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Coming cataclysmic catastrophes

Coming glorious global calm



The judgement of God is close at hand, be warned!

The book of revelation is essentially THE revelation of our Messiah Yeshua / Jesus in His risen form. This is not a revelation of the suffering servant and lamb of God. It is a spectacular, wonderful, glorious revelation of our Messiah the Lion in all His Glory and Majesty.

The book is also a revelation of what it will take to bring an end to the wrath of the devil and the wrath of man against God. It reveals the wrath of God in the form of ever increasing waves of judgement one after the next. Amazingly God offers His hand of friendship to any who will repent along the way, and many will. Just as amazingly, much of humanity driven by Satan himself will not repent and bring doom upon themselves. John 3:19 "This is the condemnation that the light has come into the world and men loved darkness rather than light, because their works are evil"

The funny thing is that most people have an interest in the future and want to know what's coming, but few want to prepare themselves spiritually. This subject, although not nice, is a very powerful tool for evangelism, don't underestimate it!

God sometimes uses the environment and nature to bring about His purposes, but don't for one minute think that He is limited to the natural world. He is supernatural and many of the coming catastrophes upon this world will be purely supernatural and will come right out of the blue with no warning.

It's important to understand that God works with and deals with mankind in different ways at different times. Some people reject dispensationalism because it doesn't suit their pre-conceived ideas. But it is a Biblical truth. Hebrews 1:1 "God who in different dispensations of time, spoke in different ways..." We are now in the age or dispensation of grace or the longsuffering of God. The Old Testament was characterised by the demonstrative power of God in a monumental way. we don't see those sort of judgements now. The times of Noah, Lot, Babylon, Egypt and the exodus and others are examples of how God worked with mankind back then.

The Bible teaches that the seven year tribulation period is actually the culmination of the Old Testament. Daniel 9: 24. "Seventy weeks are determined upon your people and your holy city" The word used for "weeks" is the word shabua, which means group of seven. In context it is referring to weeks of years. This passage of scripture outlines a 70 x 7 year time period cut out in time for the Jewish people. It is divided into two periods one of 69 x 7 years and the final 7 years, also called the time of Jacobs trouble and the seven year tribulation.

The entire character of this seven year time period makes it distinctly part of the Old Testament, it has the same characteristics. This is why we see the most incredible waves of judgements hitting the world in the seven year tribulation. It would not be in God's character to do this now during the current age of grace.

This is one of the many reasons why the true church will not be here during this time of God's wrath. The Bible says "God reserves His wrath for His enemies."

The seven year tribulation period sees a return to the same sort of spectacular, severe judgements on the whole world that we saw in Old Testament times.

But in the time period running up to the tribulation (now) we will see small forerunners of these judgements but because we are still in the age of grace, these are minor in comparison to what's coming.

In this edition I've listed the tribulation judgements in the order in which they will roll out. Some will run the entire course of the tribulation and others not. These come in three waves of seven each. They are the: seven seal judgements, the seven bowl and seven trumpet judgements.

Some teach that the first three and a half years will be a time of peace. This is wrong. It will only be a time of political (deceptive) peace with Israel. The tribulation kicks off with a peace pact signed between the antichrist and Israel, but that's as far as it goes. Most of the judgements of the Revelation run throughout the tribulation and have a much wider scope than the peace pact with Israel.

There are many other portions of scripture throughout the Bible also dealing with these judgements. Some add other aspects or expand on them, but The Revelation lists most of them in order.

Why the catastrophes:

Before we get into this subject, its important to understand why they will come about. The Bible says that God does nothing unless He reveals it to His prophets first.

We need to understand that the coming catastrophes are essentially the final conflict of a spiritual battle. It began with Lucifer wanting what God has, which is worship. The battle went all the way through time and now reaches its culmination. Its also very important to know how Satan works. He always starts with gentle persuasion or manipulation. If he cant get worship and servant hood that way, he turns up the heat and works through intimidation and finally domination. We see this clearly when he offered Yeshua / Jesus the kingdoms of the world (which are his to give) if only He (Messiah) would bow down and worship him. When this failed he moved on to inspire the crucifixion of our Lord. 

The big overriding reason for the coming judgements is simply because when you break the laws of God, judgment follows. That's it in a nutshell, plain and simple. The good news for believers is that God's judgement has already fallen on Yeshua / Jesus at the cross and we who believe are no longer under judgement, but its a completely different story for the world. The whole world has and is moving further away from God's ways and purposes in rebellion to Him at an ever increasing rate, motivated by Satan himself.

God has set up various institutions for a strong nation under God. These are church, government and family. All three are falling apart fast, due to Satan's infiltration.

Its primarily the responsibility of the church to be the bastion of truth in the world. Today much of the church has moved very far away from this. The church has largely abdicated in its responsibility to the truth.

Many churches started off well, but as they grew bigger and bigger so they became more and more respectable and compromised with the world! Tolerance is one of the last evil virtues of a collapsing society. Much of the church, in its desire to become respectable and acceptable in the world's eyes has become tolerant of and relevant to the world and lost all traces of true Godly power. As a result, silently and unbeknown to blind pastors, a counterfeit power full of lying signs and wonders has crept in. The problem is that when a believer casts the truth down, he doesn't stay in a vacuum. The devil will always fill those gaps.

Today led by blind deceived leaders, much of the church regularly and ignorantly bows down to the great Satanic god Hollywood and worships at the shrine of the Satanic god of entertainment.

The collapse of those three institutions that God set up for a strong nation is one of the reasons why the devil is having his way.

Its the job of church leadership to keep the devil at bay, and to stay separate from the world. if they won't he will say thank you very much and walk right in camouflaged as an angle of light, which will end in judgement!

Matthew 5:13 "You are the salt of the earth, but if the salt loses its savour its good for nothing except to be cast out and trodden under foot."

Yes, today there is a growing uncompromised church of genuine truth. It stands separate from the world and its ways and the compromised church of today.

Its worth bearing in mind that the way to be right with God is this: You need to have a soft broken and contrite heart before Him and be right in doctrine. The two go hand in hand.

Over the years I've heard many ministers say "don't worry about doctrine." I've also heard many teach very little on the heart of man and plenty on keeping their little church doctrines. That's a sure way to get shipwrecked!

Anyway, the world is on a collision course with God. The coming judgements are a direct result of a compromised church and a world gone off into relativity where there are no absolutes any more.

Satan, the god of this world is using modern man to gain control of the political world, the economic world, the technological world and the military world. This full spectrum of world dominance will never come to complete fruition though, simply because God will destroy it all in its tracks.

Perhaps the greatest tragedy of all is that because much of the present-day church has cast down the "spirit of the truth" the "spirit of error" has flooded in, led by the prince of darkness (that's not Ozzy) The tragedy is that the antichrist will arrive on the world stage directly associated with the church! Untold millions perhaps billions will fall for his cunning deception. 1John 2:18 implies that he (the antichrist) "went out from us but was not of us".

God will very soon remove His true church ending the age of grace and will begin a deadly outpouring of the greatest worldwide judgements ever seen on this planet.


Another very significant reason for the coming cataclysmic judgements on the world is because it has tried to interfere and change God's plan for Israel and the Jewish people. There is much about this in previous editions, so I won't go into it here.

A principle of judgement.

Judgement is only hated by the law breaker. If we didn't have the laws of the road, there would be anarchy on the roads. The purpose of the law is to keep us in check and maintain an environment of calm and peace. You could accurately say that when a criminal is thrown into jail, the environment is now a little bit better. Likewise the coming judgements and catastrophes are actually designed by God to cleanse the world and bring about His glorious new world!!!!

The judgement of God only comes when His longsuffering and patience has been tested to the limit. God will not strive with man forever - Genesis 6:3. God is slow to anger, but it does have a limit!

The coming cataclysmic judgements of God, seen in the Revelation

1)The seven seal judgements:

●The opening of these seals releases the four horsemen of the Apocalypse

The first horseman of the Apocalypse is the rider on a white horse. This speaks of the arrival in deception of the antichrist on the world stage. Satan himself will at this point enter and inhabit one individual person, who will be the head of a world government. He will come in on the wings of peace, making peace with Israel and the Arabs and bringing in a whole lot of incredible, brilliant plans, systems and ideas. The kingdoms of the world will gladly give their authority over to him as will the church headed by the antichrist's sidekick, the false prophet.

●Then comes the rider on the red horse. This seal releases world war and conflict. "He will take peace from the entire earth"

●The third is the rider on the black horse. This seal releases worldwide famine on a massive scale.


●The fourth is the rider on the pale horse. This seal releases a massive increase in death. The pale horse implies death from sickness, plagues, pestilence and disease, but not limited to that. This will see a fourth of the world's population dead. (A staggering amount)

●Then comes the mass martyrdom of those who get saved during the tribulation period. They are told to "wait a little longer until their blood is avenged."

●The sixth seal releases the most incredible geological and astronomical upheavals the world has ever seen. We see earthquakes, signs in the sun, moon and stars. We see stars falling to the earth. This speaks of a bombardment of many meteorites hitting the earth. So severe is this wave of judgements that many people including leaders, will try to hide themselves from "the wrath of the Lamb" They will wish to die, but death will escape them for now.


●The seventh seal releases a chilling, stunned silence in heaven. What follows is another wave of massive earthquakes and storms on earth.

2) The seven trumpet judgements:

These trumpet blasts release incredibly huge judgements on a massive scale on the earth.

●The first trumpet releases massive hail stones and fire on the earth which destroys one third of the trees and grass on the whole earth.

●The second trumpet sees a massive "mountain burning with fire" which falls from the sky into the sea. One third of the sea turns to blood as one third of all the fish are killed. One third of all ships are destroyed as well. This "mountain" is most likely an asteroid, much larger than the earlier bombardment of meteors.

●The third trumpet releases a "great star burning like a torch" falling to the earth. This is not the "great mountain" of the previous judgement. The fact that this one is called a "great star" means that it is even larger than the other. It contaminates one third of the rivers and waters on earth resulting in the death of "many" This star is called "Wormwood" which means bitterness. It will most certainly have deadly properties to it.


●The fourth trumpet releases a judgement which darkens a third of the sun, moon and stars, leaving a gloomy world.

●The fifth trumpet blast releases  a series of "woes", warned about in the previous one. The first woe sees the bottomless pit opened releasing a plague of demon led locusts. These will not be normal locusts, but animals with scorpion-like bites. They will be commanded not to destroy plant material and led only to attack humans who are not protected by God. They are led by a demon called "Apollyon", which means destroyer. This world-wide attack will be so severe it causes people to seek death, but it will be in vain. They will be prevented from dying. Some believe that these locusts are actually helicopters because of some similar descriptions. This is not so. These will be supernaturally charged, demon led insects of some sort. They may in fact be manifesting demons.

●The sixth trumpet or second "woe" releases four demons that  make way for an 'army' of 200 million. This is perhaps not a literal army, but an army of demon spirits who were previously bound. It doesn't really make much difference who or what they are, the end result is that a third of the world's remaining population is killed by them. One fourth of the world has already been killed and untold millions in other judgements, now we have another third of the remainder being killed. We now have up to about 60% of the world's population dead. Incredibly the Bible declares that even now, the remainder still refuse to repent!

●The seventh trumpet is the final "woe". As heaven begins to rejoice, because we are nearing the end, the last earthquakes and some more great hail is released.

3) The seven bowl judgements:

These judgements release the final "wrath of God" on the earth and are purely supernatural.

●The first is the release of foul and loathsome sores upon all who had previously received the "mark of the beast".

●The second judgement kills every single living thing in the sea.

●The third judgement sees all of the rivers, lakes and waters of the earth, turned to blood.

●The fourth judgement sees the heat being turned up. Supernatural power now turns up the temperature of the sun to such a degree that humans are "scorched with great heat" The result is that the remaining people "blaspheme" God because of their pain.


●The fifth judgement speaks of darkness falling on the kingdom of the antichrist. People  are inflicted with great pain and "they gnawed their tongues because of the pain"

●The sixth judgement now sees the river Euphrates dried up to prepare the way for an army of 200 million men from the east who are preparing to invade Israel. This ends in Armageddon.

●The seventh judgement releases the greatest earthquake ever seen on the earth topped with massive hailstones the size of large rocks. This earthquake re-arranges much of the earth, destroying many island, cities and mountains.

The coming fiscal fiasco:


Early in these shocking judgements (perhaps before the tribulation starts) will come a world economic crisis to put them all to shame. This will lead to a world stock market melt down, wiping out untold trillions of dollars in a flash, preparing the way for world economic control by the antichrist.

The world economic melt down that we saw recently will be a Mickey Mouse event compared to what's coming. Oil and the Arab world will play a major part. The short version is this: For the antichrist to gain control of the world's economy he will have to destabilise it first.

When you can no longer service your debt, you're finished that's it...over. The USA and Europe are empires of growing monumental debt. Like a house of cards or a house built on sand it will all fall down. Talking of building on the sand Dubai is interesting. It now has the tallest building in the world, just like the tower of Babel was at the time. Dubai wants to become a world financial capital, just like Babylon was. Dubai is building a massive hanging garden, just like they did in Babylon. Now, I'm not saying that Dubai is Babylon, but its most certainly a type! It's now on the verge of bankruptcy.

The world's a lot more dependant on oil than most believe and it seems that God has planned it so that most of the oil is in Arab / Islamic control. It's within their financial interests to keep trade going, but as soon as the pressure is really on, through war or something like that, they could easily restrict supply sending the oil price into orbit and crippling the world economy.

Either way, the antichrist will come up with the most brilliant plan ever conceived and devised to bring the world economy into a system of control involving the "mark of the beast" It is very likely that we could see a fresh push for a single world currency soon.

James 5:1 "Go now you rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that will come upon you. Your riches are corrupted, your gold and silver is've heaped up treasures in the last days".

The big banks of the world will be right at the forefront of the devils new system. Its worth bearing in mind that the banking system was birthed in Babylon. God destroyed it and will again destroy revived worldwide Babylon, which is seen all over the place especially in religious circles. (See previous edition) There has been much talk of bailing out banks that are too big to fail. We will soon see the opposite. Many banks will become so indebted they we will be too big to save!

There is a fiscal  hurricane coming upon the world soon!


Most of the above judgements look like something out of a science fiction novel. The reason is simply because we have seen nothing like it at all in the last 2000 years or dispensation of grace. But you only need to look further back to the Old Testament judgements to see that this is perfectly in character with God.

Those worrying about climate change are barking up the wrong tree. Those worrying about global warming are sweating the wrong stuff. That's all a waste of time! What is coming will dwarf anything the world has ever seen. The inconvenient truth is simply that mankind will be totally and completely powerless to do a single thing to prevent what is coming soon.

These cataclysmic judgements will wipe out about 60% of the worlds population. That's about 4 billion people perhaps more, depending on the world population size now. If we are close to 7 billion now then 60% will be just over 4 billion. The Bible does declare in various places that these judgements will be far worse than anything the world has ever seen.

My friends, it's a fearful thing to fall into the hands of an angry God! Now of course you can put your head in the sand like an ostrich and say, "please don't give me all these scare tactics, don't you know a God of love would never do anything like this" Well you can reject it all, but that will change nothing at all except perhaps to make your own situation worse and increase your own guilt!

You can also say, like most do; "nobody knows the time, all thing will carry on as normal" These people are called "last days mockers" in Jude 18 and "last days scoffers" in 2 Peter 3:3

Ten to one, the true living born-again church, including the Messianic Jews who have recognised that Yeshua / Jesus is Lord, will not be here during this time period, so we will escape it.

So, when will this all happen? I would encourage you to read edition 9 on page three for a very interesting view on timing. Don't take that edition lightly, these think could well begin in 2011! I also deal with the command of God to know the time in edition 9.

Cool, calm, collected peace is coming soon.


Habakkuk 3:2 "In Your wrath remember mercy"

God will shake everything that can be shaken and everything that mankind puts their trust in. But the catastrophes have within them the mercy of God. No one can stop the soon coming renovation of this earth, but people can stop the judgement coming upon themselves, as individuals, by turning to the free gift of salvation offered in the midst of the trouble.

Right now we are in the calm before the most powerful tumultuous storms the world has ever seen. But immediately after the storms, will come a calm and peace brought down on the earth and transforming it supernaturally by our Messiah.

The dramatic conflict of the ages between Satan and God will soon and finally come to a shocking and incredible climax, with the world going through a baptism of fiery judgements resulting in a new world of calm, peace, love, joy and glory.

Gods glorious eternal purpose is to bring about a millennium of calm and peace and the restoration of the earth to the way it was always supposed to be before the fall in Eden. His purpose is to remove in judgement all evil, rebellion and everything rooted in Satan. He will do and complete this after all of His grace has been rejected.

Revelation 11:15  "The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ and He shall reign forever and ever."

Paradise lost will become paradise restored, but only for those who accept His offer of forgiveness and respond accordingly. All others are destined for cataclysmic catastrophes and then hell eternal.

Heaven or hell:

Old man you died at 110 years old, what a long life! But you're going to live a lot longer now that you're in eternity! What did you do with your life here on earth? Did you prepare yourself for eternity? As you now know, you can't reverse or change your destiny, it's too late now. Did you make Yeshua / Jesus the Lord of your life while you had the opportunity? You know all about the reality of heaven and hell now don't you?


Young girl, if the old man next to you could speak to you now from his eternal habitation, do you know what he would say to you? I can almost hear him pleading and pleading and pleading, with tears of urgency, saying "get saved fast" He is crying for you!  You still have time, what are you going to do with it? What you do with the salvation offered to you, will determine whose neighbourhood you're going to hang out in forever!


In closing here is Gustave Dore impression of the riders of the Apocalypse. (Thanks to the Adelaide University Library)


Kind regards and many blessings...Shalom and grow in grace!

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