Edition 24. 1st January 2010

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Preparing for Messiah.



Preparing your heart and mind for the soon coming of our Lord

I'm not really into new year's resolutions, but there is something to be said for picking a point of identification for new things in life. Time is short, so the sooner we all get radical in our pursuit of the Lord, the better. The word radical comes from the root word radix, which means "to go to the root"

I can assure you dear reader, that my aim and objective in these editions is not to prove myself right and others wrong or to impress with any fancy words. It is to help you in whatever way possible to be right with God and be ready for Him at His coming. These are all eternal issues with eternal consequences!

God's plan for you in perilous times:

Some things are unique for each individual while others are universal. In this edition I'll deal with the more general issues.

Perilous times are here and will intensify greatly from here on. But you need to have something other than what is all around us as a measure. if your standard of comparison is the icy-cold average church today, then you are in grave danger! "If you compare yourselves among yourselves you are not wise" - 2 Corinthians 10:12

If your standard of measure is what you think and what the world is saying and doing, you are on a slippery slope to hell. You see, the world is moving. The Bible talks about the "course of this world". Its moving at great speed ever further away from God. If your Christian life is essentially no different to the world, you are a monumental failure and a fast growing one at that. You will then be moving, on course with the world away from God.

Whenever I see a funeral and hear the sobbing and wailing, I wonder where that person in the coffin is now. People at funerals always pick on the good things to say. "What a wonderful person he was". Nothing wrong with that, But at death you meet God. What's important is what He says, not the people left behind! Their words are powerless. God will say either "Well done good and faithful servant" or "depart from Me into hell" Imagine the regret, the OOPS of discovering that your whole life was on the wrong course and wasted.

No one ever said on his death bed, that he has spent too much time studying the Bible and preparing himself for God.

God has a plan for every human on earth and it's not His fault if people won't come to Him and go His way.

God's plan for you is to be a leader! Yes all of you. No not a leader in the normal sense, but a leader of your own life. He wants you to lead your life led by His Spirit, to glory and not to be a follower of the world! Be careful of being a dumb sheep of the world and a stupid traditionalist!

I once (actually eight times) read a wonderful book by A.W. Tozer called "The set of the sail" It's all about how you need to set and constantly adjust the sail to move forward. You need to set the sail in a particular way to move forward against the winds of this world. The easy way is to do nothing and go with the wind, but your end will be a big nasty surprise to you!

The necessity of solitude:


Eagles never fly in flocks, they fly alone. The Bible uses Eagles as a type for believers in a few places. Deep divine fellowship with our God of glory can only be experienced by you alone as you separate yourself to Him. People who forsake the world's ways and abandon themselves as they push, alone into the presence of God, are those that are romanced by Him and come out forever changed.

I'm not talking about independence from God, just the opposite in fact; but I am talking about spending a time removed from all the noise of the masses and opinions of people. You can't live on second hand revelation for long.

You can't hear the voice of God for yourself in the midst of multitudes of voices. Single mindedness with our Lord comes in our own private faith.

Another important factor relating to solitude with God is that it teachs us to shut-up and listen to Him. It sets our focus on Him alone. The busier you are the more hectic your world. You can only really bow your life to God when you see Him as He is and you can take no one with you to do this.

A.W. Tozer said this: "Stay in the secret place until the surrounding noises begin to fade and God's presence envelops you."

Psalm 91:1 "He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty"

God's presence is in the "secret place" you can only go there alone. This is where you will find the "path of life" and receive visions of eternal glory?

●Moses was most affected as he spent time alone with God separated from the people. Even his face was 'burned' with glory!

●Jacob wrestled alone with God. He was 'branded' by that encounter, which saw him physically impacted for the rest of his life. This encounter saw his name being changed to Israel and resulted in him dying to the old as he moved in a new dimension with God afterwards. He became the forefather of Israel.

●As Daniel separated himself alone to God, he received spectacular celestial visions, full of incredible meaning even for our day.

●Yeshua / Jesus Himself often separated Himself alone unto God in the desert. In fact He fasted alone for 40 days before His ministry began.

●Paul had deep encounters alone with God. In fact, after salvation, he spent 14 years alone in the desert before his ministry began.

●John spent his last days alone on the island of Patmos, where he sought after God with great zeal. This resulted in more amazing, incredible visions from the heart of God than anyone in history has ever had.

No one can do this for you, you need to press into the presence of God alone. This is the way to the place of perfect peace. This is the place of transformation. People can give you information and even inspiration, but only a lone divine encounter can really transform you and leave you forever gloriously changed.

A single glimpse through the prison windows of this world to eternity has life-changing power. You can only do this in the solitude of your own faith.

The Christian life is a journey pictured in the feasts of the Lord. We go from Passover (salvation), through Pentacost (filled with the Sprirt) to Tabernacles, which represents being in His presence.

The richness of God's experiences for us doesn't end at Pentecost. After Pentecost comes Tabernacles!

On the other side of the solitude coin is fellowship and relationship with other believers. This is essential in terms of balance. But be careful, don't think you will advance with God if you are in close, friendly fellowship with a bunch of half- baked believers, in love with the world and its ways.

What is needed is a clear distinct separation in terms of time between fellowship with people and fellowship alone with God.

It's a good idea to seek out some radical believers, who are seriously intent on seeking the Lord no matter what and relate to them.

The single life:

The Bible exalts the single life. There are very many very successful singles in the Bible. Here are some of them: Yeshua / Jesus, Paul, Daniel, Jeremiah and many others. Marriage is for the majority, but there is much to be said for the single life.

By way of testimony, in 1980 I set my heart after our Lord in a new way. Through much prayer and fasting, the Lord impressed upon me and birthed in me the desire to be single. I set my life then in dedication to Him as a single. But it came with great pressure from people who had no understanding of this. Celibacy is a gift and calling from God. It's a glorious life. Of course marriage can be successful as well.

Here is an interesting discourse. 1 Corinthians 7: 26- 33 "Because of the present distress its good for a man to remain as he is. If married don't seek to be loosed, if single don't seek to be married. If you marry you haven't sinned...but I say this, time is short...I want you to be without care, he who is unmarried cares for the things of the Lord and how he may please the Lord."

The implication in the above portion of scripture is that the closer we get to the coming of the Lord the more we should be concerned with doing his will and being single really sets you free to do this.

Matthew 19 speaks of the fact that single life can be by birth, calling or choice!

If you're not called to be single and want to by choice, God will come into your life like a flood and fill the gaps. He will be your partner in a special way, I can testify to that.

By the way, the 144,000 of the Revelation, who will impact the whole world with their ministry, will all be singles. (Revelation 14: 4 and 7:4-8)

The issue here is that to be right with God at His coming, you need to be in your right calling. You need to know it and walk in it.

Please don't send me emails, I'm not against marriage. This is just for those few who want to be free to do God's will un-restricted as they see the soon coming of the Lord.

Young people out there, this may not be easy; but let me tell you that a life of calculated, deliberate abstinence is the way to a powerful life! You'll be able to live a life without the stress of regret and become the apple of God's eye! He will use you and reward you.

Know your Bible:

As we get closer to the Revelation of our Messiah of glory, we need to be ready. Weather we go in the rapture, stay here or die first, we are very near to our Lord's coming. The way to be right with God is to have a soft and broken heart before Him and to know your Bible backwards. We need both. The Bible itself will help greatly in our transformation. It'll help us transform our way of living. Die without its influence and you'll regret it forever!

Very few people today take the Bible seriously. They play with it. They're enslaved to nice Christian fun and games and they worship the world. Actually you're a giant fool if you play with a two edged sword! If you have the Bible deeply rooted in your heart you are free from any and all enslavement.

The Bible is alive and eternally wise, it will never reveal its secrets to the, the casual enquirer, the curious, the irreverent, or the sceptic. To them it's a hidden, dark, confusing mystery. This is one of the divine qualities of the Bible. You can't know it or hear its voice outside of its spirit or its requirements. "The things of the Spirit are spiritually discerned", says the Bible.

The Bible is the only book in the world that certainly and accurately plots the future for the world and all those who will be ready for heaven. It's the only book in the world that gives you and I the way into the future and spells out the peril of going the wrong way. It's the only way to real deep peace with purpose.

You don't need to know everything in the Bible, but there is much that you dare not misunderstand.

I must say in my own pursuit of my God and the more I've studied His Word in the last 30 years or so, the more I've had untold peace in my heart. It's also left me with an ever growing understanding that there is a whole new world out there.

If you are approaching your spiritual life correctly it will have Godly results.

The Bible declares that those who are ready, will be rewarded. These rewards are eternal. In eternity we will all be different. Yes, we will be equal in terms of the foundation of salvation, but some will scrape in by the skin of their teeth and have their futile works burned up like fire hitting straw. Others will be like those adorned with gold and jewellery and wear crowns of glory forever. Some will have great authority relating to future worlds, kingdoms and other places in the universe!

Did you know that there is special eternal reward given only and exclusively to those that look for the coming of our Messiah.? Here it is 2 Timothy 4:8 (amp) "Now there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, for being right with God, which the Lord the righteous judge will give me on the great day; but not only to me but all who have loved and yearned for and welcomed His return."

If you don't know your Bible in this time, you are in much greater danger than you can imagine.

Dr. Derek Prince:


There's a lot to be said for 'last words'. I want to share with you a very interesting true story. Brother Derek Prince, whom I consider one of my spiritual fathers, died at about 90 a few years ago. He was arguably the greatest Zionist Christian of modern times. He was British, with his ministry headquartered in the US, but he lived in Jerusalem. He had an extremely profound, radical and prolific ministry, which started in the Second World War. He was loved, adored and hated by the traditionalists. Thousands of people carried his coffin down the streets of Jerusalem. I actually met him in the 1970s.

Just before he died, a US senator visited him and asked him what he believed was the main thing God was doing now. Brother Derek struggled for breath and said, " He is restoring Israel and the Jews and starting to judge the nations of the world. He then slipped into eternity.

Many times I have been left with his profound words ringing in my head for ages afterwards. When I heard this, these words rang loud and clear and still are!

If God is starting to restore the Jews and Israel now, be very sure that the nations of the world will determine their own destiny by how they respond to God's work. This principle is just as valid for the individual.

If I may add one thing to Brother Derek's words: The Bible declares that judgement begins in the house of God. So yes God is restoring Israel, starting to judge the nations AND He is now starting to judge the church. Part of His judgement on the church (only the lukewarm and non-spirit filled churches) is to withdraw His Spirit and let them continue in their own strength motivated by the spirit of the world.

The leadership of many churches today IS the judgement of God on lukewarm Christians!

This entire issue of the salvation of the Jews and the land of Israel on the one hand and replacement theology on the other hand will be a fence of division rising higher and higher. Those on the side of Gods work will go on in glory, while those on the other side will grow in deception as they work for and with the devil.

If ever there was a man who was ready to step into eternal glory it was this man. In a future edition I'll share amazing key points within the testimonies of a few men of God who dramatically impacted the world. (None will be modern living preachers)

I encourage you to study the teachings of Derek Prince. There is a link to his material under the "links" button.

Truth and error:

If your church is into replacement theology or neutral towards these things, it and its pastors need to fear greatly what is coming upon them. On the other hand when you fear God, and His entire Word, you have nothing else to fear. The fear of God gives you confidence and contentment.

Let me share this with you. I know an individual, a pastor, who says he loves the Jews. But when asked what he thinks of the basic human rights of the Palestinians to a part of Israel and Jerusalem, he says; "yes of course they have these rights. This is the world's roadmap to peace" he says.

Incredibly, this is exactly the sort of absolute cow dung that is so prolific today. He knows that the Bible says something about the Jews somewhere, so he proclaims this like a sort of insurance policy. He knows very well, all about human rights. These he exalts above God. This pastor has set himself up as God's judge! What a big surprise he has coming soon!

Of course I'm not against human rights generally, but where they conflict with God's rights, guess which one to chose?

Many church leaders will not be ready for the Lord at His coming. They will be found working with and for the devil in disguise, promoting the ways of the world. The shocking thing is that the implication within the Laodicea church of Revelation chapter three, is that huge amounts of churchy people will be spewed out of the mouth of the Lord like vomit! It's not just a few.

There is coming a time very soon where the pressures on Israel will intensify dramatically. Much of the church will stand against Israel with the forces of darkness. Will you? When the pressure is on, will you identify yourself with Israel and God's work? I know I will.

God may well use the hatred of Islam to drive Bible believing Christians and Jews closer together in the days ahead. Islam has a an eternal hatred for both the Jews and Bible believing Christians. Please read edition 16 for a liberating detailed view of this. Israel is now beginning to recognise more and more that its true eternal friends are Messianic Bible believing Christians.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the President of Israel, who is also on the board of Christians United for Israel (link above left) recognises this and has often said exactly this.

You can never be right with God while being wrong in the major, big, foundational doctrines of the Word of God. Jeremiah 15:16 "When I discovered your words, I devoured them and they became my heart's joy and delight."


I know an individual who has been a believer for many years. He always battles with worldliness. He doesn't own a Bible!

The key of David:

The book of Revelation is the Revelation of Jesus Christ and it has within it the revelation of the body of Christ. God presents His view of the church. God's entire summation of the church is contained in the seven letters in Revelation chapters two and three. The message to the church of Philadelphia is the only one with not one word of condemnation and has only commendation. It's worth taking note of what God thinks of the church in these letters.

If you have any interest in following our Lord and being ready for Him, you should seriously consider this letter. Use it as a measure or standard. Don't bother about what this person or that says about this church or that. Consider God's view! You may stand before your church leadership now, but you WILL stand before God, answerable to Him soon. He judges according to His Word and not according to your church's word.

Here are some incredible and wonderful keys to glorious success with God. These are the issues that define a successful church, from God's point of view. These are the ingredients that you need to be right with God and ready for Him. They are found in  the message to the church of Philadelphia in Revelation 3: 7-13

●The big thing about these believers as opposed to others is that they are associated by God with the key of David and as a result, our Lord says that He sets before them "an open door, which no one can shut"

The "key of David" is further described in Isaiah 22 :20- 23  This key refers to the unlocking of the wisdom of David and the scriptures in general, but also relates to authority. This key refers to those who "are a father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem and to the house of Judah" In other words these believes are identified with the Jews and Israel. These are they who will have a compassionate involvement with the Jews and this great end time move of God. Jeremiah speaks of this in chapter 33: 14-16 saying "I will fulfil My gracious promise which I made to the house of Israel and to the house of Judah...In those days Judah will be saved."

Can you see it now? These believers are the ones, who will see with God's prophetic eye what He is doing in Israel, Jerusalem and with the Jews. This is a Messianic church with an Abrahamic, Hebraic expression. THE KEY OF DAVID OPENS THE DOOR THAT NO ONE CAN SHUT! No one can shut the work of God; people can only destroy themselves trying to.


Do you want to be ready for our Messiah when He comes? Good, me too. We need to be doing what He is doing and working with Him. Remember that neutrality actually sets you against our Lord's work. Our Lord says that "if you are not with and for Me you're against Me."

This powerful Godly church is further identified with the following characteristics.

●"You have little strength" This implies that "self" has been crucified and defeated by the application of the cross by these believers. Self - strength and human effort has been brought down. "It's not I that live but Christ" "I must decrease and He must increase."

●"You have kept My word and not denied My name." This implies that these have studied and devoured the Word of God and keep it in their hearts. They are singular in belief, with the gods of this world kept out.

●These reject those of the "synagogue of Satan". These would be the rabbinical Jews who reject Yeshua / Jesus. It also implies that they know the difference, meaning that they have a Messianic, Abrahmic expression.

●These are commended a second time for keeping the word of God "You have kept My word to persevere". They are told that they will be kept out of the "hour of trial that will come upon the whole world to test it" The original words used here are very enlightening. "Kept out" actually means kept completely clean out away from. and the "hour of trial' is a reference to the tribulation period."

●These believers are informed that they will be made a "pillar in the temple of God" A pillar holds up the whole building! Talk about a success!

This church is contrasted in a most horrific way with the next church in Revelation 3, called the church of Laodicea. This word comes from two root words meaning people and opinions. This is the self motivated and opinionated church. These are the ones who are lukewarm to the things of God and His word. They are mixed with worldliness and end up being spewed out of the Lords mouth. You can read more about the seven churches in edition 11.

To be ready for Our King of glory at His coming involves knowing and following our Messiah and His word; all of it!

When is the Lord coming?:

I would encourage you to read edition 9, which has a lot more on this subject. Our Lord is coming soon. There are so many issues all dovetailing together now. It is very likely that 2011 may be the start of the tribulation. If it isn't, we are still instructed to look for His coming. Titus 2:12, 13 "Denying ungodly and worldly lusts we should live soberly, righteously and godly...looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our Lord and God." We need to be ready and looking all the time. We are commanded to know the signs of the times.

You see, if you get run over by a bus tomorrow, then the coming of the Lord arrives for you tomorrow! You have one day left to get ready! It's too late after the bus has moved off.


●To be ready for the Lord means to be found doing what he has called you to do. This involves doing His work relating Israel. ●To have the cross applied to all areas of life and to have died to the world, the flesh and the demonic. ●The Bible says that the Lord is coming for a "spotless church, without blemish" ●The way to be ready is to know your Bible very well. ●Part of being ready involves "looking for His coming" ●Being ready involves cultivating a deep romance with our Lord in solitude. ●Find likeminded believers and relate to them regularly. ●You set your eternal "brightness" or "reward" state here on earth now. ●The greatest (in the truest sense of the word) greatest tragedy of all time for any person is to have a life wasted to the world when God arrives!


Isaiah 33:6 "Wisdom and knowledge will be the stability of your times and strength of salvation; The fear of the Lord is His treasure." What an incredible verse of scripture! The original word 'stability' is the word for a gyro. A gyro is a fast spinning wheel which was used in the hull of ships. When set in motion it would keep the ship on course. Storms could come from this side or that, but the ship would stay on course. Gyros are used today in many direction finding instruments. Wisdom and knowledge of our great God and his Word is the way to stability in our times. The conditions of today are unstable to say the least. Many people are as unstable as a blind, one legged drunkard with a broken crutch. Sadly, many Christians too. But there IS a wonderful way to stability in our time. Added to the requirement of wisdom and knowledge is the fear of God.

Do you want to be ready for Him at His coming? Do you want to be "His treasure"? That's great, I do too. The way is to fear Him! "Ahh, come now Joel, that's old fashioned hogwash. Don't you know fear is no way to live?" Maybe so in the general sense, but not with God. Only those that have a good healthy fear of Him will move forward. In fact the very reason for the instability of the world is that it has no fear of Him. Here's the formula for glory: Wisdom, knowledge and the fear of God. That will make you a very valuable and eternal treasure and ready for heaven!!!!!

Heaven or hell:

I always loved your hairstyle Prof. Einstein, you were really different. I've always had a strong attraction to controversial people like you. Your brilliant insight into nuclear fusion was really behind the invention of the atom bomb. I think we're very close to seeing that blast onto the world scene again. You had such knowledge and wisdom; much more than most people, but did you understand the reality of heaven and hell? I know you believed in God, but did you fear Him enough to be your Jewish Messiah's treasure?  I know you were very critical of the church for its murderous history of the Jews at first. I'm with you on that! Then in 1940 you softened to the church, because it had started to allow intellectualism. But did you consider that brains can't save you? You know all about that now, don't you?  You knew that the Yeshua / Jesus is King of the Jews. But even the demons believe that and shudder at their destiny, says the Bible. So what's needed is more than an intellectual belief. Oy vey, Professor Einstein, where are you now, did you make a very big mistake in your life's calculation?


Hey, young girl, if brains couldn't save the old man next to you, why do you think that beauty can save you? "Well, I'm basically good" you say. Oh yes, well, that can't save you either. "Well, I don't believe a loving God would send me to hell". Oh yes, that won't change anything. "Well, I don't actually believe in God, you know". Do you seriously think that will make Him disappear? "Well I want to be happy, I'm still young". Do you know that what God offers you with salvation is much better than happiness? It's called joy and stays deep within your heart in happy times and unhappy times. Young woman, the winds of God's Spirit are blowing your way. Don't be so foolish as to ignore Him. You don't know when you will step into eternity. You need to be ready now. Once you get to your eternal destination, that's it...signed, sealed, delivered!


In closing here is a painting by Marc Chagall representing God's defence of Israel. It is titled "The face of Israel" The original is a lithograph done in 1954. It shows the angel Michael with sword in hand defending Israel. In this day are you going to stand with Michael and Israel as the world comes against her? I know I will!


Kind regards and many blessings...Shalom and grow in grace!

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