in as the church expanded. Satan tried to stamp the church out by bringing intense persecution on it by ten successive Roman Emperors. This only made the church stronger.

Satan then came up with his trump card which was to defeat the church from within and bring error and the occult into it. He did this through the Roman Emperor Constantine who himself was a worshipper of Baal and Babylonian gods. He was apparently "converted" and became a Christian. He stopped all persecution of the church and made it the official state religion. But to make it more palatable to the masses he introduces many forms of Babylonian occult practises to the church.

As these evil practises became more and more entrenched and accepted, so the light went out and the dark ages started. By 600 AD the Catholic church had its first Pope and the church had changed radically from what it was at first. It was now riddled with the occult and its supernatural power was now counterfeit. The key that the pagan Popes used to maintain control of the masses was the removal of the Bible from the laity. The church in the dark ages soon became the most murderous institution the world has seen.

Then came the reformation, an incomplete work, but a great step out of the darkness. This spiritual enlightenment produced the renaissance and the industrial revolution. Unfortunately much of the church has not awakened fully and is  clinging to its occult practises, which sent it into darkness in the first place!

Now of course there is nothing wrong with a church adopting certain modern traditions or cultural activities as long as they are not rooted in the occult.

A forever flawed leadership:

The Bible says "call no man on earth father" ( Mathew 23:9 ) Yet the Catholic priests all call themselves "father" and insist on being called "father" The word Pope means "father".

My father died many years ago, but I still remember him vividly. My spiritual Father is alive and very well indeed. I know Him too, it's Yeshua / Jesus, God almighty. I know for a fact that no Catholic of any description on this earth is my father!!! None of them, not one!!! I reject them all. They are all counterfeits!!!

When the Roman empire collapsed the Popes took on the title that had previously belonged to to the Roman emperors - Pontificus Maximus, forever linking the Catholic church with the Roman empire. This obviously points to the future as well and relates to the revised Roman Empire, the European government.

On a similar subject, Mary is not my mother, nor is she the mother of God! Since when does God have a mother? Mary was the mother of Yeshua / Jesus, or His humanity, but not His deity. Isis was the origination of the mother-goddess cult. Isis was also called "the mother of God" and "the queen of heaven." By the way, Yeshua / Jesus is our "intercessor" not Mary.

And talking of counterfeits, the Catholics do not teach or preach the new birth. To them, being saved is belonging to their hideous church. They have led untold millions down the wrong road and straight to hell. I do concede that there are some in this church that are truly saved. This is indicated at the end of the letter to the church at Thyatira in Revelation 2. But the shocking thing is that the ones that are saved are those within this church who do not 'hold' or 'cling' to its doctrine!

Pagan practises in the church:

The early church which was mostly Jewish observed none of the pagan festivals and practises of the church today, not one of them!

1 Corinthians 10:13 Amp "Shun, keep clear away from, avoid by flight if needs be any sort of idolatry, which is loving or venerating anything more than God"



Jeremiah 10: 2, 3 "Do not learn the way of the Gentiles...for one cuts down a tree from the forest...they decorate it with silver and gold, they fasten it down with nails and hammers, so that it won't fall."

The Christmas tree is riddled with paganism. It was around in Babylonian days hence the warning by Jeremiah above. By the way, the silver and gold balls were originally icons of sun and moon worship! It is a fact that the red suite worn by the slob in the picture does not represent blood, but was first inspired by Coca Cola. (Go and check it out if you don't believe me)


The Babylonians celebrated the birthday of the sun (not son). This was the day after the shortest day of the year, or solstice. This was set as the 25th of December. This was seen by them as the re-birth of the unconquered sun. In fact the word for the Catholic season of advent means 'coming' and takes place in the run up to the 25th December. It means the coming of the birthday of the sun (not son).

The belief of so many is so shallow these days. Yeshua /Jesus is not Lord of their lives. Its just the same as having a plastic Jesus, a sort of nice sponsor in the background just like the fat slob Santa in his ridiculous Coca Cola suite, who only comes out to play and have fun once a year. The reality is that their Ho, ho, hoing slob is more like Frankenstein and will do them all a lot more eternal harm than any monster. Actually "ho, ho, ho" was the friendly cry of the pagan god Thor also called the Yule god.


Easter was the Babylonian goddess of sex. The way you worshipped her was by going through the Easter gate into the occult temple to have sex with a whore.

Her original name was Ishtar.

This is the name that the Roman Emperor Constantine chose to replace the Biblical Passover. Sex or fertility symbols were all over this evil Babylonian temple. The rabbit and eggs were the main Babylonian symbols of this form of worship, being symbols of fertility and frequent sex.


Oh what a lovely little bunny, how sweet, and what a big pretty egg it has!

The Bible says that we are to keep the feast of Passover, not Easter. The old King James version of the Bible uses the word Easter, while the new King James used the word Passover. The original Greek word correctly translated is the word Passover! 1 Corinthians 5: 7 "Christ our Passover was sacrificed for us, therefore let us keep the feast" The same original word translated Passover is also used in Acts 12: 4, which is incorrectly interpreted as Easter in the old King James Bible. The original word used is "pascha", which means Passover.

Passover is not about sex and fertility, it's about God's judgement passing over us due to the blood of our Messiah.


Again as with Christmas, Easter is a Satanic ritual designed by the devil to keep the Jews out of the church and of course to nullify the Word in the lives of Christian participants. (Read Mark 7 above again)

The image below is a composite of some of the pagan Easter symbols unearthed and discovered around the ruins of Babylon.


The pressures on short sighted Christians to conform and accept the traditions of the occult without question are extremely strong.

"Be not conformed to the world or its ways". Romans 12:2

Sun Worship

Deuteronomy 4 :19 "Take heed that when you see the sun, the moon and the stars, all the host of heaven you don't feel driven to worship them and serve them."

The Catholic church is riddled with the occult. Yes it does adhere to many wonderful truths, but why on earth go half way with God and half way with the devil? Sun worship is evident in so many of its practises, buildings and traditions. Again all forms of sun worship have their source in Babylon and Satan.

Solar symbols are everywhere in Catholicism. Sol Invictus, meaning 'the unconquered sun' has its roots in ancient pagan astrology practises and is seen throughout Catholicism. The image below is of an early Roman coin called Sol Invictus, which was a dedication to the sun god.

Son worship has changed into sun worship through Sol Invictus. It's interesting that all these Sol Invictus idols are brought out and into the Catholic mass on December 25, the birthday of the sun.


Here we have another occult practise designed by the devil to keep the Jews from the church. The "whore of Babylon" is at work. She has led many in other modern protestant churches to become prostitutes of the truth.

The image on the right below is St Peter's chair in St Peter's basilica Rome, which is just below a bronze and gold depiction of Sol Invictus, also represented in that idol Benedict is holding (left)

sun pope

The Catholic hat or Mitre:

What a stupid hat! But can you see how closely it resembles a fish in profile (with open mouth). The big question is why such a stupid hat and why is it only used in high-'holy' ceremonies?

The Mitre is a direct copy of the hat worn by important people in Babylon when they worshipped the fish- god Dagon.

The two sketch-diagrams below are from articles dealing with Dagon in ancient Babylon. The other pictures show the similarity.

Here we have yet another practise rooted in the occult designed by Satan to keep the Jews out of the church.


The Babylonia occult swastika and the cross:

Zephaniah 1: 4 "I will cut off every trace of Baal from this place (Israel). The names of the idolatrous priests with the pagan priests, those who worship the host of heaven." (just think about that verse!!)

Isaiah 47: 13 "You are wearied of the multitude of your counsels; Let now the astrologers, the stargazers and the monthly prognosticators stand up and save you. Behold they shall be as stubble, the fire shall consume them, they'll not be able to deliver themselves from the power of the flame."

The swastika is an ancient symbol that has been used for thousands of years by the Egyptians , Babylonians, Chinese, the Mayans and others. It represents sun-power and strength. Hitler was influenced largely by Luther, quoting often from him, but he was also a devil worshipper gaining much of his inspiration from this source. His attempt to wipe out the Jews was actually to an attempt to display his strength in setting up a 'pure' new world. It is no accident that he chose the swastika as his symbol.

The church also used this symbol. The image below is a composite of swastikas from the past. At the top from the left: An Egyptian column, then a Mayan symbol. In the middle right we have one of the Popes and the bottom row are some of the many Nazi symbols associated with the cross.

Again we have another reason for the Jews to steer clear of the church.


Some other occult, pagan practises originating in Babylon, which are in the church, which I haven't gone into include: Mother and child worship, relic worship, infant baptism or sprinkling, prayer for the dead, the sign of the cross, some of the names bestowed on Mary, cakes made to the queen of heaven (hot cross buns) and many more.

God's judgement on the paganism and the occult

The message to the seven churches in The Revelation is God's view of the church. It's worth taking note of what God thinks, I think. The message to the church at Thyatira relates to the Catholics. Rev 2: 23, 24 "I will kill her children with death and all the churches shall know that I am He who searches the minds and hearts and will give to each according to your many as who do not have this doctrine and who have not known the depths of Satan, I will put on you no other burden." This church is also told that it will be cast into great tribulation.

Children (verse 23) are those that cling to their mother. In other words those that cling to the mother church and its doctrine are in fierce trouble with God. Note also that this church's doctrine originates in " the depths of Satan", How incredible and tragic is this?

There are hundreds of symbols, traditions and practises associated with the church that are deeply rooted in the occult. It's not my purpose to go into them all here, but simply to draw your attention to the main overriding and very important factor behind this edition. Christian, in participating in these things, you are headed for disaster and and are instrumental in laying stumbling blocks in the path of the Jews.

God has always judged and condemned paganism and the occult. Sometimes His judgement was swift and sometimes it was a long time coming, but it always did and always will.

I simply cant for the life of me understand why so many Christians love the occult so much and refuse to just drop it! The only explanation I can think of is that they are so bound by the traditions of the world that it (empowered by the devil) has blinded them.

The Catholic church (and other similar orthodox churches) will be a very big part in Satan's end time plan. This will be God's judgement on them. I would not be surprised to see the false prophet of the tribulation emerge from this evil institution.

Revelation 18: 2 Speaks prophetically of the gigantic fall and total disaster that is coming on all aspects of modern revived Babylon including large parts of the church. "Babylon the great is fallen is fallen and has become a habitation of devils and the abode of every fouls spirit"

Isaiah 47: 3-7 This is amazing and relates to many nations like Europe, but the subject matter deals with the final humiliation of Babylon. "Your shame will be seen, I will take for our Redeemer, the Lord of hosts (armies) is His name, the Holy One of Israel. Sit in silence, Babylon and go into darkness, for you shall no longer be called the Lady of Kingdoms. I was angry with My people and gave them into your hand. You showed them no mercy." Verse 15 "No one shall save you"

The lady of Babylon is no lady, she is a whore, and a slut, a pure witch! (Not my opinion but God's opinion contained in many passages of scripture) The counterfeit kingdom of Popes that has arisen out of her in Rome, will become a significant force in tandem with the revised Roman empire (new world government) and will again spearhead, or at least be involved in the mass murder of Jews.

You may say, please leave us alone and don't rock the boat. Don't point out all of these things, just accept that it's the way things are. My answer is NO.

Why would the Jews want another Babylonian captivity?

The Jews have on many occasions been dealt with very severely by God for delving into the occult. God has brought judgement on them, sent them into captivity and allowed them to be defeated every time they fell into the worship of false gods and practises.

Even now religious or Rabbinical Judaism, which rejects Yeshua / Jesus will lead them into judgement again.

Most Jews have an inbuilt fear and resistance to Christian conversion simply because they know all too well that the church has many roots in the occult and paganism. Most Christians think that to get saved Jews need to become Christianised and join institutionalised churchianity!

"Come now Jew boy, now that you're saved, have a ham sandwich with us as we celebrate Chrissmiss"....I think not!

Its interesting to look into the Word of God to see the end of ancient and revived Babylon and the end of the Jews. Babylon ended in the most horrific destruction and judgement of God while the end of the Jews is in wonderful salvation!

Psalm 137 "By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down and wept, when we remembered Zion". Oh yes, so why would the Jews again want to have any part with what is essentially Babylonian captivity again, just in a new name...churchianity?

The  pure Judaeo-Christian heritage of most of the Western world has been sold out. Its not going, its gone and what is now arising in its place is a deadly mix of paganism and ungodly worldly humanism in the name of Christianity. Our civilisation is on deaths door step. A time of thick darkness and deception is coming fast, a time of chaos and confusion, to put any drunk to shame. Beware dear reader, of the spiritual pimps out there, who are enemies of the cross of our Messiah and all truth. Perverted truth has been the death knell and path of destruction for Israel many times before.

Jews beware, the spirit of Hitler is not dead and will come to you as a wolf in sheep's clothing this time offering peace. My dear Jewish reader, you have suffered much, but beware you are in mortal danger again.

God will have His Gentile faithful few, who will be voices of dissent and who will stand with and for the Jew and Israel. Only follow those men that follow God and the fullness of truth. These days you need some spiritual guts to head for glory!

A glorious pure future:

Isaiah 61:1,2 This speaks of the glorious future for the Jews."The Lord will console those who mourn in Zion and give them beauty for shall be called the Priests of the Lord, you shall eat the riches of the Gentiles...Instead of your shame you shall have double honour, and in their own land they shall posses double. I will direct their works in truth and will make with them an everlasting covenant"

I once stood on top of Masada in Israel with a number of Israeli Defence Force Generals, who regularly go up there to pray and declare..."Never again will Jerusalem fall into gentile hands" ...and that includes Gentile Paganism!

Christian beware, God is already moving forward to bring the Jews to salvation, but He is leaving much of the abominable Christian church behind!! What God is doing now is most remarkable. He is lifting the veil of blindness on the Jews in ever increasing numbers as they see and recognise that their Messiah is the Jewish Messiah of the true church. He is also separating to Himself a pure glorious church. The work of God is always according to pure truth.

The evil traditions of the church may keep the Jews out, but it will not keep them from the glorious salvation which is coming their way in ever growing numbers.

In the coming days the Jews will be reconciled with many of their Gentile, Christian brothers and sisters, and it will be a reunion like Joseph with his brothers. God's heart is and will be for a Jew and Gentile Messianic church with a Hebraic flavour and with all of Babylon rooted out!

The God I know is the God of truth, but He always offers forgiveness and pardon. He offers healing for those who want deliverance from the powers of darkness. He shines His light on the way forward. He offers beauty out of the ashes of repentance. He offers a whole new life full of truth, righteousness, holiness and glory.

The life He offers was bought and paid for with the suffering of the cross and resulting resurrection, which itself delivers power for us to walk in new resurrection life.

Note: My objective is not to get anyone to leave this or that church. Salvation is not dependant on what church you go to or what traditions you adhere to. No church or tradition can save you because no church died for you! Salvation relates to you knowing God and being known by Him. The objective of this edition is to present a simple and dire warning and to offer a much better way.


For further reading and study on this subject please read the monumental book by Alexander Hislop titled The Two Babylons. In the front of the book, a note from the editor declares; " Its gratifying to know that no one so far as we are aware has ventured to challenge the accuracy of the historical proofs adduced in support of the startling announcement of the title page."   It was written in 1916 and documents the amazing parallels between ancient Babylon and the Catholics as well as many others of the orthodox persuasion.

Heaven or hell:

Long gone head of the Catholics Leo XII, (left) did you take the trouble to get saved. You led your abominable church till you were 97 years old. You issued a decree forbidding your people to own or read the scriptures and you enforced many other doctrines of devils. Where are you now, you blind guide? Yes I know where your body is lying, for all to see, but where are you now. If you were permitted to speak to the living now, what would you say? And what would you say to the current dark, deceived leadership of the Catholic church, knowing what you now know? You know now Leo, that Mary could never help you and your repetitious prayers to her were all in vain. You know now Leo, that your doctrine of the immaculate conception of Mary is an immaculate deception! You know now Leo, that not only were you not infallible, you were an incarnation of evil!


Rabbi Jacob Lipszyc (right) you were murdered in the Holocaust, but did you make right with your Jewish Messiah and chief Rabbi Yeshua/ Jesus before your cruel execution? Where are you now rabbi? If you could address us now, what would you say knowing what you know now?

In closing this edition here is a woodcut by Gustave Doré depicting the construction of the tower of Babel by the occult-rich Babylonians. This was their attempt to reach God, but they were riddled with paganism. We know what the outcome was. Dear reader, do you want to reach up to God also? That's great! But you need to do it His way!


Kind regards and many blessings...Shalom and grow in grace!

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